Medifast problems with Magic Bullet and Ice?

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Am I the only person that has troubles with the Magic Bullet crushing ice? I'm starting to think that the ice I have is made of diamonds. The Bullet barely makes a dent in it. Am I doing something wrong? I've been trying desperately to make that ice cream recipe and everytime it comes out like pudding poured over ice. This morning I actually did make it so it came out real good, but I smashed the ice first with a rolling pin before putting it in the Bullet. I don't want to have to do that everytime, even though it was a good workout..

Anyway, is it just me? Do I need to try to find a different kind of ice maybe?..

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I had problems with ice in my blender too... then awhile back I read about someone using "Sonic ice"... The Sonic Drive-in fast-food restaurants have the little bitty pellet-type ice, and they will sell you a bag of it. I got mine for 79 cents, I think.

Hope that helps.....

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You can buy small size ice cube tray's at KMART in a two pack pretty cheaply and make your own pellet size ice cubes byMartha Stewart. I have 4 tray's just to make the ice just for this ice cream recipe...

Comment #2

Yes ,My bullet has the same problem. I put my ice in a bag, a thick one or double a zip lock , and beat it with the smooth part of a meat tenderizer. I do alot so I can store the rest in the freezer. It is crushed to a pulp, and works great. works alot better than a rolling pin. I bet you did get a good work out on those arms!!! I bet a hammer would work too.

I hope this gives you some ideas.......

Comment #3

You are not the only one! I made a thread about this a while back too... and crushing ice was one of the reasons I bought the dang thing..

I happened to have picked up a used hand cranked ice crusher for $10 so I can "pre-crush" the ice.

I think Rosalita has the right idea... I am going to get those tiny ice cube trays next time I go shopping, because crushing it twice is annoying...

Comment #4

Thanks gals! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. I thought I had a bum machine or something. I'm gonna try to find the ice cube trays that rosalita mentioned...that would be very helpful. Because I do love that ice cream recipe!..

Comment #5

[quote=lookintolose]. I put my ice in a bag, a thick one or double a zip lock , and beat it with the smooth part of a meat tenderizer. QUOTE].

I do the exact same thing and beat the you know what out of the ice with my Pampered Chef meat tenderizer. And I only anticipated using it for flattening my chicken breasts. I have to use a freezer ziploc bag because the regular ones will have ice flying out of the bag when you bang it! I had read about the Sonic ice and the nearest one to me is over 100 miles away. So I continue to beat my ice. I guess that's why I don't have anger issues...I'm taking it out on my ice!..

Comment #6

We should ask Technical Support to add ice beating to the exercise drop down menu under Household Activities.

[I mean, really, if we're logging monosexual activity we might as well log a little ice beating, too]...

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I don't have a magic bullet, I have the JCPenny version and it came with 2 different sets of blades. One set is much longer than the other. I have no problem blending ice up with the longer blades. I don't know if your MB has different blades, you might want to choeck on that ...

Comment #8

My regular ol' BLENDER mixes everything very well and crushes my ice to perfection. See, this is why I never bought into that Magic Bullet thing. Its just a prettier blender - that DOESN'T crush ice well, apparently. Lol..

Comment #9

My blender doesn't do it either... maybe my freezer just makes extra hard ice LOL!!!.

I was disappointed because the MB claims to be able to crush ice, dang it...

Comment #10

I have the Rocket blender by Bella, which is the same as the Magic Bullet except it only cost $24.99. I have no issues with big ice cubes and I use it 3 times a day at least.....

Comment #11

Me,too, farrell. At first I was breaking the ice up before I put it in but then I tried putting the cubes in straight from the ice-maker and it works fine. My cubes are those crescent kind from an ice-maker, though, not big ones from a tray which might be a problem...

Comment #12

I have crushed ice on the outside of my refrigerator but I use it at my Mom's, gotta have my ice cream, and I stop and shake it a couple times but it blends it. I use the bigger of the two blades...

Comment #13

I must be the oddball, because I have two MBs and they all crush big cubes of ice fantastically!.

Without crushing the ice, etc.

I use the long blades too..

Dbbthreads ice cream comes out like the real deal for me, too..

Sorry that ya'll are having problems with the ice!..

Comment #14

I just bought my magic bullet today and I made the ice cream (awesome, by the way) and I had trouble with the ice. My refrigerator crushes ice so I guess I will need to do that next time. I thought I had my freezer turned up too high and the ice was too hard, but I guess not. I was just getting on line to write a thread and someone beat me to it. I'm glad to know that I don't have a faulty machine!!! That would be just my luck. If you haven't tried the ice cream, it is easy and worth it...

Comment #15

Hmmmm....maybe my freezer's not on super-freeze or something.

Good point!..

Comment #16

Okay, I just turned up the freezer to a higher setting. I will let everyone know after 24 hours if it makes a difference with the crushing ice problem. I think that's how long you have to wait to see a difference in the temp...

Comment #17

I just made my first shake in a long time and I used my MB. It came out great! You need to use the cross blade instead of the single one. I used a cup of ice cubes and it was real creamy with no big chunks of ice left. Have never had a problem with ice in my MB. Since making the shakes is the reason I bought it I am very pleased so far as to how everything has turned out...

Comment #18

I use the cross blades too, but I always get left with huge ice cubes, even after several minutes of blending!!.

I think what we are discovering here is that some of our freezers make cubes that are either the wrong temperature and/or too big..

Andrea, please let us know how your experiment turns out so we can get to the bottom of this mystery!!!..

Comment #19

Okay folks, I figured out one more thing here... in the Ice Cream recipe, I blend the ice and water first, then add pudding etc..

Then I blended it for a full 2 minutes! (I always just did it for less than a minute, until the solid ice was gone).

OMG, it came out SOOOOOOOO creamy!.

I thought I loved that recipe before, but this does it...

Comment #20

I'm glad someone started this thread because I just bought the MB today and used it to make ice cream but it sure didn't even remotely resemble it! I was really disappointed, but I'm gonna use crushed ice from my fridge tomorrow and use the cross blades like I read and see what happens. Otherwise, the MB goes back!..

Comment #21

OK gang I turned my freezer to a higher (less cold) temp and my magic bullet is doing much better. Try it and see. I had to wait a few days before I noticed. Plus I think I had to use all my old ice in my ice bin. The new ice that isn't as cold works a lot better. I think I will go ahead and use my refrigerator's crushed ice setting anyway. It takes less time to make things!! Happy blending...

Comment #22

Personally we just bought the Shake N' Take - which works on Frozen Stuff beautifully..

My husband uses it to make his morning smoothies and I use it for my Medifast shakes (just throw a bid of ice in there and it whips them up really nicely).

It really crushed ice amazingly well. And if you buy it at the sharper image - they have a warrenty program that if you break it they will replace it. Not bad for $30 bucks.

I highly recommed it...

Comment #23

: > I got such a laugh out of parts of this thread..

Since it has been winter the entire time I have been on MF, I hadn't tried the froozen shakes until today. Following the thread, I put the ice in first (1/2 tray), poured in my mixed shake (orange) and then let it sit for 5 minutes. It made 3 glasses full and was great! Now I have to find a huge fountain glass and some crazy straws...

Comment #24

Interesting...the Magic Bullet is how I've been surviving the diet...5 cubes of ice (good ol ice from my ice maker) with the water, Splenda and chocolate shake...I can't imagine why it wouldn't be working...are you using the cross-blade? The one with the 4 blades, not 2..

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