Medifast recipe for Cake and ice cream for breakfast.

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Good grief! So here I am eating chocolate cake for breakfast and dbbthreads ice cream for mid-morning meal... and thinking how the heck did this happen? What other diet lets you eat dessert for a meal? Or all meals?.

I never had a sweet tooth before MF, but now I feel like I am living in Sin City!!.

Made me realize that when I get to maintenance, I better limit my sweets consumption to Medifast stuff only. Which is okay by me.....

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I agree...I was on a chocolate kick Oct-Nov...nothing but chocolate shakes, pudding, hot cocoa, chocolate mint bars. I was in chocolate heaven. Felt good too, when a friend said to me "oh that's right you don't eat real food" which I replied "How more real can chocolate 5 times a day get? And can you do the same???" LOL I still get my fair share of chocolate in most days...MF is fun!!!..

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I had cake this morning, too. For breakfast and for mid-morning. And it's so funny you should mentiion it because I, too, didn't really have a sweet tooth before Medifast and now I'm all about the cake and ice cream.

I was kinda wondering if that was going to be bad when I go into maintenance but when I do I'm just going to use Medifast food to make treats and not worry about it. I think dbbthreads ice cream is better than most low fat or sugar free ice creams that I used to eat occasionally so I won't want to switch to the "real thing" even when I can...

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I am about to enter into a world of wonder. After today, all I have is shakes, oatmeal, and pudding. now that i've figured out sammiches, the oatmeal doesn't bother me anymore. and I love the frozen shakes but I only have them when my blender's clean. but oh, I was getting so sick of soup. yay.

Btw, and when I say all I have is shakes and pudding and oatmeal. I mean that I have something like 120 packets of pudding and at least 20 boxes of shakes (most of which are dutch chocolate). oh yeah baby...

Comment #3

I had NO sweet tooth before MF. I was all about my starch, carbs and salt. I think it's because with MF, you're getting hardly any sugar in your body so your body is saying, "HEY, GIVE ME SUGAR!" so you start craving those things such as chocolate, ice cream, etc...

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Somebody PM me this cake recipe pls..

Gotta try it...

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