Medifast recipe for no microwave...?

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Does anyone know if there are alternative directions out there for how to cook some of the foods without a microwave? I don't have one...tried to make the chili yesterday with boiling water, and it just didn't work...I let it sit, I reheated it....

I'd like to prepare a bunch of this stuff ahead of time, but without stovetop directions, I'm not quite sure how to do it.



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Click on Community Home above in the orange toolbar, then click on Medifast Downloads over on the lower right. There is a food preparation guide you can download that gives stovetop as well as microwave directions for all the products. Many people prefer to use the stovetop...they say it tastes better...

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Sorry, I forgot this part: Mix the meal with COLD water first then heat it up in a pan...

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I made a pot of chili yesterday. I took my ground trukey, enough for three meals for the lean. Brown it. Then cut up my vegies for three days. If you want you can cut the vegies in half and have a salad too each day. Put in three cups of water to trukey and add Medifast chili packet (for three days).

I let it cook on simmer for two hours covered. After it was done divided it into three covered bowls for three days. Add salt and pepper to taste. It was great. Yummmmm.

Barbara Jean..

Comment #3

Great recipe!! I'm going to try it tonight so that I have something reheatable to take with me for lunch!.

** But be careful with the ketchup/catsup... it is not calorie free and is very high is sugars!!..

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Ooh...great idea to add veggies and ground turkey to the chili!! I tried some yesterday and it was so nasty...but I like the idea of having something I'll have to try that out.

I'm just glad I read about the coconut extract in the chocolate shake!! YUMMY!!.

I mixed it with diet cream soda, and it was really really good....

I guess some of the flavors just take some getting used to.....

Comment #5

Just to let you know I found a 1 carb catsup at the store. Taste just like the real thing...

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