Medifast recipe for Flax Seed Meal?

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Okay, so this came to me via email from MEDIFAST as their "tip of the day..." They are recommending FLAX SEED for it's health benefits. I know that Nutrition has insisted over and over that we not use it...Isn't this confusing? And why would we only use the oil, if we can get the dietary benefits of the fiber, which is the SAME exchange for using Benefiber, Metamucil, etc. as far as carbs and calories??????.

December 01, 2006.

Eat to Lose the Heat.

If youre wary of taking prescription medication to help ease hot flashes, consider adding these eats to your diet:.

Phytoestrogen-rich foods: Plants containing estrogen-like properties can help regulate hormones and ward off premature aging. Your kitchen may likely be stocked with some of them: Broccoli and spinach are great while on the 5&1 Plan. While on maintenance, consider carrots, pears and apples.

Flaxseed: These tiny brown seeds have a nutty flavor, and when ground up, release potent phytoestrogens called lignans. Their high fiber content helps flush out excess estrogen from the body, and may aid in the prevention of colon and breast cancers. Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, author of Hot Times (Avery, 2005), calls flaxseed her number one defense for hot flashes.

Good fats: Omega-3 fats are good estrogen-tamers. Rich sources of these fats include cold-water fish (salmon) and flaxseed oil...

Comments (98)

Gee....I've been putting two tsps of ground flax seed meal on my oatmeal for years....and didn't stop with this program.

I would never "go" again if I didn't! (and we wouldn't want that now, would we?).

It never occurred to me to track's such a part of my routine in the morning. One thing my doctor mentioned to me when we decided this was the diet program for me was that it did seem to be "low" in the fiber area. That wasn't a concern to me cause of my wonderful ground flax seed. mmmmm I better check the stats on it again....I've lost 8lbs in the two weeks on the maybe it doesn't have that much impact.?..

Comment #1

I am not giving it up. It's a few small grams of carbs, has tremendous health benefits, PER MEDIFAST, and I would rather just not eat a bar...

Comment #2

Flaxseed oil is allowed on Medifast. We are changing the tip text to specifically say "oil" in all places...

Comment #3

You can't get the fiber from the OIL, though, right?..

Comment #4

The daily tip covers some of the health benefits of flaxseed oil. For any additional information, please contact Nutrition Support...

Comment #5

I MediLove you guys at Medifast but I disagree with this whole thing. I am using it. Being a MediRebel is just fine with me. Don't mean to be a pain but I guess since I am an adult I can do what I choose...

Comment #6

You are correct about that. Medifast makes recommendations, but ultimately people can make their own decisions if they choose to do so. There is nothing wrong with that (but what do we know? MyMedifast Support are just a bunch of computer geeks)...

Comment #7

Hear, hear, Bettina!! Don't understand the whole issue around the poor innocent flaxseeds! I love this diet but just have to tweak it by adding flaxseeds! It looks like the Medifast nutritionists are just as stubborn and MediHeaded as I am though!.

Said with love!!! <3..

Comment #8

Well, MyMedifastSupport geeks, why don't you TRY the flax seed meal? It'll make you real regular guys..

Comment #9

OK you win... funniest post of that day! We were dying over that... good times!..

Comment #10

But, was it funnier than the Medi-Dictionary posts? I laughed for five straight days on that one. Kisses guys! And eat some flax muffins for chrissakes...

Comment #11

Okay, I am going to be brave and try them, I did buy them but haven't used them yet.....

I will post when I do have them......

Hope they are good....on my oatmeal in the morning.....can't wait.


Comment #12

Ohhh Bettina is starting a Medifast Flax Movement!.


I use it too, and have for years. I have lost 45 lbs. in 11 weeks (and over 100 over the past two years), so I do not think it has negatively impacted my weight loss in any way..

Of course, we do not even want to discuss what might be impacted if I did NOT use it.

MediFlax Hugs,..

Comment #13

Judy....ROFLMAO....I did stop the flax seed for a few days for no other reason than I was just bored with baking and gave the soups and shakes a whirl for a bit. I don't wanna be gross but, well, let's just say there was some Medi-Blockage happening. Glad I got back on it. But I just love all the other health benefits. I got my mother on it now too. Her twin sister has breast cancer and I want my mother to be healthy...

