Medifast Raspberry tea is NASTY!?

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Ok, so when I ordered this time I picked all my faves and thought I would try some new stuff. Well, the cranberry mango is ok, but this raspberry tea tastes horrible! Any suggestions or should I just chug it?..

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I used just a really small amount of the crystal light Rasberry Iced tea mix and put it in for flavoring...

Comment #1

I just returned mine because I tried one and just could not stand it! I do like the topical punch with diet Sprit...

Comment #2

I have some of those at home. Wish I had thought of that. Wish I had tried it at home first. Wish I didn't have to chug this nasty stuff, but that's what I brought to work. UGGGGH! I'm glad I only brought one..

I'm going to throw in a sweet-n-low and if it's not any tastier, I'm just going to chug it down and pretend it's medicine...

Comment #3

Oh Great! I just ordered peach and raspberry thinking how I love them in their regular and diet form from Snapple, Turkey Hill, etc... Hopefully a little splenda or crystal light will do it... I have not tried one yet. Tomorrow I was going to...

Comment #4

For both of the teas, I add a packet of either Crystal Lite or Lipton's Tea to go. Lipton makes a really good "Raspberry Iced Tea" that tastes just fine when combined with the Medifast Raspberry Iced tea. And any of the green tea types taste pretty good with the Peach Tea (my favorite is the Mandarin Mango). They both "need" something...

Comment #5

HA HA Sorry had to laugh at this post....

Comment #6

I had the peach today and added 2 splenda. Drinkable but want to try with one of the diet iced tea blends next time. Don't think this will be on my re-order list though. I was excited about it because of the portability. I am an outside sales rep...

Comment #7

For all the teas and drinks - add crystal light. I actually like the tropical punch and raspberry tea blended with ice and diet sprite/flavored carbonated waters. The more ice, the more like an icee...

Comment #8

I think Gabbysmommy has hit on something. I can tolerate the raspberry tea, but I think I'll try it with some diet 7-up or Fresca and see if that helps...

Comment #9

I had to laugh at all the gagging over the Raspberry Tea. lol The first time I drank some I thought it tasted like liquid vitamins. But oh how my taste buds have changed. I really like it now, esp. iced and slightly watery from ice cubes. It's one of the things I like to put, pre-made, in my shaker jar when I got out and add about 3-4 ice cubes to drink on the the run..

Adding Crystal Light, as a few said, does improve it if you can't stand it.

Thanks for the chuckle. Brought back that first drink. lolol..

Comment #10

For me the problem with the Raspberry Tea is the thick fake-sweet taste. Adding other things (crystal Light, etc) made that worse. I've found that adding fresh lime juice helps...

Comment #11

Here's an update for ya, I got home and tried it with the Crystal Light on the go raspberry mix, and it's doable, not yummy, but doable..

Now the cranberry mango drink tastes wonderful with a Crystal Light lemonade, sort of like an Orange push up..

And with the raspberry it tastes like a fruit punch..

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Man, it's rough as is. I was about to cry that day, but I got it down...

Comment #12

I'm new to the 'drinks' and I haven't had the ras tea yet, but I thought I'd say what I did with the tropical punch today: it was just OK prepared with water, again that 'fake sweet' taste, so I drank about half and then added a little diet 7-up. It created this thick foam on top and I felt like I was drinking sherbert punch (yum!). Sometimes I don't like mixing soda and the drinks because I don't like the creamy & carbonated mixture, but this was pretty good. Felt like I was having a daquari or something. I've tried the cranberry mango with diet 7up but didn't like the consistensy, I think there's something about mixing it with water, THEN adding the soda.

Glad to hear that the drinks are good with Crystal Lite lemonade because I already have a cupboard full of it! Does anybody ever use the davinci syrups in the cold drinks? I noticed on the label you can make Italian ices...

Comment #13

I just tried the raspberry tea for the first time... with crystal lite lemonade and it's GOOOOOOOOOOD! My picky husband said "you need to write about that - people need to know!". It tastes similar to the cranberry mango w/ lemonade. I didn't even bother making the raspberry with water after reading this post. Hopefully this could change the raspberry tea for some of you!!..

Comment #14

I mix a little raspberry crystal light, lemonade crystal light, and cremora coffee creamer powder and blend with 3-5 ice cubes. It makes a very tasty freeze...

Comment #15

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