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I have kind of a minor issue that is bugging me. Someone on here recommended going through your order to make sure everything is there because sometimes there will be a packet missing.

So I started "inventorying" my orders and a couple months ago I noticed one of my PB Crunch bars was only half as big as it should be. I called CS and they said "as a one time courtesy we will send out a new box of PB Crunch bars". So that was great - and more generous than I expected..

But now...every time I get an order I worry that I will be short of something and they'll refuse to make it right. Has anyone had this happen? Is CS good about sending out replacement packets as needed or are they serious about the "one time courtesy" policy? I know it seems minor but it's infringing on my enjoyment of getting my Medifast shipments!!..

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One time courtesy? That's a bunch of hooey and is something that should be reported to the Better Business Bureau if they don't give you a replacement. If you get shorted again and the rep won't replace the product then you should ask to speak to the manager..

Now after saying that, I've had great customer service. Since August I've twice been shorted a bar-two boxes have come with only 6 bars. Customer service immediately sent out new boxes. So basically, they've shorted me one bar and replaced not just that one, but have given 6 others with no cost to me. I've had no problems and they've been wonderful. I hope you don't have to go through this again but if you do, I hope that you get a better rep!..

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Oh, the other thing. Make sure you check through the bunched up paper in your box. The last two times I've ordered I've been given samples but they've been hidden in the paper. Unfortunately they were pb soft serve samples.....

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I just received my order on Tuesday and had gotten the 'Holiday' package with the Meal mug in it. I opened my boxes to organize the packets and 3 (or 4) of the Cappucinos & 2 of the Chais were not completely sealed and had poofed powder over all the other packets. I called TSFL customer service and a VERY wonderful and helpful lady said they were sending me 2 free BOXES of each! Later that day I received an order notice. She also answered a question quickly & succinctly that I had called in earlier about and never heard back about. She didn't mention anything about a One time replacement....

I personally think it may depend on who you get on the customer service line. There's at least one great one working there!..

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Thanks Sassy! That is exactly what I needed to hear. Getting a shipment of Medifast food is seriously like my bday and the 4th of July rolled into one so I didn't like having that little worry detract from it!..

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Amelie - what a mess! But worth it if you get extra goodies in the end I am really glad to hear this - I must have just gotten a grumper when I called.....

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You could have gotten someone grumpy...or someone who thinks that if they say something like that, then they will be less likely to have a customer play games. Either way, that doesn't fly..

I have no problem asking for a supervisor. (And sometimes, I'll call back later and ask for a supervisor.).

I have only called once to complain that the pretzels now have wheat in them. She was very nice. She did apologize and explain why they made the switch. She also pointed out they had recently added gluten free options (pancakes and soft serve). She asked if I wanted to speak to NS, etc. I hung up feeling like the person listened and caredeven if my problem wasn't "solvable"...

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*gasp!* Now I have to check my packaging!! Hopefully I didn't throw it away.....

Sassy- How did you know what they were and if you got them if they were thrown away?..

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Lol I got a .2oz packet of cappuchino, and they sent me a single packet as a replacement. I was fine with that BUT....

They frickin sent it in a huge box with tons of packing paper and spent about 13 bucks to ship it to me. How utterly wasteful. I'm honestly shocked that they didn't just ask me if they can ship it with my next order (which went out a few days later), or give me a small credit back. I would totally have been fine with either option...

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I found samples in my last two orders because I went through the papers. I was just saying that I didn't look through the bunched up papers in previous orders, so I might've thrown away samples...

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Wow, it has never occurred to me to open the individual boxes and count packets. I think I should make it a practice of inventorying not only the number of boxes, but number of packets. Thanks for the idea! Violet..

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On my last order, I got 4 packets of hot cocoa instead of 7, and they shipped me a full box. I'll start checking the brown paper though. I usually just throw it out...

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I've only had good responses from CS. One box of brownies didn't have the bowls and they sent me a new box. I think if you are nice to them they will be nice to you. After all, they want our business, right? Another time I was short a packet in a box of oatmeal and I got a whole new box. That's extra meals for me. ;-)..

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I order through Take Shape for Life, not Medifast, so I think customer service is completely separate. My first order, I had ordered one sample packet of Chai, and it was missing. They send me out an entire box for free. Then my second order, I was missing two boxes of Hot Cocoa, and they replaced them. Both times they were really nice about it, which makes it hard for me to be upset about the mistake. I've never really thought to open up the boxes and make sure there are 7 packets though.

My concern is that customer service will think I'm lying to get free food, especially if it's happening every month. My third order should ship next week, so hopefully it's not missing anything...

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On all my orders I get a meal sample - thats generous.

When I received my first few food orders a couple of the meal boxes looked like they had traveled to a few other peoples homes before reaching me and had more than seven meals - fun!..

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