Medifast recipe for mac-n-cheese?

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I heard that somewhere snowmoon had a recipe for this but couldn't find it but it got me thinking about it. But thanks soo much for the inspiration!! I tried it out today, had it for lunch, and it was fabulous. Very cheesy and yummy! (Bettinav, this one's for you, babe !!!!).

1C shirataki noodles, rinsed and cut up in small pieces.

1/4 C lf sharp cheddar cheese.

1/4 C Colby and Monterey Jack lf cheese.

1/4 C ff cottage cheese, blended to smooth the lumps out.

Salt, pepper to taste.

1 T parmesan cheese.

1 tsp Smart Balance spread.

Shake or two of garlic powder.


1/2 packet of Medifast crackers, crushed up (optional).

Mix the noodles, cheddar, cottage, and MJ cheeses, s&p, an garlic powder in a bowl. Pour into Pam sprayed individual casserole dish. Sprinkle with paprika, parmesan cheese, more salt and pepper, and the crushed crackers on top (if using). Break up the Smart Balance into the tiniest pieces with your fingers and drop them across the top of the mac n cheese. This makes the top nice and brown and crispy..

I believe this makes a full lean and a partial green. As far as I can tell everything is Medifast legal. I'll post the nutrition info below. It's without the crackers which would add another 25 cal and 6 g carbs..

Cal: 306 Carb: 8 Fiber: 4 Protein: 25 Fat: 17..

Comments (20)

OK...this looks so good!.

I got to get over the fishy smelling noodle thing though..

Promise me, if I buy these miracle noodles, I won't be sorry...

Comment #1

I was worried about then when I opened my first pack of these noodles too. It's really not that bad, IMO. I rinse once or twice, place on a paper towel to dry a bit, and then add them to whatever. I eat a ton of stir fries as I grew up with asian foods. Give 'en a try, you might be surprised! With this recipe most of what you'll taste is melty yummy cheese anyway!..

Comment #2

Aw! You are tempting me, Lydia!!!.

Really, your recipe looks awesome..

OK, I'll order some noodles tonight and let ya'll know next week!..

Comment #3

Oh, does this look YUMMY! I've got to get me some of these noodles!!!.

Thanks for the recipe!.


Comment #4

Lyydia..what temp do you bake and how long?? I am making that asap...

Comment #5

How long do you bake it for and at what temperature?..

Comment #6

BT! You will love them! There are so many recipes out there. Shirataki's are wonderful!..

Comment #7

Sorry , forgot to add that I baked them for about 20 min at 375 in my toaster oven. I use my toaster oven a lot as I only cook for one or two..

Hope you all like it!!..

Comment #8

Lydiaa You are just the BEST....Wow. I am getting on this one right away. I relinquish my kitchen duties to you now. Mac and Cheese? The all time comfort of all comfort foods. Yippieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and Yummmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Now if Paula would find some cheese and tights I could relax..



Comment #9

Don't you dare ! You have come up with fabulous stuff and inspired me to do the same! Keep it up!..

Comment #10

Lydiaa....AWESOME...I just made it. I like to almost let the top burn and get all crunchy. Deelish angel, thanks...

Comment #11

BT what do you mean, fishy smelling noodle thing?? I have not tried these yet, and now wonder if I should. Please tell me more. Thanks!..

Comment #12

Unicorn...When you first open the package of the noodles, there is a really nasty smell. BUT it just washes away when you rinse and drain them. The smell you can get past, you just have to kind of adapt to the rubber bandish texture. But most people really like them...

Comment #13

I'm so glad you liked it, Bettina! I swear it should be illegal but it's actually pretty low cal. I've made it a few times since and have left out the Smart Balance and crackers to lower the cal/carb count even more..

BT and Unicorn, have you tried the noodles yet? I prefer the ones made with tofu to the miracle noodles personally. I've also tried the Fettucini shape and it's good too. With the miracle noodles (yam flour only, no tofu) I threw away all the thicker shapes as they were gross!..

Comment #14

Lydiaa...Okay I would give the Tofu ones another shot, although I literally GAGGED on the Fettucine version. What makes them different and why do you prefer them? Do you think the Tofu texture is better. Maybe if they make the Tofu ones in angel hair I could try them. But UGH to that Fettucine Galpal...

Comment #15

I like the taste and the texture better. The miracle noodles seemed too chewy for me although the angel hair ones were OK. Now don't get me wrong, I think even the tofu ones have to have something to cover up the taste, or lack of it. I tried once just having some garlic, olive oil, and parm cheese and it was too nasty to eat. Had an almost weird bitter taste. But when used in a dish that has flavor of it's own they're really good.

For some reason it looks like there's less noodles in the angel hair package than the others. Could just be me though!..

Comment #16

I Was Out Of Ricotta Cheese And Also I Am Trying It Tonight With Fat Free Sour Cream. Stay Tuned For A Report Tomorrow..i Already Had L&g At Lunch. Bummer..

Comment #17

Just a reminder to make sure cheeses are no fat or lo fat varieties....When did sour cream become legal in any form? It's been awhile since I've connected and new stuff seems to be added all the time....Love the shiratakis in stirfry so I'm sure this will be a great addition...

Comment #18

OMG - major Yummy!! Thanks for the recipe. I had pretty much given up on the shirataki due to the rubber texture. Scissor cutting them into small pieces and all that melted cheese helped out big time...

Comment #19

I buy mine at Giant Food Stores next to the tofu and natural foods in the refrigerated section. House brand Tofu Shirataki..

Comment #20

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