Medifast party success stories of 2011?

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With so many parties ahead of us...Christmas, New Year's, Superbowl, etc., I think it is important to celebrate our successes and to share our strategies..

Tonight I had my work Christmas party. I had my lean and green at lunch to save some of my Medifast meals for the evening. As I drove the half hour to the party, I sipped on a Medifast cappuccino mixed in coffee. Upon my arrival, I grabbed a diet coke to keep my hands busy.

With the OP drink in hand, it was easier to pass up on all of the treats being passed around. Lots of fried, fatty, rich sludge was present. I did indulge in two slices of high quality cheese (i saved an ounce of my lean for this purpose).

One of my colleagues went to the bar and got a round for us. As he handed me my soda, I took a sip and instantly knew it was NOT diet. I subtly sent the poison back down the straw. I went to use the restroom and returned with water. He looked at me and said " only drink diet, don't you".

Later, I grabbed a hot decaf coffee to keep my hands warm.

I am now enjoying a Medifast brownie!.

What's your story of success?..

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We had our staff party the other night. I veggies and some turkey. Took my own can of diet pop. Left the desserts and other main courses alone...

Comment #1

I had a Sorority luncheon on Tuesday at a members home. They served a chicken pasta salad on lettuce. I had just 2 cups of lettuce with a tiny bit of balsamic dressing and sprinkled it with parmesan puffs. Had my lean and 1 more veggie for dinner. Stayed away from the desserts and drank hot tea from the china cups. It was so great because it was not about food at all...

Comment #2

We had our church Christmas potluck last Sunday. I had veggies and some chicken breast. Water and herbal tea to drink. Admired the desserts but no sampling. I even went back for seconds, there was lots of celery left. LOL.

(I never thought I would say such a thing....) Had a bar with me, but I was too full...

Comment #3

Two major strategies: Either bringing my own snack (if it's people I feel comfortable MF-ing in front of) or eating a snack right before and drinking on diet soda or water during the actual party. I liked your strategy about deducting from the lean if necessary~.

Usually, if there's a lot of talking, no one will really care, unless it's a dish that they made themselves~ "Oh, have you tried my blahblah?"..

Comment #4

I have 2 big parties this weekend and spent some time this evening making shake cookies and pickle wraps (lean deli turkey slices spread with a little LF cream cheese and then a pickle...wrap and cut up) I am bringing pretzels, LC cheese and puffs and fresh green beans with LF/low-carb ranch dressing so I have all my own stuff...I did this at a party last week and a few people asked what I was eating, but no one cared and when everyone was munching on desserts and such, I had my pre-made brownie and all was well...

It sure felt good to leave there and not feel the lead weight in my stomach from what I would have eaten if not for MF!.

I also plan ahead and will allot some lean portion for a few bites of cheese, or other meat that may be at the event.....

Comment #5

We had our company Christmas party on the 3rd and DH and I ate our L&G before going. We didn't eat anything there- just drank diet coke. It was easier for me to not eat at all then to try to figure out what was okay to eat. I had also told my boss that Dh and I weren't eating b/c I didn't want the company to pay the caterers for us. He was really supportive and told me he had lost 45 lbs over the past 6 months (I was embarrassed I hadn't noticed). It helped for me to have a couple of people there who knew that I wasn't going to eat- helped keep me accountable...

Comment #6

Great thread. I had an industry function last night and, even though there were many delicious appetizers, I had none of them. I had tea and a chocolate mint bar (probably my favorite Medifast food). I wasn't even tempted, as I'm getting close to the lowest weight of my adult life. Instead, I focused on enjoying good conversation and came away feeling really energized. It helped that I was wearing something that got a lot of compliments..

More holiday parties head, but baby's got a New Year's Eve outfit in mind as motivation...

Comment #7

That is good...The lowest weight of my adult life...I just was telling my BFF at her party last night, that I have never been more commited than I am with Medifast in getting there...I REALLY like the program and I have lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks and am on the way BACK to my lowest weight ever, when I was living in sunny beach-laden So Cal 20 years ago...I keep a picture of myself at my best ever and look at it daily to remind me...That IS me and I am capable of returning to my former self.....

Comment #8

Last night I headed to a small get together with some good friends. I didn't tell them that I was on Medifast ahead of time, because I didn't want them to try and make anything special. I showed up with a HUGE bowl of 100% OP veggie soup (since I've been sick), my water container (so I knew how many oz I was drinking), and my Medifast PB fudge for dessert..

It was nice to sit and chat and sip on my water while they drank their alcoholic drinks. They had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and double chocolate cheesecake for dessert - the best part was - I didn't even WANT to take any of it. All they kept saying was "oh god, I am so full, stuffed, can't move" and I thought - I don't EVER want to feel that way again - and that's when I realized how easy it is to stay OP during the holidays...

Comment #9

Last night at my children's holiday program there was a reception afterwards with so many of my favorite goodies: delicious breads, creamy soups, brownies and chicken pasta. I was so proud of myself b/c I didn't have a single bite! I just kept saying to myself "A Minute on the Lips, A Lifetime on the Hips". My new mantra...

Comment #10

The company gets lunch every Friday, which I have always stayed away from. Now that I am in week 5 of transition, I was looking forward to this past Friday's lunch so I didn't pack one. I was sad to find out they were having pizza and wings. I went out and picked up a salad and chicken. Then later in the afternoon, they had an ice cream social. I joined them to be social, but didn't have a lick of ice cream...

Comment #11

This is a good thread to have around! I've made it through two parties and stayed OP successfully. One at work and one at church.

My brother's Christmas Eve shindig is pretty food centered, but I'm going to make a pot roast with broccoli and cauliflower and that should help me get through. Plus, I am just on a roll and so determined to stay OP through the holidays. Cheating is seriously not even an option mentally. <knock on wood>..

Comment #12

Just went to my husband's fraternity's Christmas celebration. The table was filled with the usual party foods...fried chicken, fruit salads, desserts, etc. and plenty of drinks for all. I sipped on a cup of water and nibbled on celery sticks. No one noticed and I felt proud of my self restraint. I had eaten my lean and green before arriving and was perfectly satisfied. Also with the dancing, I probably burned some calories...what fun I had not to indulge!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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