Medifast recipe for Pasta sauce?

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When you eat the shirataki noodles with pasta sauce, do you just use regular bottled pasta sauce and count it as a green? I was thinking 1 cup noodles and a 1/2 cup of Ragu tomato, olive oil and garlic sauce, and add some ground chicken breast. (There is some sugar in the sauce, but carbs still come out at less than 100 for the day). Any better suggestions?..

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I'm not a cook by any means... but what I do is make my own with fresh tomatoes. I just cut them up, add some garlic and some Italian seasoning and let it simmer for a bit. The tomatoes separate and become saucy with the heat. It's SO much better tasting to me than the jarred kind... but the biggest thing is that I'm not having the extra sugar that jarred and canned sauce have.

That's just me, though...

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I have the same question as I just bought the Shiraraki noodles too. I did go online and google low carb pasta sauces and there are several that have low carbs and no sugar. I really don't care for the Walden products but those seem to be the safest as far as calories and carbs. Some people here really like the marinara sauce and the alfredo sauce from Walden on the noodles. I agree that the thing to watch for is probably the sugar. If anyone else has any tips please post...

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I've tried every which way to come up with a way to have pasta sauce on my shiratiaki noodles without going over the 12g of carb limit for the L&G. So I just decided not to do it at all. I use the sirataki noodles in asian stir frys a lot. I'm from HI and grew up around asian food so I like it better anyway and I can add in a veggie and still stay in the carb limits. Maybe one of these days I'll find some low carb pasta sauce that will be worth it. For now I just try to stick to the 10-12g carb for the L&G like the Quick Start book says.


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Fresh pasta sauce that I use on shirataki all the time:.

One cup petite diced tomatoes.

2 cloves garlic (or to taste).

4 good sized fresh basil leaves, julienned (or 1 tsp dried).

One 3" sprig thyme, leaves stripped off and chopped (or 1/2 tsp dried).

1/4 tsp oregano, crushed between fingertips.

1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil.

Freshly ground black pepper to taste.

1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes (if you want Sauce Diavolo).

Salt to taste.

1/2 cup shirataki noodles.

Place half the tomatoes and juice in a blender and pulse til you get a coarse puree. Mix with the remaining diced tomatoes and set aside..

In a small, nonstick frying pan, heat the olive oil gently over low heat. When fragrant, add finely minced garlic (and red pepper flakes, if using). Stir constantly to prevent browning.

When the garlic is fragrant and sizzling, pour the tomatoes into the pan, stirring gently. Simmer for about three minutes, then add the herbs, salt and pepper. If using fresh herbs, cook for about two more minutes (dried herbs, give it three) and then add your drained and rinsed shirataki. Stir and toss to coat noodles evenly. Cook for one more minute, then remove from heat. Allow to sit for about five minutes to allow the noodles to absorb more flavour.

This is particularly good with roasted or broiled chicken or crispy broiled salmon..


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This sounds delicious! I hadn't tried the shirataki noodles because I didn't know what to do with them! Now I can try them! I bet this would be a good sauce over a chicken breast too. Thanks for the recipe, Jeni...

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I make my own homemade red sauce too. And you can make big batches as if freezes well! I also tend to use turkey instead of beef to add meat to the sauce..

Another pasta related question. Spagetti Squash? It's really good, is it considered a green?..

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I would be really, really careful with commercially-prepared pasta sauces. Ragu has a ton of carbs and sugar. I compared all pasta sauces at my grocery store recently and there is a huge difference in the number of calories, fat, and carbs between all of them. The lowest had 3g, I think the Ragu and a couple of others had between 10-18g of carbs per serving..

I just ordered Walden Farms 0-cal, 0-carb pasta sauce through but it hasn't arrived yet so I can't vouch for the taste...

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Check back in the nutritionist archives, but as I am recalling, we can't have spaghetti squash on weight loss; too many carbs..

Do doublecheck though...

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I make my own sauce from scratch as well. I usually use whatever nutrition info is hanging around for a random jar sauce though because I do not feel like figuring out the nutrition info for homemade. I'd bet it's less than the info I'm using and so using higher info just keeps me safer..

We cannot eat spaghetti squash. Too high in carbs...

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What are Shirataki noodles? How much can you have? Does this take the place of your lean and green? Thanks Tammy..

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There are two types of shirataki noodles. One type is made from yam flour and tofu and one is just the yam flour. 8 oz. of shirtaki noodles replaces the entire green portion of your lean & green...

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What type of shirataki noodles are allowed. I saw some that were veggie based or tofu based?..

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We are allowed both varieties but the tofu ones have more cals and carbs...

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Hunt's Traditional, in the can, has 10 grams of carb and 50 calories per 1/2 ounce serving. That's about the best I've found. Funny thing is, that's what I've used for years. This is a once in a while thing for me have had it twice. Looking at tomato suaces and purees, thinking I could make my own, showed me that it wouldn't be any lower in carbs. Notice the serving sizes as you compare brands!.

I like the noodles best stirfried with beef or chicken and some broccoli, but when you start adding soy sauce and stirfry sauce, the carbs go up fast, so be careful...

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