Medifast Movie-nite recipes!?

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Does anyone have recipes or ideas for food to eat (dinner or allowable snacks,) for a movie night??.

Friday night is movie night, and used to be accompanied by pizza, loads of diet coke, buttered popcorn, and candy!.

I'd like to stay in my 5-n-1 plan, but still eat something that "feels" like a treat tonight. All I really know how to do are oatmeal cookies and traditional, week-day meals. I want something FUN tonight!!.

Any ideas! Help is MUCH appreciated!.


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Have you tried the soy crisps Medifast snacks? I have a similar problem with football on Sunday and the snacks that go with. There definitely not the same as a plate of nachos with dip but the do satisfy the need to sit and snack. While my family is having the nachos and pizza bagel bites, I have the soy crisps with a bottle of water or diet coke. I'm pretty sure we are allowed one Medifast snack a day...

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You can try cutting celery into small bite size pieces and dabbing a little peanut butter on each, or put your tbs. of peanut butter in a little dish and dip celery into it...for crunch factor. Same with your pickle spears, cut in small pieces. For something sweet there was a post about warm Medifast bars and let me tell you I'm eating a warm chocolate one as I type and it's GREAT! Have a fun movie night!..

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Thanks guys!.

I have the soy crisps for a sub for popcorn, they are fantastic!!.

I have also tried the warmed up bars... yummy (esp. carmel nut)!! Great ideas for snacks and treats!!.

Anyone have an idea for a fun meal/dinner?? (I think resisting the pizza will be the hardest part, so I'm really looking around hard for something that feels guilty like that. I am sick of chicken breast this week!! haha!).

Thanks again guys, great ideas!..

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As an aside: I can't have mushrooms (allergic) so portabello pizzas are out for me..

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I used thinly sliced summer squash for the base and made pizza (I don't do mushrooms either). If you want the recipe I'll send it..

I also read something the other day and experimented with onion rings. Took the onion from my "green" portion, left it in rings, separated them and put in a baggie with two tsp. egg beaters (subtracted from my lean). Crushed a few soy crisps (part of my snack) in another baggie. Squish the egg beaters around until the onions are coated, then put the onion rings in the baggie with the crushed soy crisps. Shake until coated, place on a sprayed and lined baking dish, bake at 350 for 10-20 minutes (depending on how thick your rings were sliced) and you have onion rings..

And they were good..

And absolutely no cheating whatsoever! We do 4 drinks and one bar everyday so we have a few extra calories/carbs. to play with and still stay within the guidelines - you'd have to look at it carefully..

Also - you could make taco salad?..

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I forgot to add that you can turn your snack of chicken broth into egg drop soup with very little effort... if that sounds like a good idea let me know and I'll post it...

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I'm thinking that egg drop soup sounds awesome. Please do post it!.


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Thanks guys! These recipes got me through Movie night without cheating, and without regret!!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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