Medifast Orange shake is hideous!!?

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I could barely drink that shake today. I will NOT order that in the future. I think I will freeze the rest into bars and see how it is frozen. I may add some vanilla flavoring to it as well. It is absolutely nasty.

It made me kind of nauseous so I had clam chowder for lunch.......

The strawberry isn't bad either but I think I'll freeze that and the banana flavored one too.

Any other suggestions? I'll read on, too...

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Kathi, there are a lot of suggestions for the orange shake if you go to downloads, then recipes also there are some more in the library, under the eating healthy section (or whatever it's called) there are recipes for Medifast products. I can't decide which is nastier, the orange or the strawberry. I solved the strawberry problem by mixing it with a banana and then dividing for two meals it's actually tasty like that. I made shake cookies last night with the orange shake following the recipe in the downloads section that used vanilla shake, but I didn't add the cinnamon. I won't say they are mouth-watering, but they're not bad and much much better than swallowing that vile swill. ;-) I tried it frozen if anything it was worse....

Joanne in Alabama..

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I mix mine with Tangarine Diet Rite and blend with ice. It tastes like a orange push-up that way. I haven't tried freezing, but I bet that would be good too...

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Oh thanks for the replies! I will check out the downloads and the library. I put the 3, orange, strawberry, and banana on the counter for me to stare at everyday. Your ideas sound very good and I will definitely put them to use this week. Next order though, I'm sticking to things that I like!!.

I tried the muffins for the oatmeal and they turned out ok. I don't think I cooked them long enough. They were kind of doughy...

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Per advice on this board, I mix my orange shake with a packet of peach crystal light to go,I add a cup full of ice, and put in a blender. Thats the only way I can get it down. I have to add banana strawberry crystal light to the strawberry. The banana I mix with suger free chocolate syrup. Oh yeah,always ice and in a blender...

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I made my orange shake into cookies using this recipe:.

1 pkt of orange shake.

1/8 teaspoon baking powder and soda.

Small dash of salt.

2 pkts Splenda.

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract.

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon( may be omitted with other flavors).

1/4 cup water.

1/2 tsp nutmeg.

1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice.

Mix and drop onto sprayed(Pam) foil lined pan.

Flatten out a bit.

Bake 350 for about 15 min..

You can tweek this recipe around with different recipes..the cookies are pretty soft, but you may bake a little longer..

Makes em taste like pumpkin pie cookies.

You could also sub the orange shake for the vanilla in soem of the oatmeal cookie recipes and use the pumpkin pie spice, nutmeg, and cinnamon for that great taste..

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I made orange oatmeal cookiesVery good. Don't remember where I posted the recipe though so just look around the recipe boards and see if it is still there.

Vanilla is the flavor I have trouble with I usually mix it with a flavored diet soda..

Diet A&W Cream soda is good with most of the shakes. I take it to work and pour about half a can into a tall glass, and then add Medifast and stir, add a little more soda to the glass and stir some more..

Just experiment a litttle. I still have a few pkgs left from my first order which was the 4 wk variety pack. I usually try making something with them or on a really good day actually eating them as directed. This is my fourth or fifth order.

You don't have to eat what you don't like YOU ARE WORTH IT. Next time you order you can just pick and choose...

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I hear this all the time that others think the Orange Creme shakes are nasty, I guess everyone has different tastes because they are the only shakes I drink beside the Chocolate RTD shakes....I absolutely love the orange shake mixed with ice cold water!.


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SheilaI have the Orange creme shake every morning & love it!! I do add lots of extra ice & let it sit & get real cold before drinking. It's my favorite!! Nice to know I'm not the only one who really likes it!! AlohaS. (Lorain)..

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Funny, I love the orange shake-it's the only one I buy! I mix it with Tropicana sugar free orangeade. Love it!..

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Have you tried adding extra Splenda to the blender mix? I don't think these drinks are sweet enough. 2 packets of Splenda really improves them. I mix them with the 3 ice cubes then put them into empty H20 bottles (of which I have plenty!) with a funnell. I put them into the freezer until they become slushy and suck on them with a big straw from Noah's or Starbucks. They're quite tasty that way! The orange will actually taste like a creamsicle! The slushiness makes them last so you're drinking them more slowly too. Andrea..

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Today is my first day on Medifast and I purposely had the orange shake this morning thinking I would just get those out of the way since I've read so many people don't care for them. I actually REALLY liked it (just cold water in the shaker)! I even gave my husband a sip to get his reaction and he thought it was good, too! Go figure! Bet I am gonna LOVE the chocolate since everyone seems to like it...

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I like the orange shake. I made it into a cookie and didn't really care for it. I like it blended with ice and a tiny bit of vanilla extract added...

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I LOVE the orange shake but only if I mix it with DIET SQUIRT (and it's got to be squirt - not sprit or anything else you think you may be able to substitute). It makes it taste like an orange julius. Also if you add it to the strawberry it doesn't taste so artificial, more like a smoothie. FYI - I always blend my shakes with ice and if using any kind of soda you should pop the time ahead of time to give it a chance to settle. Try it!..

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I love it too, taste like a creamsickle to me..

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