Medifast pudding tips on mixing it smooth?

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I have trouble getting my pudding to mix smooth. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated...

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I either use a whisk or stick it in my magic bullet with either blade honestly. I also use just a smidge less water than they thickens up quicker. :-) The blender is the only way I haven't encountered a single lump though..

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I put one beater in the hand mixer and whiz it in the container I eat it in. Ultimate in laziness and never a piece of grit or a lump!..

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I use about 1/4 of the water to make it into a thick paste, then slower add the remaining water and use a whisk to stir..

Comment #3

I don't eat the puddings as pudding. I always make them into a shake. Tastes better to me that way. I think it's a texture thing with me. And makes thicker shakes!..

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Thanks one and all. I'm going to go make some now to have in a little bit. Think I'll add 1/8th tsp of mint extract to the chocolate, nothing better than mint chocolate!..

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I've found the banana mixes better than the chocolate for some reason. What I do is add half of the total water into a container first, then dump in aprox 1/3 of the pudding in mix it with a fork do the same adding a little more pudding a little more water then I put it in the fridge for 20 mins to chill it.. makes it much better..

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I tried the chocolate pudding for the first time yesterday. YUCK! I'll be trying it as a shake next...

Comment #7

I use room temp water in my shaker cup and it is 95% lump free. If I just stir it in a cup or mug, it is super lumpy...

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Yep, me too, I make it into a shake. I never could get the consistency quite right, but I really like it with a ton of ice cubes in the MB. Yum. And it lasts a LONG time. Although, with the colder weather I haven't made a whole lot of them lately! Lol.


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I use my shaker cup also , put ice cold water in first, then dump in the pudding and shake, shake, shake! smooth and creamy...a dollop of whipped cream can be counted as a condiment!..

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