Medifast recipe for cream of broccoli!?

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So last nite I wasnt at all hungry for my last Medifast meal, but I knewi needed the nutrition etc so I was like if I'm not actually WANTING to eat anyway, I might as well eat somethin I wouldnt eat if I was looking forward to the meal and that is I hgave like 2-3 boxes of the cream of brocc soup to use up.

So I turned on the stove, emptied the packet into the sauce pan, and poured in about 1.5 cups of water. I think basil and garlic powder maks lots of stuff better, so I put some of each in it, and a little bit of grated parmesan cheese, and let it bring to a boil as I stirred it. once it got to a high boil, I took the pot fof the stove and poured the contents into a big mug, let it cool, then drank it in my bed while watching houseit was AWESOME..actually creamy, and tasty I actually LIKE it now, which is rgeat since it's so low carbdef try it with the basil and garlic and a tad of parmesan cheese yum!..

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I forgot I also added like 1-2 tbsp of walden farms alfredo saucei just made it again sans parmesan cheese and it's just as good w/o those added cals/fat..

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Yum!!! Sounds good! Will have to try this one, too!.

Thanks for sharing, Melanie!..

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That sounds good with the alfredo sauce. Good to know you can get it to a boil without ruining it. So far I have let it heat on the stove too long and it got all gritty.

I have a recipe to share too. Nothing fancy, but tasted good:.

Saute a little garlic and red pepper (or onion) and then add 1.5 C water and a boullion cube and 1 packet each of cream of broccoli and cream of chicken. heat CAREFULLY, whisking out the lumps. a little black pepper and it is really good.

I just don't like the flavor of the cream of broccoli, so mixing it w/ chicken really helped. My PICKY husband also on Medifast really liked it...

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Yum! Thanks Maureen! That sounds great, too!.

Another soup for me to try!.

Thanks for sharing!..

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I finally got my cream of chicken soup in and tried it today with a tsp of green chilies and a tbsp of the Low carb alfredo sauce.

It was W O N D E R F U L !!!.

Should have ordered more than two boxes!..

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