Comment #14

Meditwist = Bettina's knickers when she is in a MediSnit.

Other new dictionary terms .....

Meditryst - see that "other activity" section in the pull down exercise log.

Mediquit - what I WILL NOT DO!.

Meditwit - when you add an incorrect spice to what you are medimixing. (note to self garlic is a "no no" in oatmeal. *gag*).

Medibit - those little wobblies I have all over now, as the fat recedes..

Medichit - coupons we can use to order Medifast.

Medihit - new product that everyone loves (see Beef Stew).

Medimiss - see Mine*gag*strone..

Medikit - the necessary Medifast accoutrements (water bottle, shaker jar, magic bullet mixer, flavor drops, spices, sugar free syrups, food scale, scale, computer).

Medilit - what you will be after one alcoholic drink after doing this plan for a while.

Medisit - what I can do now in theater seats and airplanes, thanks to Medifast!.

Mediwit - Bettina and Robyn...

Comment #15

Judy YOU are the Medi-Witty one of the day!!! I PROMISE that the Medifast Support Staff are looking at this stuff and purchasing Medi-Diapers...We NEED to be collecting all this for a little handbook. Can you IMAGINE being a MediNewb and this thing comes in your variety pack. LOL LOL LOL.....

As for MediTryst? DO people LOG SEX in there? Where have I been? Not having it I guess..

MediLit? I went to Vegas and was sick for three weeks after. Bloody Marys have a whole new meaning after laying off them for four months...

Comment #16

Yes, we do log sex in there! Exercise is exerciese darn it! Regarding the you grind them up yourselves or can you buy them that way?.

Aloha, Tracy..

Comment #17

Goodness, how did I miss this thread??? Probably 'cause I was busy posting about flax seed meal in the Irony thread!!! ROFL.

You guys are just too funny!!..

Comment #18

Where is this IRONY thread. As for the Flax Seed Meal I just buy it ground up Bob's Red Mill at my grocery store. I am sure Whole Foods and all those places have it too...

Comment #19

TRACY You DO not log in doing the MediBONE...NO you DON'T. C'mon. What if these people are watching? Do you get, like, extra points based on position? Well, if I'm not having any this second I wanna hear everyone else's. MediPerv that I am...

Comment #20

I knew someone else would catch that one this morning. Put a massive MediGrin on this gal's puss...Imagine Medifast sending US the idea to use flax seed. OH-MY-GOD...

Comment #21

High five to you for catching it also I would like to officially join the "dark side" of flax meal medi rebels.

And as a twist if you really need to sweep the pipes adding 1 tblsp flax seed to one meal a day realy works -..

Comment #22

Moirau Consider yourself officially admitted to the MediRebels. We need bomber jackets with our names on them. As for flax seed "sweeping the pipes..." Do you mean to add the actual seeds, not the meal? Hadn't thought about that one. Well in for a penny, in for a pound. Will try it...

Comment #23

Yep straight seeds - I digested them that way for a good six months before I even thought about grinding them up.

I used to add it to my morning fruit smooties before coming to my "medi-senses".

And feel free to call me Moira (Moy-ra)..

Comment #24

Bettina logging MediBone activity even gets SPECIFIC (i.e., passive, active ...) ROFLMAO. *snort*.

Maybe it's just there for Medifast Support's jollies ... dunno ... I do not log it..

Comment #25

MediBoned? MediBanned is what's going to happen to the MediDictionary down here in the Bible Belt if y'all keep using such language...

Comment #26

Back to the topic ... Flaxseed. Remember that? I just added a little whole flaxseed to my evening Shirataki/vegetable/salsa soup, and it gives it a nice little crunchy texture...

Comment #27

I just read the Irony thread! LOL! And the thing is the lignans are not even found in the flaxseed oil that Medifast keeps recommending. Lignans are phytochemicals that are bound up in the cell walls of the seeds! And your body can't access them unless they are ground because you can't digest the whole flax seed! Fiber is a tough little devil, isn't it!!! So to get the benefits talked about on the homepage of the Medifast website nonetheless, you MUST eat the flaxseed meal...not the oil!!.

