Medifast Parm Puff Batch Warning!

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Warning! My new Parm Puff batch is different!!!.

I just opened my new box of parm puffs. The bag says NEW on the top left side and the bag itself is different (opening is different). The puffs are definitely different too.They are much smaller, dryer and many are broken into smaller pieces. Maybe it is just this one box, but the bag does say NEW on it!.

They are still very good, but different..

Maybe it's a fluke...

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I noticed that the taste is strong, which I like. When I tried the puffs for the 1st time I was disappointed because I could barely taste any cheese...

Comment #1

Yes, the "NEW" parm puffs do taste strong, thank goodness. They are really good, but physically fragile and more like croutons.

I ate the entire bag with no prob, of course..

Comment #2

Nice The old puffs were sturdier but tasted a bit like cardboard...

Comment #3

The old puffs were literally rabbit food with added vitamins someone found some in a pet store and the ingredients were identical...

Comment #4

Noooooooooo! not more "new" stuff! eke eke is right, happy! glad to hear these are getting a warm welcome... LOL about the rabbit food - that is crazy! I wonder if my chickens would like the old or new puffs better... hmmmmm..

Comment #5

Eh? The puffs are different? Since when? I've been ordering since I started in July/August and didn't realize they had changed?..

Comment #6

The parm puffs I have been buying have always said new on them. I just got an order and they were the same as before. Maybe you just got a weird batch...

Comment #7

The old ones were VERY filling to me. Maybe these will be too! The good flavor is still there..

I loved the old ones...

Comment #8

WHOOOOAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! We have NEW parm puffs TOO!!! My brain cannot handle this!.

Out of curiousity, I checked the parm puffs in my bag and they do say "new" too. I thought the taste this batch was off a tad and not as filling as I used to find them, but chalked it up to TOM and w/e. When did they change them? They snuck them in under the radar... unlike the much discussed pretzels...

Comment #9

I have been eating parm puffs since day one. As with a lot of others here I eat them every day and count on them every day. They have been one of the most filling meals I have eaten from medifast..

The puffs that I received today, the "new" ones are not anywhere as filling as the old - and they are much, much, lighter (much more rice flower feel). Sure, they have the great taste, but they do NOT do to my stomach what the others did. I have eaten my third bag today and there is no comparison to how the old ones filled me..

I hope I have a bad box...

Comment #10

Oh, no, not the beloved Parm Puffs! I suspect they're going to change the Chili Nacho Cheese Puuuuuuufffffs, too...

Comment #11

There is a lot of variation between batches of food - Medifast seems to have quality control problems, especially with the puffs. The bags have always said "new" on them so that means nothing..

It's not really clear they've changed the product - it might just be that weird thing that batches vary wildly...

Comment #12

My OLD ones say new on the bag also........They aren't new as in new new.....they are still new from being old new :-)..

Comment #13

Maybe I have a bad or over processed box..

Comment #14

Getting my order of the cheese puffs this week. hope theyre still good. theyre one of my favorite meals. I stopped ordering the pretzels so what's next..

Comment #15

I just got a box last week and they are the same as those I have ordered before...

Comment #16

I order these every month. Sometimes they are smaller and harder, sometimes they are puffier. It just depends on the batch...

Comment #17


You eased my mind!!!! I am sure that is it!!..

Comment #18

Just because every puff in every bag isnt a perfect 3.14159 circumference doesnt mean it's a quality control problem...

Comment #19

This is one of the best posts here. Thanks for the chuckle!..

Comment #20

Guess I'm lucky, don't like puffs, don't like pretzels! No problem for me!.

8-(\ /).

=( ',' )=..

Comment #21

Well, duh! I was talking about people's reports that sometimes they have a lot of flavor, sometimes almost none. Sometimes the flavor stuff is sprayed on all gloppy. Sometimes there's a giant chunk of the flavor stuff, all gunked up together (I've seen that one myself). People report things that are quality control/standardization issues - at least from their descriptions, it's an extreme variation in the product..

But you know, we're also all pretty much bonkers here, so what do you expect?..

Comment #22

Update: I opened my second box or Parm Puffs and they are the same!! They are delicious. I think I had a weird box. The second box is our old favorites - no changes..

Comment #23

The two boxes/twelve bags of my last shipment of puffs were bad. You could not eat them without thinking you might not feel well later. In the bags were dark brown, oily, and wet pellets. Then there were super hard ones like rice, that were flat -waferish. They wernt Puffs. It looked like a mix of raw ingredients combined with something indescribable.

They smelled of very old grease. Quality control dropped the ball big time on the puffs. Quality control needs consistency big time.

Now, the third box, that I am no now, are normal puffs and good, except today, I got a blob of pure cheese shaped like a puff..

Thanks for asking CT - sorry you had to return your last order of puffs...

Comment #24

I just sent back 4 bxs of parmasan cheese puffs. they had wet chunks of oil in the bags. They lacked the soy and rice but had oil to them. they were rancid too.

Yep I agree medifast lacks quality control and consistency..

Comment #25

I remember that, wonder if they are cheaper? LMBO.....

Comment #26

I don't think there are new puffs. The packaging has said new since March when I started. My puffs do vary a bit from box to box, but that is a QC issue (as we all know Medifast has in abundance) rather than that they changed them.

I just ordered 5 boxes and they are fine so far. No one freak out...

Comment #27

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