Medifast pudding tips for getting rid of lumps?

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Has anyone had success getting the lumps out of the pudding? I tried mixing a paste first, as I've seen recommended here on the boards...but, it's still full of lumps! I do like the flavor of the vanilla reminds me of vanilla cake batter But, the lumps are turning me off to it..

Any suggestions?.



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I find that the paste method doesn't work with the pudding because it sets up too fast. I end up with more lumps that way. I add all the water at once and use a whisk to stir it. It's hit and miss, some days I have lumps too, and once the lumps set, I don't think you can really get rid of them. I think the key is getting everything mixed together quickly before it thickens up. I also add just a little more water than they call for (not too much - maybe an extra tbsp), and I think that helps a little. Hope this helps! I know there are a lot of people that don't like the vanilla pudding, but I love it!! I agree about it tasting like cake batter!..

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For me the most important thing is to have a mini whisk:.


There isn't enough liquid for a regular size one. I add all the water at once and whisk till smooth. Then after I refrigerate it sometimes if there are lumps after it sets I just whisk it again and it is perfect. I was extremely turned off by the puddings until I got rid of the clumps and now I like them..

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I took the recommendation of someone else and shake them. I put the water in a small container and then pour the powder on top, put the lid on and SHAKE LIKE CRAZY and quick!!! It sets fast. As long as I doing it fast, NO CLUMPS!!! I also refrigerate after, I like how it sets better...

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I'm weird I used to like the lumps in the choc. pudding. I do use both puddings (weigh the envelopes and use half of them) with diet creme soda, SF caramel, PB2 and crushed ice and make a shake out of them.

Sorry couldn't help you in the lump dept., but figured I'd offer you an alternative!..

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I do mine in my little healthmate blender and then put in the fridg for a few minutes....Never had a lump!..

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Just had a DUH moment - why don't I do that...of course I was counting my SHAKE REALLY HARD as exercise...(no, not really)...

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No lumps in mine, I mix it up right in my dessert bowl using an electric mixed with one beater. I don't like it too thick so I'll use 5 or 6 oz water. Yesterday I added 1 tbsp cream cheese (healthy fat) and about 1/4 tsp ground ginger (condiment). Yum, cheesecake pudding!..

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