OK, off my soapbox now!..

Comment #28

Are you serious? I thought that was just to funny, I read all 3 pages of this thread & was ROFL...Thanks y'all for the great LOL & more LOL... That medi-dictionary deal was just to cute! The thread is just a hoot! I can't wait to get back on the Medi-Ban-wagon...I fell off...AGAIN... Dummy me! To much life's do-do going on.....

Debbie in Arkansas..

Comment #29

Judy...get out of TOWN....What up with the MediBone nonsense? Are you SERIOUS? Where IS this??? C'mon I wanna know WHO is logging this. As for Jimintulsa...I am just asking a serious Medifast question about logging activity. As in, if you give MediH** many calories? Okay I am going to get Medi-Banned. But I really AM serious. I guess I should get come credit for moving around, regardless of HOW...

Comment #30

How did I miss that one! Of course you have to log that one, at least on your list at home. Dang, I told my husband last night that I needed to get in more exercise, he just gave me that little grin. He told me to thank Medifast for him. : )..

Comment #31

[quote=BETTINAV] As in, if you give MediH** many calories? Okay I am going to get Medi-Banned. [/QUOTE ].

ROFLMAO!!! OMG!! That had me rolling! You are too bad! Bad bad Medi-girl!!!..

Comment #32

Wow! Can I go ahead and pre-order the Bettina exercise video, "MediFasters Gone Wild," or will I have to camp out in front of a store at midnight to get in line?..

Comment #33

Look, if we all make it to the July 4th MediKini bash...we can film it. It'll be like the original Roman Orgy...All kinds of skinny, hungry Medifasters in MediFloss. I say that sells like hotcakes at Blockbuster...

Comment #34

LOL...oh, Hon, be careful, you may get medi-banned & I personally would hate to see that happen..ROFL...You nut....that's just to funny...some pepole tho just aren't all that open, heck yeah...still....ROFL...Thanks I needed this so much...It's laugh or cry, I prefer to laugh when I made my night...Thanks again...Take care!..

Comment #35

Oh Debbie...They can't BAN me for asking a serious question about logging activity. Really, it's information we all should know...

Comment #36

I do log the Medibone activity! And yes you have a couple of choices on whether mediactive or just mediboring! Heck there's a choice for just kissin....Check it out!!!!..

Comment #37

I am NOT going to go log that stuff in. No way. Even some of us MediNuts have boundaries. But, for the record, you really get credit for KISSING? Wow. Wow. Wow. This board sure has brightened my life...

Comment #38

Too bad we can't get exercise from Laughing from these boards, eh?..

Comment #39

It's gonna take a long time and a box of MeDepends for me to get past this logging the Medibone thing. I am just out of my mind over this news...

Comment #40

[quote=BETTINAV]Oh Debbie...They can't BAN me for asking a serious question about logging activity. Really, it's information we all should know. [/QUOTE.'re right!..

Comment #41

Yeah, with all the water we're supposed to be drinking (you are dinking your water, right??) we should all be buying shares in Depends undergarments!..

Comment #42

Water sucks. I drink as much as I can. But I drink Trader Joe's white and great tea ALL day long. Literally like a huge gallon jug a day. And I could keep Depends in business for quite a while...

Comment #43

Here-Here! I've been rolling! I haven't been visiting the boards much lately & boy am I glad I did tonite...what a hoot! LOL..

Comment #44

Bettina, this is for you: KISSIES, KISSIES, KISSIES.

There! Now I have some more activity to report in Log My Exercise!..

Comment #45

Yeah, I thought it was just being 41, having had 7 kids and just tuckered out my bladder from all the water! ROLFing here on the Medifast boards sure don't help!..

Comment #46

I'm not sure how much exercise you get from ordinary laughing, but I got a workout-class laugh from this thread! You are all great!..

Comment #47

Sue...Oh Lord...Now I have to go log our MediSmootches. Sheesh. Big ole kiss kiss kiss back..

Comment #48

Tracy 7 kids and you wanna play with more of them all day? Wow. I have three dogs...

