Medifast recipe for noodles?

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Quick question. I've wanted to try these, but haven't been able to find them in my area. A friend of mine is on vacation and will be going to a Whole Foods, which may have them. Do they have to stay refridgerated?.


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Yes, shirataki noodles are found in the refridgerated section of any store that sells them and must be kept refridgerated...

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Mine said to keep refrigerated. If it's a road trip they'd probably be ok in one of those styrofoam coolers with ice...

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What is up with the site eating my posts today? yes, the shirataki noodles must be kept refridgerated...

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I ordered the ones from, and they do not get refrigerated. If I could find some local, I would probably do that though. No waiting for the postal carrier...

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Only the tofu/yam shirataki need to be refrigerated. This is also probably the only ones WholeFoods will have; it's the ones my WF carries. The yam-only noodles do not have to be refrigerated and have a one-year shelf life.

PLEASE NOTE: The yam only noodles have negligible carb; this is not the case for the tofu/yam noodles. Be aware of what you're buying...

Comment #5

What does neglible carb mean? so are yam better than tofu/yam? cause the tofu ones are a lot easier for me to find..

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I believe the ones at are yam & tofu and the ones Pricechopper (only grocery store in my area that carries them) are yam & tofu. Any idea where to get the yam only?.

Btw, we can have both on plan just obviously the yam only is less carbs...

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So funny thing. I had checked the Wild Oats near me for these noodles and they didn't have any, which is why I was going to send my friend for some. This weekend I was a little further from home, checked another Wild Oats and ta-da, there they were. Luckily my friend hadn't bought them yet. I am officially in love. I had the angel hair ones tonight with some soy sauce, curry powder, garlic and shrimp.

I'm so excited. and the serving is huge. I'm probably going to have to eat just half and have a half a green earlier in the day...

Comment #8

How are these able to be eaten on plan? I ordered my plan yesterday so I haven't started, but I am trying to learn as much as I can so when I start I have all the good ideas. Are they in place of a l & g?..

Comment #9

They are considered your Green in your lean and green meal. They are made from yams, some yams and tofu...

Comment #10

What's the portion size for the noodles to be considered the "lean" in our L & G meal?.

The ones I just got from the market are called Tofu Shirataki = 4 oz. for 1 serving (20 cal, 2 fiber, 0 sugar, 3 carb, 1g protein) So I'm assuming that 4 oz. satisfies the lean requirement?.


Down 30 lbs since May 15th..

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2 cups which is slightly over 8 oz. is the Green portion of the Lean & Green. it's a lot, huh...

Comment #12

And the noodles are the GREEN portion, not the lean...

Comment #13

I ordered them and recevied yesterday. I also got a confirmation email from the owner, said the Tofu ones need to be refrigerated. The Yam one's do not. I bought the Yam one's..

No expiration date on the pkg tho... hmmm.....

Anyone come up with a good recipe for them yet?..

Comment #14

I just called the Wild Oats store in my area, and they carry these. I'm not sure if they are the tofu or the yam variety, but I'd like a little more information about them. I know I've seen several posts about them...

Comment #15

I received my *noodles* from MiracleNoodle today and made them for dinner. I must not have boiled them long enough as they tasted like rubber bands. HELP.. anyone have ideas on how long to boil these and some rescipes??..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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