Medifast Pudding Tips? Make it hot or cold?

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Do you remember the way pudding used to be made - in a pot on the stove? And it would get that film on top that some people loved and some people hated? It was just as yummy served warm/hot as it was chilled and served cold. Has anyone tried the Medifast puddings hot? It's so cold outside and I'm craving hot foods. I have a ton of pudding that was sent to me by a friend who had to go off the plan because of her kidneys. It would be wonderful if they were good warm/hot because it is just too cold for cold pudding!.

I've tried the raspberry and peach teas hot and love them that way, but when I tried to add actual tea to one of the cups, it clotted up and was disgusting, and no matter what I did, I couldn't get the little clots to go away and had to throw it all out. I'm a little worried the pudding might clot, too, with hot water..

I'm brave enough to try it whether anyone answers, but thought I would throw it out there anyway and see if anyone has done it and what the results were...

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I'm not sure if it would set properly (heck I had problems with it setting cold!), but it's definitely worth a shot. I'm with you though. I adore warm pudding and custards...

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I had it just last night... I enjoy warm pudding on chilly nights. I make mine with chocolate pudding and add about 2-3T of eggbeaters along with the water, then nuke it in 30 second increments and whisk. If you cook too long it gets a different texture but if you JUST cook til hot, it is smooth and good and yes, even gets the "skin" on it if you let it cool a little while undisturbed...

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So you start off with it cold and then nuke it? You don't start off with hot water?.


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There is a hot custard recipe that uses the puddings. It is very good...

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Thanks, Lynne. I'll look for that. It sounds like it would be good. Just trying to find simple as possible ideas for when I am at work. I am not very good at planning ahead and it's easiest for me to just use packets at work with no cooking involved. I bring in several boxes of different Medifast foods at a time so I have them on hand in the office..

Even when I try to plan ahead, I fail! For example, I made a spinach dish last night for my L & G today. It's still sitting in my refrigerator because I forgot about it this morning!..

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I keep it pretty simple too. I am fortunate to have a fridge and a microwave here so I keep extra baking powder and egg beaters in the office. That way I don't have to think too hard in the morning. I have lots of Medifast in the cupboard here even now...

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Our fridge is on the fritz. The freezer works, but the fridge part doesn't.

Thanks again to all who responded. I'll let you know how my experiment works out!..

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Right, I start cold and nuke it. I thought about using hot water but wasnt sure if it would mix properly. Let me know if you try that...

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I find that all the Medifast products mix better with cold water. Then nuke in 30 second increments, stirring often...

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This is the recipe I have used. It has worked for me with all different kinds of flavoring..


You can always add less spices or flavorings depending on your condiments for the day. This helped me stay OP at Thanksgiving...

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I can unequivocably recommend you NOT mix it with hot water first. Grossness. <bleck, spit>.

Goldendoodle, the peach and raspberry teas actually mix pretty well with hot water. I run hot water through my coffee maker for those and it makes the perfect temperature. I like to drink those hot. But mostly, yeah, I think you are right!..

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Thanks, Smiley. I may try that over the Christmas holidays. It looks good. I'm already thinking of what I can bring with me to my brother's annual Christmas Eve Shindig so I don't feel deprived...

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Hmmm- haven't tried the teas yet (hard to think of tea as a "meal")- maybe I should. Good to know you can use hot water like with regular tea...

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The real way with real milk in a pot is the only way to make real pudding. I used to have it as a treat as a kid, the warm pudding, with cold milk poured over it. Delicious.

I have not figured out a way to successfully make the Medifast pudding warm, it got melty when I tried. But I have figured out how to make it nice and smooth. I put one beater on my hand mixer and mix it up in a small bowl according to package directions. Then I put it in the fridge for awhile to get all set up nice. (I usually mix pudding, cook brownies, mix soups, etc in the AM, and then leave everything in the fridge to eat as the day progresses.

Or, you could just make a Frosty out of it...

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I blend up the chocolate and vanilla puddings with decaf coffee and SF syrup in my blender. They get nice and frothy like a yummy latte...

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Hmmm... I may have to try that, Lauren. I just discovered the joys of adding the chocolate mint soft serve to hot coffee and mixing it in a blender. Can't do it at work, though!..

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Okay, like I said yesterday, I was looking for something as easy as possible that I can do at work. I have a microwave and that's about it. So today I made the pudding with cold water, but put in less than usual because someone said hers got runny, and then nuked it for 33 seconds. It was pretty good!..

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I great dessert recipe I use when I have missed one of my meals and need to double up... I bake one of the brownies and mix up one of the chocolate puddings and then put the pudding on top of the brownie. yumyum!!! Also I don't actually use all of the pudding so you can save half of it for the next day...

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When I make boston cream pie (with an oatmeal shake cake and a pudding) it's super good when I make the pudding w/ warm water...

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Hi Carolyn,.

I tried something new this morning that I thought was pretty yummy. I used the egg custard recipe (, but I substituted Medifast chocolate pudding, eliminated the Splenda and vanilla, but still added a generous sprinkle of cinnamon. After cooling a few minutes in the freezer, it had a nice little skin on it (I've always loved the skin on homemade pudding!), and it was still a little bit warm. Delicious!! The cinnamon reminded me of Mexican chocolate, which I also love..

I'm going to make it again tomorrow, but I'll replace the 1/2 cup water with 1/2 cup coffee, just to change it up a bit..


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