Comment #49

I gave birth to 7, I dont have 7. I have two that are 23 and almost 22 years old. The other's a kids I had as a surrogate mother. I AM DONE! Which is why I am here at MF! I posted my very pregnant belly of the tripplets on my Medifast blog...

Comment #50

My MediBoobs are already near the carpet. I can't even think about the kid thing until this is over. Preggers seven times. You are my hero...

Comment #51

Preggers 5 times. Tripplets only counts as one pregnancy! Yeah, just doing my part for humanity, eh? Now if I just claim my hips and *** back!..

Comment #52

I am puzzled..all this regular talk about well..regularity..

Does anyone seem to be irregular on this diet??.

Do you drink coffee?.

I have never needed to do more than wake up and smell the coffee( actually have a cup).

To get my system working. Not knocking the flax because the seeds are muy` beneficial too.

I just got to wondering........

Comment #53

How BLONDE of a moment for me...Yes preggers five times. I have dogs. Did I say that already? At 44 I think the MediPets are it for me. Unless YOU want to make it SIX times..

Comment #54

Nancilynn...Well that's a tough question without having to be rather graphic about texture and all....Hmmmmmmm....I just prefer the things that go on (or out) with a little fiber thrown in for good measure, as it were...

Comment #55

Did I mention DONE?? I freaked out when I heard your fertility goes up on this diet! IT's one of the reason we moved to Hawaii, too. Pssst, no one here in Maui knows I have been a surrogate mother! There are not enough women out there to help others to have a child. Sad but true. I just can't go through that again. I'm afraid the next pregnancy I'll have 6 or 7 babies! Then I'll be on the News: Medifasting Sextuplets blogging her Medibone activity! The horror!..

Comment #56

Thanks Tracy...I just spit iced tea on my computer screen. LOL LOL LOL...well it was a thought. If you change your mind we can talk. And then you can watch the little MediBaby all day too. I am NOT good with that stuff...

Comment #57

All this laughing has to be burning something, right? So let me get this staight, you want me to surrogate and baby sit???? What would you be doing? medislurping Martini's? I'm thinking even after I reach my weight goal, I'm gonna need a tummy tuck! Puppy dogs maybe a good thing for you! Maybe one of them could make you a grandmother? My daugher (22 yrs old) is going to make me one at the end of the month!..

Comment #58

Yes, you surrogate and nanny and I shop. I am just so not good at that stuff. My dogs, sadly, were all rescues so they were "fixed" by the doggie cops before I could take them home. I wish I could have had a litter of puppies. I had five dogs at one point. I would have ten...

Comment #59

Bettina, here are the descriptors for MediSex activty:.

Sex, active, vigorous effort (aka MediBoning) (burns 176 cals per hour).

Sex, general, moderate effort (aka MediMessing) (burns 152 calories per hour).

Sex, passive, light effort, kissing hugging (aka MediCanoodling) (burns 117 cals per hour).


I can't believe they included this on the exercise log..

I figure stripper hose and the BYOP should burn maybe 400 per hour. We'll have to have Paula beta test this! *snort*.


Comment #60

They want an hour's worth of medib. wow! that is some man. where can I get one of those?..

Comment #61

Yeah, but who can last an hour? Rolf! I need another DEPENDS now!..

Comment #62

Well, Judy, I thought I had seen and heard it all. ROFLMAO. Does it count if I kiss my DOG? Is that MediPetting? And yeah I think we should be taking those pole dancing classes they teach for exercise. Where IS Paula????..

Comment #63

And what's the matter with you people? I thought everyone does it for an hour at least at a time. Sheesh...

Comment #64

An hour?.

Gosh, I've been doing the program all wrong. I just looked at the MediFast instructions, and it clearly says "shake for 20-30 seconds." It also says "MediFast offers a wide variety so you will never be bored.".

Oh, well, maybe that's why we can have five vigorous "shakes" daily...

Comment #65

Alright, I am outta Depends now! Are you all happy now! yeah, I am happy. Got lot's of endorphins running up and down my Medifast working body! After almost 25 years of marriage, there is no such thing as an hour of Mediboning! Check with me when we're 80 though. It might take a while then!..

