Medifast oatmeal rant?

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OK, I really like starting the day with oatmeal, but DANG!! I've been doing this for four months and it's just a crapshoot. I put the same amount of water in the same bowl and nuke it for the same amount of time and anything could come out, from runny oatmeal soup to a brick. Is there any way to impart consistency to the oatmeal?? It's really good when it cooks exactly right. Well, except the Blueberry...

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Oh, and I even start with water that's the exact same temperature from the fridge. Clear filtered water...

Comment #1

I only ever have good results when making it on the stovetop. Nuking just doesn't work well for me. Hope someone else has better advice to offer!.

- Siobhan..

Comment #2

Okay, I eat the oatmeal everyday, and I have noticed occassionally that it is a bit runny even though I use consistantly only 6 oz of cold filtered H2O (a bit less for the Peach flavor for some reason). But for Maple & Brown Sugar and Apple Cin my two fav's I do the following:.

Nuke for 1 min 35 sec then stir. Nuke for another 45 to 55 secs. Usually have to stop the microwave to keep it from boiling over at about 20 to 25 sec though but finish it up for the remaining time and it will almost always have a great consistancy with no lumps or bricks.

Also, the time may vary depending on the power of your microwave. Wish I knew what mine is but don't have a clue. It's a small built in that came with the place. Hope this helps some...

Comment #3

I've had better luck with the oatmeal when I've made it without microwaving it. At work, we have a hot water tap so I put the oatmeal in a cup and add the hot water until it's how I want it. When I've microwaved the oatmeal I found it very sticky with a nasty texture...

Comment #4

A few days ago, I hit the 'reheat beverage' button on the microwave..

Cooked the oatmeal perfectly, with flakes evident, wasn't gummy nor lumpy. Success!.

Might try experimenting with the other dishes this way..

Gwen in l.a..

P.s. the blueberry oatmeal is horrible, but I enjoy the others..

Comment #5

I usually microwave mine then during the week put it in a thermos (while still a bit "runny") and by the time I eat it, it's perfect. On weekends, I microwave it, then cover it (usually a plate over the bowl) and let it sit from 10 to 20 minutes. It usually comes out perfect...

Comment #6

I have also had success just using water from our wter cooler at work....using the hot water tap. Haven't tried just pouring boiling water in and letting it set a bit. That may work as well. I find the texture gets very rubbery when microwaved.. your cat pic! What a HOOT!!! Mine would NEVER sit still for me doing that to her...

Comment #7

I use the hot water( scalding) dispenser at work. Put it in coffee cup, add oatmeal( any flavor- it is all so danged sweet) put the lid on after stirring and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Unless I am ravenous then I eat whatever flavor in whatever condition immediately!!.

Great cat picture!!!..

Comment #8

If I don't stir it the absolute second that the microwave dings, I get that nasty skin on top. Bleah. Oatmush vs. oatmeal...

Comment #9

The Blueberry is yucky!! It's the only Medifast food I've found now that I can't tolerate. It has an aweful bitter artificial sweetener taste that I can't get rid of..

I mix mine with 1/2-3/4 c cold water, nuke for 1 minute, stir, nuke another 30 secs, stir, then let sit for about 5 minutes. It's perfect every time!..

Comment #10

When I was a Medinoob, someone told me they mix their oatmeal the night before, then when they nuke it for breakfast, it comes out perfect. I tried this once and it did work. Sadly, I'm lazy. I nuke for 1.5 min. If it's still runny, I stir and nuke at 10 sec intervals til it's the right consistency...

Comment #11

Hey Fred. It's been said that the Medifast packets don't always contain the same amount from packet to packet. You could try measuring the content first before determining the amount of water to use. I know that is a PITA but it's worth a try. I use cold water from a bottled water cooler and nuke it about 2 minutes. Then let stand for a couple more minutes. Most of the time though I eat my oatmeal as muffins, scones or cookies...

Comment #12

Cat Piling!.

I hear that's going to be added to the 2012 Winter Olympics.

