Medifast recipe for Hot Cocoa?

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Okay, I don't do coffee or lattes so my hot drink of choice has always been Hot Cocoa. I was really nervous about trying the Medifast Hot Cocoa because I really didn't want to be disappointed and I had read a couple posts stating it was lumpy, etc. Well, I gotta tell you.. I am sitting here sipping on a mug of this Hot Cocoa and I am one Happy Camper. Yes, I did add something to it.. but only part of what was listed on the box.

I will DEFINITELY be buying more Hot Cocoa.

So, here is what I did..

I put 6 oz of COLD water into my Shaker, added 1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon and 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract.. Cap the Shaker and shake vigorously (just like you are mixing a shake drink). Check for any remaining lumps ( I didn't see any) pour into your favorite microwave safe mug and heat on full power for 1 minute. When I took it out it was frothy and smelled divine. I dropped my teaspoon in the cup to stir and let cool 2 minutes Then (stirring occasionally while sipping). just sit back, put up your feet, relax and enjoy !!.

Happy MFing.


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That's sounds divine, like mexican hot chocolate with the cinnamon. think i'll have that tonight..

Comment #1

Thank you for the suggestion. I had that tonight as my last meal and it was soooo good...

Comment #2

Thanks for the post, I also had the hot cocoa for my last meal (just the way you described it) and it was so yummy and warm and satisfied my sweet tooth which I always get at the end of the night. I will be ordering more hot cocoa too!!..

Comment #3

Had this tonight and I just had to mention that I used 1T hazelnut davinci syrup and 1 tsp cinnamon, which sounds like a lot (and it is) but it was SOOOOOOOOOO good. Thanks again...

Comment #4

Thanks for this post it sounds great! I've never ordered any of the hot cocoa, but now I will for sure!!..

Comment #5

Hey, I may give that a try with the last of my Cocoa!..

Comment #6

Actually, you know what I've been doing? Even with two cups of water, I still get tons of lumps which are then at the bottom of the cup when i'm done drinking the cocoa. I must have been extra hungry when I did this the first time but now I do it every time. I grab a spoon and eat the lumps and you know what? They're yummy!..

Comment #7

Thanks for sharing...

I tried the Hot Cocoa this weekend using the stove cook method and it was delish! no lumps and very chocolately.... but I always get lumps with the microwave method... so now I will try your way!..

Comment #8

I blend it up with my blender, pour it into a mug, nuke it and ENJOY!.

So easy and no lumps!..

Comment #9

I take the hot cocoa or the cappucino packets with me to my grandsons' football and soccer games,,since they usually hit around time for me to eat again,,I get a large coffee,,drink some of it down,,and stir in either one of these,,have to stir it occassionally while drinking,,but works out great,,and another way for Medifast to "travel",,..

Comment #10

I always make mine on the stovetop, and whisk it while it's heating through. I never have lumps. The end result is so creamy it tastes like you're cheating. I will definitely try adding some cinnamon and I really like the hazelnut syrup idea. I'm going to try peppermint extract because chocolate mint is one of my favorite things in the world!..

Comment #11

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