Medifast new flavor drops!?

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I just ordered several kinds of Flavor Drops from because I wanted to doctor up the flavor of my shakes without the extra sweetness from flavored syrups (because they are SO sweet already) or calories. At 3-5 drops per 8 oz serving, the bottles will last forever. And with the possibility of endless flavor combinations, my tastebuds will never be bored. The only thing that could make me happier would be a Pumpkin Pie flavor!..

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Thanks for sharing the link... I just ordered a small three bottle sample of the drops.. can't wait to try them......

Comment #1

Please let us know how these work out for you. I've found that it takes quite a bit of the extracts and oils to cover the Medifast vanilla flavor and then if I add too much, it takes bitter. Hopefully, you've found something that works better. I agree, the addition of SF syrups with the shakes makes it too sweet, for me anyway. I sure wish Medifast would make an unflavored version of the shakes, oatmeal and puddings. That would be waaaay cool...

Comment #2

Let me know what one's you like and help with the flavor. I have been adding diet pop to some of mine and it help with the flavor some. Diet orange helps give a little more flavor to the orange or vanilla. rootbeer is good in the vanilla...

Comment #3

Ok, I'm ordering. The fact that I can try 6 flavors for $20 including shipping won me over. The flavors I'm getting are Egg Nog, Dolce de Leche, Snickerdoodle, Marshmallow, Raspberry, and Cinnamon Danish Swirl.

Now, we need recipes. Get to cookin'...

Comment #4

This sounds great, but I'll wait for one of your first postings to see how great they are in your vanilla shakes or oatmeals. They do have a lot of choices, don't they?!.

Aloha, Tracy..

Comment #5

Okay, here's what I've tried so far: I added Banana Nut Creme to a chocolate shake, Chocolate Mint to a chocolate shake, and Blueberry to a vanilla shake. I think you need a couple of drops more in the chocolate shakes to overcome the strong chocolate flavor, but I like the fact that you can do it a couple of drops at a time to find the right combination. I'm going to experiment with chocolate pudding and MBS oatmeal next....

I saw that they sell Pumpkin Pie flavored coffee so I emailed customer service about it. They said they'll make custom Flavor Drops for an extra $1 a bottle (no matter what size you're ordering), so I ordered Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate Orange!..

Comment #6

I ordered the raspberry, blueberry and the cin. danish swirl.. I will report back once I have tried them.... SNOWMOON3 let me know how you like the egg nog and the snickerdoodle.......

Comment #7

This sounds great, I love that it doesn't have any artificial sweetner! Thanks for the find. I ordered the 6-pack sampler $19.95 free shipping: egg nog, marshmallow, toasted almond, dolce de leche, prailines & cream & chocolate macadamia...

Comment #8

It does sound great. I just ordered the sampler pack also ... blueberry, hazelnut, snickerdoodle, strawberry cheese cake, marshmallow, and cinnamon danish swirl. Can't wait to try these!..

Comment #9

Thanks so much for sharing this site. It is a major blessing to find "flavor" without Splenda or some other artificial sweetener. I'm sure the recipes will abound when this news gets around!..

Comment #10

Ilanamara, how did the vanilla shake turn out with the blueberry? That has been the most challenging shake for me to drink. Did it cover up it's after taste??.

Aloha, Tracy..

Comment #11

Thanks so much for sharing. Ordered: Snickerdoodle, Hazelnut, Dolce de Leche..

Comment #12

Tac1965 - I just made another Blueberry in vanilla shake. I upped the number of drops and it made the aftertaste barely noticeable while giving a nice berries and cream flavor. I'll try it with Raspberry next.

I think some of the non-fruit flavors are stronger - it took fewer drops to give a nice Toasted Almond flavor to the MBS oatmeals. I'm going to try it in chocolate pudding and chocolate shake next...

Comment #13

I just bouth the 6 vareity pack too! I couldn't resists. Here is what I oredered: Kalua & Cream, Hawaiian Coconut, Cinnamon Danish Swirl, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Caramel, & Blueberry. I just ordered my next 4 weeks of Medifast too, so I am looking forward to a lot more interesting taste sinsations! Woo Hoo!.

Aloha, Tracy..

Comment #14

P.S. I wish we could edit our posts for spelling!..

Comment #15

Man, now i'm jealous. I would have paid $21 instead in order to have one of my flavors be pumpkin pie. I would rather have that then the cinnamon danish one...

Comment #16

I'm curious to hear about your experiences with these drops. Personally, I haven't found a shake or pudding that didn't taste extra yummy with either toasted almond or hawaiian coconut added! Raspberry and blueberry are good but the flavors are more subtle and you have to use more drops to taste them. Has anyone tried strawberry cheesecake yet?..

Comment #17

I tried strawberry cheesecake this morning with Medifast vanilla pudding. Perhaps I didn't put in enough drops (6) because I couldn't really taste any difference. What I'm finding with most flavors (including the SF syrups) that the Medifast flavors are so intense it takes a lot to change it. I've used other flavored oils before, and it goes from barely being able to taste any change to being bitter when adding too much. When I use SF syrups, enough to really change the taste, then it's usually too sweet. I'll give it another try today with more drops and see what happens...

