Medifast recipe for Minestrone!?

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Where or where did Medifast go SO WRONG with these soups?!?!.

First the chili then the beef stew and now this?.

I love the shakes and puddings and heck, I have even managed to doctor up the warm liquid also known as "Chicken Noodle Soup"..

But this Minestrone, Stew and Chili..


Editted to add: How on earth did I forget to express my disdain at the inartly termed "beef vegetable stew"!..

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I grind up the Chili and Minestrone Soup and make the pizza bread recipe with them!..

Comment #1

I really like the beef stew....I can doctor up the chili to make it edible....but I won't touch the minestrone with a 10 foot pole. I've only had one box of it...which I ate by holding my nose and gulping it down as fast as possible...

Comment #2

The Minestrone is a tough one. I'm still working on my box from LAST September! Yum (NOT!) I actually had it yesterday and had a lot of extra calories & carbs to use so I put 2 TBS soysauge, 1 slice SB American cheese & 1 tsp Parmesan. Not too bad as the soysauge dominated everything else & the cheeses mellowed it out. OR you can put hot red pepper flakes in it and then it's so hot & spicy you can't taste it anyway!.

I like the chili but IMO that also needs help. I add 1 TBS medium salsa & either Molly McCheese or SB American cheese to it..

The beef stew is a little bland on it's ownI add 1 TBS ground beef TVP and some beef Better Than Boullion and it's pretty good..

Whatever you do, make sure you prepare all of these way in advance so the crunchy ingredients in them can soften...

Comment #3

That's the reason I only do the shakes. It's hard cause I don't have variety but I cann't see myself eating those soups and the oatmeals I gosh I cann't...

Comment #4

Use them in some cooked recipe = the cream of tomato was my bugaboo - Now I use it in the tuna or salmon patties and it's good that way. Search the threads for "tuna" and you will find them. I don't like hot spicy so the chili is ok for me, but I use Organic Beef Broth to make it amd put the hamberger meat chopped up in it and the Chicken Soups I use Organic Chicken Broth makes a BIG difference in the taste for only 40 more calories..

Good luck, you will find your favorites - having pudding for dinner is a gas! Mix things up all around sometimes I have L&G for breakfast, then have fun with shakes and puddings - I happen to like the oatmeal but here too I add 1 tsp nuts and a tiny bit of cream...

Comment #5

You're not alone in your distain. I cannot abide the minestrone...wretched stuff. Will never order again. Based on the nasty chicken noodle soup I'm not going to even try the beef soup/stew. Can make my own from scratch.

Gives me the creeps and nausea just thinking about it. I tried different recipes, it is just a no go for me..


Comment #6

Yeah the minestrone is pretty much the worst stuff ever. I am still trying to get through my box! The only thing that makes it edible for me is making MD Crab soup out of it. I put in some red pepper flakes, Ms. Dash tomato and garlic seasoning and old bay, then I let it sit for a few hours. Right before I reheat it I'll put in about 1 oz of crab meat that I deduct from my lean!..

Comment #7

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