Medifast peanut butter recommendations?

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I have been eating a spoonful of PB as a snack about 4 times a week. I have been eating the Smart Balance PB.

What brand do you like? I want to find one that tastes great but has better nutrional numbers than the Smart Balance...

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Peanut Butter is my weakness. I LOVE peanut butter. I CANNOT eat just one tablespoon. If I eat one, I eat half the jar. It's best for me to not have it in the house. I guess they call that my trigger food?!?!..

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That's unfortunate. Lucky for me my trigger foods aren't anything that's allowed on plan otherwise I'd have to stay away from it too...

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Lulu - My favorite nut butters are what I buy from the health food store. They have a machine full of peanuts or almonds that grind the nuts into nut butter while you stand there. Nothing but nuts. Awesome stuff...

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I eat PB every day as my snack. I can live with just 1 Tb..

Last night I made the oatmeal/shake/PB cookies for a meal/snack today and tomorrow, and they were decently good. For my last meal last night, I made the brownie and while it was cooling, I swirled my 1 Tb of PB into it. God, that was heavenly! But having the cookies today meant no PB in my brownie I will eat tonight..

I am eating the Jiffy lowfat creamy, my fav!.


Comment #4

I'm with De I like natural PB best. If you don't have a health food store nearby, most grocery stores also have jarred natural PB; look for something with just peanuts on the ingredient list no sugar or hydrogenated oils..


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I try not to have a snack, but when I am hungry or wanting something extra I sometimes have peanut butter. I like adding it to my brownie before cooking or to my chocolate pudding "frosty" in the summertime. I have used the PB2 as well, it makes a nice Reece's Hot Cocoa...

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I'll have to look into this. I live in a major metro area so I'm sure I can find it somewhere...

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I like Crazy Richard's natural peanut butter, but really, I will try any brand of natural peanut butter. I can't eat the processed kinds any more; they don't taste right ever since I've been eating natural...

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