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So I found this recipe for Pad Thai which I've been craving! But I'm not that great of a cook, I'm not sure how things will react. I can make it totally legal, except for the sugar in the sauce, can you subsitute splenda for sugar 1:1?.


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Yes, I would think so. It states on the Splenda package how to substitute Splenda for sugar. Double check but I think it is equal amounts of Splenda for equal amounts of sugar...

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I believe Splenda is sweeter than sugar, unless you buy the special kind that pours and measures like sugar..

Regular Splenda packets are equivalent to the sweetness of 2 tsp. of sugar. (There is not, however, 2 tsp. of Splenda in those packets.) So if you use regular Splenda, you'll have to do some math. Let me try this, hmmm..

1 cup = 48 tsp.

48/2 =.

24 packets of Splenda to equal 1 cup of sweetness/sugar.

12 packets of Splenda to equal 1/2 cup of sweetness/sugar.

6 packets of Splenda to equal 1/4 cup of sweetness/sugar.

Wonder if I did that right? Probably much easier to buy the pourable kind, assuming it has no carbs (some of the "pours like sugar"-type Splenda, including brown Splenda, do have carbs, so be sure to check)...

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Found a chart that has some equivalencies ... the granulated form of Splenda does pour cup-for-cup like sugar. Probably much easier to buy that than count up the individual packets.


Just checked the Splenda web site and it says:.

"SPLENDA Granulated has only 0.5g carbohydrate and 2 Calories per teaspoon.".

... so you'd have to figure that into your recipe. If your recipe only calls for a small amoung of "sugar," you'd only be adding a small amount of carbs. But if you were using, say, 1/4 cup of "sugar" ... you'd be adding 6 carbs, and that you'd want to keep track of...

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WOW Robyn..You lost that ugly pound & you are one busy woman today.

Thanks for the info...

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OK, I may have gotten this wrong. Found this on the US Splenda web site..

24 packets of SPLENDA No Calorie Sweetener provide the sweetness of one cup of sugar..

Main US web site is.

DON'T use the Splenda Sugar Blend for Baking that's the one that is half Splenda, half real sugar (or something like that).

The Splenda UK web site also has weight conversion guidelines. Apparently Splenda weighs much less than sugar, so if your recipe uses ounces (most Euro recipes do) this might also be handy..


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Hey, I DID get it right! Woo hoo! Couldn't remember what I'd posted...

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