Medifast Orange explosion?

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I read somewhere that the orange shakes were really good mixed with diet orange soda so I tried it. When I went to shake the cup, the whole thing exploded. It was a huge mess. After cleaning up, I stirred the rest of it with a spoon. Then I thought it wasn't that good after all. I thought it was better with water.

Watch out...

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ROFL... Ummm, I did that myself..

Now... I put 1/4 soda in shaker jar, add packet... Stir out the lumps and make sort of a thick liquid then slowly add the rest of the soda as I stir slowly. It will fizz as you add it... just go slow. Then ENJOY!!!.

Thanks for the laugh... sorry for the mess!..

Comment #1

I did the same thing. In fact, I think there is still orange shake on my kitchen ceiling... er, can you tell I hate cleaning? Anyways, works much better in the blender...

Comment #2

Mine was strawberry, I still have pink splotches on my curtains and in one of my cabinets!!!!! I decided just to ignore the curtains as we are planning to change that window to french doors anyway but the cabinet I just keep running into new spots!!!..

Comment #3

Brings back memories ... Did that in the car with Chocolate shake and Root beer Soda!!!..

Comment #4

Thanks for the warning!!!! Haven't tried it yet, but planning to..


Comment #5

I use diet soda in all of my shakes. You really have to do it in a blender. Mixes them really good and then you can add some ice and it gets very thick and smooth. Yum!!!..

Comment #6

Ahhhhhhhhhhh Dutch Chocolate in the mini lid on and my finger pushed the button! Cleaning lady had JUST left and I got out my mop and proceeded to break it.

I cussed...

Comment #7

Reminds me of the night I mixed up my yummy hot cocoa, only to knock it over and spill it all over the counter, down between the cabinets and refrigerator, and all over the floor. Only when I pulled the refrigerator all the way out to clean the side of the cabinet did I discover just how big of a puddle there was under the fridge. Thought I would never get it all mopped up. And, who ever knew just how far 8oz of hot cocoa could go?? Needless to say, I now always mix my cocoa by the kitchen sink, not the fridge...

Comment #8

ROFLOL!!! Oh boy.... I thought this was gonna be a recipe.. "Orange Explosion! Oooooh! Yummy!".

Thanks for the warning... I am sure I would be joining you all with a mop otherwise!..

Comment #9

Yeah - I blew up my bullet. I let any carbonated drink go flat first now!..

Comment #10

I am loving this discussion! Can't wait to tell my husband. I also read to try the orange shake with tangerine diet rite. The only tangerine diet rite I could find came in a 12 pack of cans. So, I buy the 12 pack, rush home to make this orange shake, mix it in the shaker and it explodes all over the kitchen counter and on me, just as my husband is walking into the kitchen. I was so shocked all I could do is laugh. Took me 45 minutes to clean it up and I agreeit wasn't even tasty (the small part I licked off my face!) The 11 cans of diet rite are still in my fridge.

Don't know what I was thinking! Joni..

Comment #11

I did the same thing today, with orange shake and seltzer water - oops! Mine seems to lose the carbonation... ? .

PS: had the banana cream shake today with a dash of vanilla extract, some cinnamon and nutmeg... my favorite shake so far and I hate banana!..

Comment #12

I was at Publix earlier today and they had a new diet Pepsi...Strawberries and Cream. I mixed it with my strawberry shake and it was wonderful! I'm going to try it with the bananna shake tomorrow. I'm not sure if they are selling it everywhere,(I'm in central Florida) or if it's only in certain locations...Just thought I'd share!..

Comment #13

I add alittle h2o to the orange soda and shake mix,with ice and blend.Yum!!!! I also let the soda get alittle flat. Good Luck!!! Robin1..

Comment #14

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