Comment #66


For Clarification the 'one hour of sex' is most likely broken down as follows....

59 minutes of mediforeplay (begging for sex ) followed by.

1 minute of actual medibone activity..

Comment #67

OMG I laughed so hard I cried the medi- censors are going to have a hey day with this one,.

So how bout that flax meal??? Shall we all have some before medi-sex for added energy.


Comment #68

Okay...Y'all must be married folk. ROFLMAO Indigo...WooHoooooooo....And JIM...You are one of us now. You have to join the Medikini party and get a pole. Just cause you are a guy doesn't get you off the hook..

Comment #69

This thread will be gone like a fart on the wind!..

Comment #70

How'd I miss all this?????.

I wasn't sleeping or anything else.

Took me too long to read I guess.....I'm being a medibaby ....

Ya'll are cracking me up!..

Comment #71

This thread better NOT disappear. We are, after all, merely comparing our notes as good MediFasters on the activities that keep us lean and mean. Harumph...

Comment #72

Girl you crack me up, I was just reading "the rules".

Figured I'd better since I've been posting all week.

Maybe this post needs a disclamer.

*disclaimer no humans or animals were "harmed" during the or posting of this thread as no actual medi-sex occurred, only frank discussion of a humorous nature..

Comment #73

Moira....You crack me up. Well if the "fart in the wind" happens and Medifast bans our open and frank conversations...we'll START A NEW THREAD. HAHAHAHHAHAHHA....They must all sit there reading this stuff and just cry. XOXOXOX..

Comment #74

Hey! Medifast started it by putting MediWhoopi in the Log My Exercise thingie. We were just discussing that. Right??? (THAT'S MY STORY AND I'M STICKING TO IT!)..

Comment #75

I hope no one is serious about this nonsense and "the rules." I really didn't know you could log MediSex. How in the world would we EVER miss the opportunity to laugh at that one. I mean, Cmon......

Comment #76

All of a sudden Billy Idols Rebel yell just popped into my head, maybe us medi-rebels have a new theme song.

Yes I know I'm dating myself with that song!..

Comment #77

OH, MY!!! Glad I logged on tonight! As I sit here reading this very long thread, my DH is impatiently waiting on the bed in hopes that he will be receiving a little Medi-nookie. He thinks I am waiting him out. ha Ha HA If he only knew!!!.

You guys are too funny....and, yes, I log it, but only when I feel guilty for not doing "real" exercise...

Comment #78

Okay well log away everyone. I will just sit here and scoop my JAW off the FLOOR. I am still laughing at this one. It gets better here at the ole Medifast board every day. I can't imagine what's next. How do you top Medihose and Medipoles...and people really sitting around thinking " I consider what I did last night MODERATE MediRomping, or did I go all out a drop a pound or two with my DH and our MediMarathon?" WooooHOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......

Comment #79

Just to clarify.. I had read in the book that 1 tablespoon of Flaxseed oil is allowed daily.

I don't know how to log it... it's not a snack, although people have 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and I know that having both would send calories and fat much too high..

I have been using "High Lignan Flaxseed Oil" lots of seed bits and particles, very high in the good things - but I STOPPED when I started the program because it isn't clear to me how to log it :(.

I used it as my salad dressing with some lemon juice prior to medifast (I tablespoon High Lignan Flax seed oil and 1 and a half tablespoons of lemon juice with a dash of spike a seasoning salt type thing) that has been the dressing for ever..

So CAN I have my tablespoon of flaxseed oil as it says I can in the book and if so, what is it considered? How do I enter it for the day?.

As for ground flaxseeds, are those so much better? How much do you use, and is it instead of the oil?.

Please clarify this confusion, thanks!..

Comment #80

I can provide personal assurance that MyMedifast Support will NEVER check a user's account without prior approval (usually during the process of helping somebody with a technical issue). This, of course, is in reference to the "other" types of exercise one may log. We respect your privacy..

Sorry... didn't mean to get all "serious" on this thread - I just wanted to make sure you guys all know that. We don't want people to think for a second that we gather data from your accounts..

OK... I am done. You may now return to your regularly scheduled CrAzInEsS.....

