Medifast recipe for Egg Nog?

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Oh baby. Take your vanilla pudding and mix in some of the egg nog flavored syrup to your desired liking. from oh so good, and right on time for the season too...

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I have also found that when mixed with the chai, eggnog syrup that is, you get a wonderful spicy nog. I usually put in an extra dash of splenda for sweetness, and some cinnamon. Um Umm good!..

Comment #1

I can only find the basic flavors of DaVinci syrup at my local stores - vanilla, caramel, and only a couple of those for the sugar free variety. When I want eggnog flavor, I use a little butter buds, 1 tsp of Splenda, cinnamon and nutmeg in the vanilla shake. It's pretty good...

Comment #2

The Capella egg nog flavor drops are REALLY good in the cappucino too..............

Comment #3

Yes the drops are wonderful. I am going to try the egg nog in the vanilla shake, maybe a few drops will make it seem like real egg nog drink! Hmm. could even garnish with a little nutmeg. I remember the post on the drops said that that the company that makes these flavor drops could custom create a flavor. I wonder if they can do butter pecan. I think that would be good in the vanilla shake you could probably mix the powder with more ice than water, and add the flavor drops and mix it all in the blender or with a hand blender, and it would be like an icee/snowcone thingy...

Comment #4

The Flavor Drops are the same thing that Capella Coffee uses to make their flavored coffees. They told me that for an extra $1 per bottle (not matter what size you're buying) they can make a custom order of Flavor Drops from one of their coffee flavors. And Butter Pecan is one of their coffee flavors.

I bought over a dozen large bottles and have been doctoring up all the shakes, puddings, and oatmeals I eat!..

Comment #5

I made a vanilla shake and used the Capella egg nog flavor drops, I made it the night before and kept it in the fridge and it got real creamy and tasted just like real eggnog...........

Comment #6

Egg Nog flavor drops in the vanilla pudding taste just like real egg nog. The consistency is just right - especially if you add a little extra water..

I make a killer egg nog frappucchino with the flavor drops, vanilla shake, cold coffee and ice all blenderized together! I don't even think about getting one at starbucks anymore.....

Comment #7

I agree about the egg nog drops. I had them in coffee this morning. I ordered three sets of the mini drops but I might do what someone here did and get some larger bottles of custom flavors. These are sooo fun. Kind of strong though. I had a problem getting them out of the bottle and then wooosh out poured a lot of drops.

But great. If anyone ordered another custom flavor they like, let us know. I got the pumpkin pie...

Comment #8

Okay I just had an Egg Nog shake. Those drops are sooo good. I actually used 1 pk. Medifast vanilla shake, 1 TBSP Davinci Egg Nog and the Egg Nog Flavor Drops. Magic Bullet whirred it up into frothy yummieness. Tastes just like the real thing...

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