I better start training...

Comment #13

Oh - My - God I just noticed the pic of the cat....Wow. I am howling. I have three dogs. Going to give DOGpiling a try..

Comment #14

Hehe, off topic, but just in case anyone on the internet hasn't seen this (it goes with the cat):.


How can anyone not love pancake bunny??.

Anyway, the thought that the packets aren't consistent explains it all. I will definitely try the "no nuke" approach and see it it is better!!..

Comment #15

ARRRGGHH!! Why can we not edit our posts in this forum??.

Try #2:.

(That first link was no good anyway- too big!)..

Comment #16

Uhhhhhh, Fred? What UP with that BUNNY? Again, that is hysterical. How many pets do you have? Like, do we get an IGUANA with a pot of Medifast chili on it's head too? Hmmmmmm......

Comment #17

Hehe! That bunny pic is cute! Now if only I could get one of my rats to sit still with a Medifast muffin on their head!..

Comment #18

Uh Lydiaa...Rats? What the Christ? Are you serious? Okay I need to hear about this one...

Comment #19

Oh those aren't mine- the bunny pic has been all over the net forever. There's usually a caption that says.

"I have no idea what you're talking about... so here's a bunny with a pancake on it's head!".

I DO have two cats. One you can stack things on and the other... well, I wouldn't go there..

Comment #20

Rats make excellent pets! They are very clean and rather intelligent and good natured for rodents. It's the wild ones that are filthy (no fault of there own), and even they aren't usually aggressive unless they are hungry. The best rodent pets IMO are chinchillas. They are smarter, softer and mellower than bunnies, gerbils and the rest, and they don't smell too bad.

What happened to the thread uh, oatmeal! Yeah!..

Comment #21

Make that, "no fault of their own". I hate not being able to edit mistakes that make me look like an idiot *lol*..

Comment #22

I just LOVE the Stuff On My Cat website!.

I had never seen the pancake bunny one! That's hilarious!!! Thanks for the chuckle...

Comment #23

Yes, I have five big boy ratties! They are the lgihts of my life...shh don't tell my dog and cat ! Rats are amazing pets. Affectionate, clean, and cuddle bugs! They, IMO, are the best kept pet secret around! OK, don't get me going! I can go on and on about my boyz!.

This is my favorite (shh, don't tell the others), Percival. he is the cuddliest, bruxiest boy ever! Bruxing is when they grind their teeth together..the rat equivalent of a purr! And if they're REALLY happy they'll boggle, where they're eyes bob in and out of their heads! Cool, huh??..

Comment #24

I have had good results when I just nuke it at work for 2 minutes STIR THEN LET SIT FOR ABOUT 4 MINUTES. Stir again and is always pretty good. (Even blueberry) Works for me anyway. I do this at work so I do not have ..The stove top of which someone has spoken of! (I sometimes top it off with teaspoon SF syrup.)..

Comment #25

I Googled "stovetop"- so you COOK on those things?? I thought they were for lighting cigars... anyway it turns out I own one so I'm gonna try it!.

(Actually, it occurred to me that one could nuke the water by itself, THEN stir it in.)..

Comment #26

BTW, I did try making the oatmeal in the George Foreman Grill. Long story short- didn't work..

Comment #27

Now *that* had to be fun to clean up! I know just cleaning veggie burger residue makes me nuts!.


Comment #28

Hey Lisa,.

Is that you with the dolphin in your avatar? Do you work with them?..

Comment #29

OK, it's official- hot water+oatmeal+no nuking=outstanding! Hey, just like you would make regular oatmeal, who would ha' thunk it using the microwave must bring out the artificial sweetener aftertaste because there isn't any doing it this way. Thanks guys!!.

BTW, I was joking before- I do cook and I never made oatmeal in a Foreman grill. I thought it was so obvious I didn't use smileys..

Comment #30

You never know...A guy who uses his cat as an armoire just MIGHT use his GF for oatmeal..

Comment #31

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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