Medifast plan for a long weekend trip??

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I'm going to Seattle this coming weekend with a dear friend whom I have always indulged in decadent foods with I haven't been on Medifast long, but I've managed to stay on track so far. What's the best way to deal with being away from the kitchen and flying and visiting amazing places?.

I know there are the bars, but thats only once a day. I plan on making some muffins and cookies which are portable... but.. what else? How do you guys handle it when you travel?..

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I travel at least one week a month. I find Medifast to be very easy on travel. I bring all my packets with me, and my shaker jar. On planes, I ask the flight attendant to fill my shaker jar with hot water up to the line, and make my Medifast soup or oatmeal out of it. (I bring some plastic spoons - not all airlines have them.) You can also do shakes with cold water in it or puddings. I always buy a couple bottles of water after I've gone through security so I have plenty on the plane.

Again plenty of shakes and puddings easy there. And, I heat water in the room with the coffeemaker - or get cups of hot water from the hotel coffeeshop, and make my hot drinks. And, of course, I do my lean and green out sometimes needing to split it up between 2 meals while on travel. Give it a try it is very easy while traveling to stay on Medifast much easier than other plans because you have all your food with you, and just need water!..

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May not help for this trip, but I order the already prepared shakes and find they are easy to take prep! Also if you freeze them and them let them thaw for a couple of hours, I cut the top of the drink box off and eat with a spoon. Yummy frozen treat!.

Happy travels!..

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You could make sandwiches using bread made from oatmeal and 1/3 cup of egg substitute. you can have PB&J (using half your snack for PB), you can have egg &cheese (use egg substitue to use less of your lean), you can have tuna, you can have chicken or turkey (not deli slices) - just make sure to subtract from your lean for all of those choices. For each sandwich, you've also used 1 ounce of your lean for the egg substitute in the bread...

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I travel every week. Most of the time I bake cookies and muffins to take with me along with a collection of Hot and Cold Drinks, shakes and soups. I use the bars only as a last resort. I have been all over the country and in and out of it without a problem yet. For me it works best to organize what I think I will need before I head out on my travels and I write out my meal plans with a backup for just about everything. It has worked for me for 2 months now and I wish you good luck!..

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Thanks for the ideas and the encouraging words to help stay focused. Big airplane purse, here I come!.

The sandwich idea is very intriguing since I do miss bread. Would an egg white work as well as the egg substitute?..

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You could try it, I haven't yet so I'm not sure. If you try it and like it, let me know. Egg whites probably count as less lean than the egg substitute does. Only thing is that I've been using 1/3 cup of egg substitute, so you might need more than one egg white...

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