Medifast recipe for Cream of Chicken?

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Today I see there are questions about the Chicken Rice and the Chicken Noodle soup. Those both were pretty easy to rectify, BUT I have no idea what to do with the Cream of Chicken soup except to ditch it. The Cream of Broccoli at least has a that I know what to do with it, but I have tried herbs, chicken base, tabasco, worcestershire, etc. and I still get that back taste...something like sawdust which I am sure is the protein that has been ordered..

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Maybe I can help one of you with something one day!..

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I wish I had something to offer. I add chicken bouillon to extend it, and tabasco for a little's just fine for me that way. Maybe it's just one of those things that you're not going to like, no matter what you do with it. What about combining it with another, like the chicken noodle, and then splitting for the current day, one for the next?..

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I like the Cream of Chicken as well as the Cream of Tomato and Chicken with Wild rice and Chicken Noodle, and Minestrone, and of course Chili!!! Add a little salt. Make it with part of the liquid being chicken or beef stock.( the stock has to count for your snack on the days that you eat this soup)Add some spices that go with the particular regular soup, and a small amount of dry onion flakes. I follow the directions on the package but allow it to sit a longer time to soften the noodles, rice etc I cooked the chili and minestrone in the Crockpot for about 3 hours on low. I added Italian spices to the minestrone and chili powder to the chili. I did and entire box (7 pkgs.) at one time. Froze some re frig others and ate oneCheck the boards , you will find some excellent suggestions for all the foods!.

My microwave has a "Hold" setting that I use to keep the soup hot while I let it steep...

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I posted a recipe a couple of days agoI added ground chicken breast and a couple of spoons of salsa. It was great!..

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In the Cream of Chicken and Cream of Broccoli I use Better Than Buillon. It's better than the little buillon cubes and I use the LOBSTER flavor in both and some spices and it's a cup of instant Lobster Bisque for me, which I love. If you can't find the flavors at your store you can order them on line but I use them in all the soups. And they make an amazing Chili Base that I put in the chili. You don't need much, just a tsp. or so.

But it sure makes a difference. Enjoy..

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I add some of my lean to it...and cut up cerery...might just be one stalk......salt and pepper..and it is might want to check out the library for more recipes...And I have notice that after a while my taste first you could not pay me to eat the chili..but now I can eat it no problem....might want to set it asided and see if later yours will change too...shoot you may even find a recipe that is even better...let us know..Later Prez..

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Prez is so right adding a ltitle lean to ANY of the soups makes a huge difference esp assind some 97% lean turkey to the chili with a little taco seasoning and garlic & chili powders...AMAZING..

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I added some shredded cheese. From what I can tell 4 Tlb. would be 1 oz of our lean. I only used 2 Tlb. so that would be .5 oz off my lean. Hope that helps...

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I also read that someone on here uses their cream soups for sauces for their meats & stuff. I thought that was a great idea! I was just trying to dream up how to make my tuna steak more interesting tonight. Maybe I'll try that...

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