Medifast recipe for Cream of Broccoli Soup?

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I'm not a big broccoli fan and I've tried the soup twice now (once as a soup with lots of seasonings, the other as a topping for veggies). Any suggestions? I'm thinking I might just water it down, a lot, and add my own seasonings in there to cover the taste...

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I mix it with the chicken and rice soup, then add curry and some chicken bouillion, makes two meals and I really enjoy it this way. Didn't care for it before!..

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Hey Pam,.

Great idea! I personally like all the soups but I never thought to mix them together & divide into two servings.

I gotta try that..


Comment #2

Yeah, thanks for that idea! I just can't choke down tha cream of broccoli soup the way it is...

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I just add Molly McButter cheese- it's pretty good with the crm. of broc...

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I used it as a sauce for my fresh broccoli for dinner. I doctored it up a bit with a tsp of Blue Bonnet light spread and some garlic powder. With a grilled 3ozTurkey burger and some sauteed onions with a slice of LF cheese it was a meal fit for a "chubby queen" on her way to hot mamaville!!!..

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I put in 1/2 cup broccoli florets and some chicken and the soup in my magic bullet for like 10 seconds then heat it on the stove ...make it alot chunkier less watery...just have to subtarct wat you add from your L&G..

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I use 1 cup water, mince up 2 broccoli flowerettes, add some garlic and tabasco. Heat for 2 min. Then add a pinch of kosher salt. I eat this for breakfast (I'm keeping my carbs very low and am not eating the oatmeals or bars at this point) and it has a bit of crunch.

I find it fascinating at how different our tastes are! Diversity in action!..

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I used 1 package of frozen, but thawed, chopped spinach which I cooked as per directions and drained. Took 3 pkts of the cr of br( I used only 1 cup of water for all 3 pkts) and added a little garlic powder and a bit of pepper. It was a really great creamed spinach!..

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This is DELICIOUS! I swear! I used broccoli florets, hot water, Medifast French Vanilla shake. First, I boiled 1 cup of broccoli florets in hot water (use 3/4 cup of water or less). Second, I put broccoli and the hot water in the blender (use the water the broccoli was boiled in you need the vitamins). Third, I mix in the Medifast French Vanilla shake. Last, I mix for 30 - 40 seconds to get that creamy texture. I didn't use any seasoning, but you can add your favorite seasoning to your liking.

FYI - Do not use too much water, the soup will be watery and will loose the creamy thickness..

Let me know how it tastes. I hope you like it..



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