Medifast pancake muffins

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I read on here where someone makes their pancake muffins in a ramekin, so I picked up a few. I usually use the choco chip pancake and add 1/2 tsp of baking powder. It looks just like a muffin when it is through. I take a fork and poke a few holes in the top and pour a teaspoon of sugar free syrup on top. Mmmmmm mmmmm good!..

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Wow!!!!! Yummie, I add walden farms strawberry "jam" too......

Comment #1

How do you make your muffins? This does look wonderful!..

Comment #2

That looks good. I made mine as a muffin too but I used a coffee mug and it came out very nice...

Comment #3

I tried making mine as a muffin and it just went everywhere! That looks yummy though...

Comment #4

That's what I do, but it never comes out that pretty...

Comment #5

I love making the choco chip pancakes like that only in a mug. I just wish all of the choco chips didn't sink to the bottom! : ) Yummo pic - thanks for sharing!!!..

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I put the water in a shaker and add the baking powder. I shake that up well then put in the pancake mix. I am very careful to only shake five times...use a rubber spatula to get it all out. I spray the cup with pam then wipe out the excess. I microwave it for 1 min and 9 seconds. Don't laugh...I know, 9 seconds.

I used to do it in the coffee mug, but just like how they get kind of a muffin top on them in the ramekin..

I agree on the sinking choco chips. I just use my last bite to sop up all the melted chocolate...

Comment #7

Oh, great! I have to deal with food spewing commercials on TV, now I got them on the boards! Well, at least I CAN eat this one! (chuckle...) Great pic, I am now tempted to try it.....


Comment #8

It looks like I'm going to buy a ramekin dish to try this! I love the pancakes no matter which type but just ordered a box of choco chip, so this will be a nice change! Thanks for the pic!..

Comment #9

That pic is great.. You now have me salivating for a Medifast meal ... Did I say that salivating for diet food, hehehe.....

Comment #10

Wow that was wonderful... I did mine in a glass baking cup, my microwave was less than a minute.. That is so much quicker and easier then getting a pan out, so simple a man could do it!.

Thank you so much, I think this is now my preferred method. One question does the baking power count as a condiment or do I dare ask is it free?..

Comment #11

I do the same thing MINUS the baking powder and I put WF blueberry syrup on my muffin...

Comment #12

[quote=Smarty_Maryland]Wow that was wonderful... I did mine in a glass baking cup, my microwave was less than a minute.. That is so much quicker and easier then getting a pan out, so simple a man could do it!.

Hey! You trying to pick a fight? (LOL!) I've done all the cooking for 35 years!..

Comment #13

1/2 tsp of baking powder counts as 1 condiment because of the carbs. But, I will be totally honest...when I have this and I have already had condiments for the day, I still will do the baking powder if it keeps me in my carb range. I mainly keep an eye on my carbs for the day. I have found if I keep them between 85 & 90 I am fine. So if I have had condiments already and have room, I do it...

Comment #14

I make the pancake that way as well and also into mini scones...I top them stevia sweetened cream cheese and it's delish with hot tea, or coffee...mmm..

Comment #15

I tried the pancake in a coffee mug and it boiled out all over so I used just a bowl...Will have to try the rameken....Did make egg nog yesterday..that one will make a return appearance!!! Yummy........

Comment #16

How do you all think up all these delish recipies??!!..

Comment #17

Am I the only one that notices a strange plastic guy in the background with blue pants?? Or am I hallucinating due to Medifast cravings!?!?!?..

Comment #18

That look delish! I'll have to try this one soon..

Comment #19

Lol,,,,it is an ornament on my tree. I was trying to give it a seasonal spin...

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