Comment #81

Ok, back from my nanny job that I was almost late for becase I was too busy cracking up! Now I'm home, so is hubby, who is reading over my shoulder with a red face! MY JOB IS COMPLETE! Now I've got Billy Idol's song "Rebel Yell" going through my head..

Comment #82

MyMedifastSupport...Whew....good to know about not checking out who's been naughty or nice on the MediSex log. Although I personally doubt that I will be doing the little pull down bar a lot as to certain activities. I am CRYING LAUGHING at these posts. Thanks for allowing us to return to our "regularly scheduled craziness." We sure have fun. XOXOXO..

Comment #83

I have GOT to hang out here more often. Last night I could have used some laughs! Between this and the "scrambled eggs" posts, it's been a crazy couple of days!..

Comment #84

MediFlaxidosis a chromosonal condition found exclusively in seed-eating MediRebels who overindulge. Identified by primary side effect: Runs in their genes...

Comment #85

"Runs in their genes" ... Is that a great MediPun or what?..

Comment #86

Not FAIR. Robyn's the funniest because it's her job. Robyn can do stand up. Come out to LA and we will make you a star......

Comment #87

LOL. I'm much funnier writing than in person..

My brother's in LA. He's a professor of jazz piano at LAVC. Maybe I'll visit wearing my medikini...

Comment #88

Robyn, Paula and Lydiaa are here too. We can all get loaded and get in the MediKinis. It'll be fun. Am I forgetting anyone else in LA who can play with us???..

Comment #89

Someone has to write a Medifast anthom for all of us to sing while wearing our Medikini's, stripperhose, and concoct a Medi-coctail!..

Comment #90

Well, until things change over here...the anthem would be "I like big butts..."..

Comment #91

Oh no you don't Bettina this is much better.

My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,.

And their like "It's better than yours".

Damn right, It's better than yours,.

I can teach you, but I have to charge.

Know you want it...

The thing that makes me,.

What the guys go crazy for,.

They lose their minds, The way I wind,.

I think it's time...



Warm it up,.


The boys are waiting,.


Warm it up,.


The boys are waiting,.


My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,.

And their like "It's better than yours".

Damn right, It's better than yours,.

I can teach you, but I have to charge (2x).


I can see you're on it...

You want me to teach the,.

Technics that freaks these boys,.

It can't be bought,.

Just know theives get caught,.

Watch if you're smart,.



Warm it up,.


The boys are waiting,.


Warm it up,.


The boys are waiting,.


My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,.

And their like "It's better than yours".

Damn right, It's better than yours,.

I can teach you, but I have to charge (2x).


Oh, Once you get involved,.

Everyone will look this way so,.

You must maintain your charm,.

Sametime maintain your halo,.

Just get the perfect blend,.

Plus what you have within,.


Then next his eyes are squint,.

Then he's picked up your scent,.



Warm it up,.


The boys are waiting,.


Warm it up,.


The boys are waiting,.


My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,.

And their like "It's better than yours".

Damn right, It's better than yours,.

I can teach you, but I have to charge (2x)..

Comment #92

Moria....ROFLMAO....You GO girl....I am shaking my MediBooty as we speak. We need to hear YOU sing this. Okay, so we got the outfits and the anthem. Let's hope we are all good to go by July. Where DID you get that song Moira???..

Comment #93

The song came out a few years ago and my daughter and her friends listened to and sang it all the time..

Comment #94

Okay, so on MediKini night...Instead of rolling out the first ball, like in baseball, YOU sing and then Paula comes out in her new dress with her MediKini and MediHose underneath and it's the kickoff for the MediPageant. She's going to hit me...

Comment #95

Me singing in public I don't think so when Necia was around two years old she out her hand over my mouth as I was singing her a lullaby and said "No sing Mommy".

If you want to hear it sung well heres a a link to the video.

Http:// trate=_700..

Comment #96

Yeah, I hear you. I'm a nanny and tried to sing kids to sleep. Will never try that again!..

Comment #97

Everyone could design their own pagent gowns out of Medifast boxes and packets! Stratically placed of course.......

Comment #98

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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