Medifast pancake mix recipe

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I love toast and miss having that crunch. So after reading how people were making biscuits out of the pancake mix it got me to thinking that I should be able to make the pancake into a loaf shape and toast it..

1 pancake packet.

1/4 C water.

1/4 tsp. baking powder.

Pam spray to coat.

Mix above ingredients and let sit for 15-30 min..

Spray a square plastic storage container with Pam( I used a 4x4 inch).

Pour batter in container..

Microwave for 2 min(or until done).

Remove from container and cool..

After cooling (since I like my bread thin) I slice the pancake bread making two thin slices..

I toast the two slices until brown and crispy..

I will either give it a spray of a butter spray and use Walden farms jam..

Or I also like to use about 1 T. of BP2 sometimes..

This totally takes away my craving for toast and that crunch..

Calculate your condiments as needed..


Comments (26)

I am going to try this one. I miss toast too. I like that you can nuke it so I don't have to heat up the oven for a small loaf. Thanks for sharing..

Comment #1

Cool beans! I am going to have to try this one out! Thanks for sharing!..

Comment #2

I did this the other nite, cooked 2 pancakes extra crispy, let them cool completely then made me a PB & J... Oh My Goodness!!! I'm going to have to order extra Medifast original pancake... they aren't too sweet, so I'm thinking Grilled Cheese with a pickle!! Mmmmm!! Comfort food!!.


Comment #3

Dear wawa18,.

Tried this this AM. I LOVE you!!! Thanks!..

Comment #4

This worked really well! A lot of the muffins/breads I've tried, I have not liked the texture, but this was definitely satisfying for crunchiness...

Comment #5

This was spectacular. I am going to eat this everyday it was like having an english muffin!!!..

Comment #6

Thanks so much for this recipe. I'm going to give this one a try. I just love the pancakes!!..

Comment #7

I did this today, and it was AMAZING! SO nice to have toast again!..

Comment #8

Thanks for this hint! I tried this today, and while even after toasting it twice it was still not really crunchy, it really reminded me of French Toast because of the slight sweetness... so I went with that and used ICBINB spray and some Walden Farms pancake syrup. Just enough "bite" to it.

Hmmm... I wonder if I made this ahead of time, and let it sit out to stale before toasting, would it be even more like toast?.

I'm going to try that tomorrow morning I think - make it at breakfast, slice it, and then let it sit out until my 11 AM meal.....

Comment #9

Oh my...this was one of the best treats I have had in awhile. Better than my gingerbread muffin.

My house still smells yummy.

Thank You!..

Comment #10

AWESOME!!!!! I made the grilled cheese by adding a wedge of laughing cow cheese...YUM!!!!..

Comment #11

I had someone tell me at a Medifast meeting to let the batter sit 30 min. in the frig like you do the muffin recipe. I will let you know if it makes a difference. On the same note, they said they have skipped the 1/4 tsp of baking powder & it turns out about the same without using a condiment. Will also try that variation. I used banana extract on one serving and I could taste the banana and it was heaven with PB2..

Happy crunching..


Comment #12

Sounds great! I had a sample in my order of the pancakes and they came out pretty good. I just made one big one, it was soft in the middle so I just nuked it in the microwave, I also put in some cinnamon and topped it off with DV sugar free syrup. Yummy!..

Comment #13

So I have decided after making the recipe without the baking powder I like it better. And I did not let the batter sit and it turned out fine. So here is it revised with a photo:.


1 pancake packet.

1/4 C water.

Pam spray to coat.

Mix above ingredients.

Spray a square plastic storage container with Pam( I used a 4x4 inch).

Pour batter in container..

Microwave for 1.45-2 min(or until done).

Remove from container and cool..

After cooling (since I like my bread thin) I slice through the pancake bread making two thin slices..

I toast the two slices until brown and crispy...

Comment #14

FYI, I did try leaving the sliced pieces out for a couple hours to stale before toasting, and it was crunchier. I think probably the longer the better to let it get stale before toasting..

Looks like I'll be ordering an extra box of the pancakes next month!..

Comment #15

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! It took me three attempts before I got it right, but it was worth the trial and error. First time I must have used too much water b/c it was runny and never set. Second time I must have used too little water b/c it nearly burned a hole through the bowl. Third time? Just right! (just like the three bears! ha!). I ended up not cutting it in half & toasting the whole piece. After toasting, I sliced a hole into it and shoved some Medifast approved L & G inside.

Love ya for posting this!!!..

Comment #16

I have to say... I made mine like a biscuit (same shape, etc) with the baking powder, then when it came out I sliced it into 3 slices about a 1/4 inch thick each and placed it under the broiler until pretty browned/crunchy on each side.

Since I had egg whites I had two fats so I spread each with Earth Balance Buttery spread and a little salt..

I WILL NOT LIE... it tasted like the most delicious corn muffin tops, like the ones you can get in the bread section at the foodstore for breakfast. I have been eating this everyday.... I can't stop. I AM SO HAPPY :-D..

Comment #17

Thanks for reminding me that this would be great with eggs. Boy, I like this online community b/c right now I'm having the beginning-of-the-program foggy brain syndrome. Thanks again!..

Comment #18

I just made this with the chocolate chip pancakes and it was delicious!..

Comment #19

Would make great crutons for my salad! Add a little savory herbs, yum...

Comment #20

Thanks for the idea! Tried this one and loved it...didn't realize how much I'd missed toast..

Now have to order more plain pancakes in order to make toast. I'm a happy camper!..

Comment #21

OK....did this and made a grilled cheese sandwich this morning and it was AH-mazing! Thanks so much for this idea. Also saw other posts for hamburger buns and pizza dough all from the pancake mix! Wooohooo!..

Comment #22

THANK YOU!!! I tried this today and loved it. I only had choc chip pancakes and it was still wonderful. I think I will order some regular pancakes in order to have a grilled cheese!!!! Very nice treat!..

Comment #23

I am sorta new to MF. What do you use for cheese to make a grilled cheese? It sounds so good. Thanks..

Comment #24

This sounds awesome can't wait to try it!.

~~~~~thank you~~~..

Comment #25

Thanks - what a great idea! I will try it tomorrow!.

Love those pancakes!..

Comment #26

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