Comment #18

I got my order today - yay! I'm trying the eggnog in the Medifast cappacino right now. It's good, you really breathe in that eggnog flavor. I was already missing my Starbucks eggnog lattes in December, so this is great. I also tried the dolce de lece in the cappacino, I couldn't taste it as much probably because the cap is already sweet, not enough contrast. Can't wait to try the rest...

Comment #19

FYI these people have AWSOME customer service. I put in an order earlier tonight, and an hour or so later Randy called me to say they're so swamped with orders that she couldn't get them to me in 2 days like I requested (I go out of town T'giving Day), so she's refunding my shipping, giving me a discount, AND delaying the shipment until I get back from my trip. I told her they were being highly recommended by the Medifast community and that I would let you guys know about my experience. So....order up!..

Comment #20

Same experience as MandyWho. I messed up my order, they fixed it and apologized for the late shipment. Even a sense of humor after my drama about "I'll die (starve) if I don't have my drops" just kidding happy if they arrive before Christmas...

Comment #21

I just got my sampler a few of days ago. I ordered Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon Danish Swirl, Marshmallow, Klua & Cream, Eggnog and Dulce de Leche. I actually put the Cinnamon Danish in my coffee this morning and it was awesome! I'm going to put Eggnog in my next cup of coffee, because I too am pining away for a Starbuck's Eggnog Latte. I tried the Marshmallow in the hot cocoa, pretty good but could have been stronger. I put Dulce de Leche in a banana shake, good but again not strong enough. And the Klua & Cream in chocolate pudding, very good.

Good stuff though!..

Comment #22

I just got my drops!!! They smell fantastic. I got the marshmallow, eggnog, cin danish swirl, snickerdoodle, hazelnut, and dolce de luce. I love each of them, but life, everyone else, am using several drops to taste it in the mix. So far, my fav is the cin danish swirl...

Comment #23

I just got my drops!!! They smell fantastic. I got the marshmallow, eggnog, cin danish swirl, snickerdoodle, hazelnut, and dolce de luce. I love each of them, but like, everyone else, am using several drops to taste it in the mix. So far, my fav is the cin danish swirl...

Comment #24

Sheesh, I couldn't be left out! I just ordered my too! Thanks for the tip!..

Comment #25

I'll let you guys know how Pumpkin Pie is once I get it - they have to make up the drops as a custom flavor, so it's taking a bit longer.

I really like the Banana Nut - tastes great in chocolate pudding or shake or in MBS oatmeal. In fact, I like their other nut flavors (Toasted Almond and Hawaiian Coconut) so much I told them that if they made a good Peanut Butter flavor that it would be a big seller. And they said they'll try formulating one - because it isn't a flavor they already sell as flavored coffee, like the Pumpkin Pie!.

They also explained that the raspberry and blueberry flavors aren't as strong as some of the others because these were meant to go in coffee. That explains why I have to shake out quite a few more drops of them to make my vanilla shake taste like berries 'n cream, but it does work!..

Comment #26


Thank you so much for the link for the drops! I just ordered a sample pack as well:Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Vanilla Almond, Cinnamon Danish Swirl, Double Chocolate, Snickerdoodle and Marshmallow. Thanks to everyone for their input on these - I can't wait to try them!.


Comment #27

I am loving 4 drops in my hot cocoa. Amazing. So far, my favorite is the rasberry and the marshmallow is the one that tastes weakest so i'm going to try 5 drops next time.

I even tried egg nog in a strawberry shake. that was ok but I can't wait to try it in a vanilla shake...

Comment #28

Great to know. I ordered these today. Six flavors.... Coconut, Egg Nog, Double Chocolate, Strawberry Cheesecake, Toasted Almond, Pralines & Cream and then also had them make the Pumpkin Pie, which I guess I won't get for a while. But anyone else who tried these flavors I would love to hear and how you used them...

Comment #29

I made a killer egg nog frappuccinio - the egg nog drops, a vanilla shake, leftover cold coffee and ice all blended together. You might want to add some extra splenda but it was plenty sweet for me without it...

Comment #30

Thanks for the link. I just ordered the 6 pk sample. How can you go wrong. I will keep you posted...

Comment #31

I tried the chocolate macadamia flavor drops in my chocolate shake today... very, very good. I like the pralines and cream in my coffee. I don't like the marshmallow or dolce de leche very much though. I usually end up using twice the recommended amount...

Comment #32

I think they're better because they don't have sweetener. But if you're talking about flavor intensity, that's a close one. I just end up using more flavor drops to get it as strong as I want (e.g. 15 drops of eggnog in the vanilla shake!)..

Comment #33

I think that the drops are great and strong, but I like to also combine with the Davinci. With the eggnog I love making a shake with both. I think for me the great thing about the drops is the mini bottles that can go in my purse to work and out with friends, etc. And they have no sweetener if we are worried about all the Splenda...

Comment #34

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