Medifast oatmeal recipes for getting rid of bitter taste?

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Why is it that no matter how I prepare the oatmeal (any flavor) - cookies, oatmeal, pancakes - it has a bitter aftertaste?.

Does anyone have a suggestion / solution?.


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For me, time. I know exactly the bitter aftertaste you're talking about (I personally noticed it more with the apple cinnamon than with peach), but your taste buds adjust and you either get used to it or you just don't sense it anymore...

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Hi aekroll,.

I noticed this with the 55 Dutch Choc. Shake also. How about you? I just posted a new thread asking for suggestions on how to combat this...FYI. I haven't tried the Oatmeal yet..

Happy Holidays!.

FlyGal325 ~;o)..

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Patience.. things will change over time. You may never like any of the oatmeals, but your tastes will definitely change here on plan. I never found the taste bitter I have to admit, but I know I'm eating and enjoying things now that I never have in my entire life. Once your body stops craving sugar, salt, and fat give things another try and you might be surprised... Good luck.....

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I agree with COD's "patience" idea. So true. Things I hated at first, I now love. To me the strong aftertastes have simply disappeared. I have a couple of things I don't like and I just won't order them again. Funny..I LOVED the Cream Of Tomato soup for a long time..including two years ago which was my first Medifast experience.

Go figure. I just eat or drink what I don't care for without much manipulation (yes, I do make oatmeal muffins and always will) because it's fuel and it satiates me...

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I haven't tried it but I read an article on counter acting bitterness by adding salt. Course you want to be careful about doing that because you want to watch your salt intake...

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I just don't pay attention to that anymore... but if you want to jazz it up... you can add a splenda.... a dash of salt... even a splash of a sf syrup......

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I am a huge fan of regular oatmeal, so I am going to have to bypass the "faux-tmeal" for the first month. I found that I liked some of the other breakfast items better. Good luck!..

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I have had the same issue with the bitter aftertaste of oatmeal. I have not like cookies, muffins or anything with oatmeal. Any additional suggestions would be appreciated...

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