Medifast Month 3: Results

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So I have been on Medifast now for 3 months as of today. I have lost 47.6 lbs so far! I feel amazing and I am fitting into clothes that I haven't worn in years. I love Medifast!!.

I don't have a very good before picture, but here is my 3 month progress:.

Before @ 310 lbs:.

After@ 262.4 lbs:..

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Great pics!! Thanks so much for sharing them. You look fabulous!!..

Comment #1

Thanks! When I started I wore a size 7 Lane Bryant Right Fit Blue and these are a size 4 Lane Bryant Right Fit Blue. (I think that is equivalent to 26 to 22 or 20).

And my jacket fits better than the day I bought it! Crap, I have a way better before picture, taken in the same jacket when I couldn't button it. LOL. I have to dig that up now...

Comment #2

You are doing so well, Cody Jo! Your happiness just shines through those beautiful eyes!..

Comment #3

You were beautiful before, and you're beautiful now. Now though, you look more confident!.

Way to go CodyJo!..

Comment #4

Here we go! This is a much better before & after...

Comment #5

Wow! You are looking fabulous!!! Congratulations on your success! You are an inspiration to me as I fight my way through the 300s & looking forward to "Twoderville" ) All the best to you - Marg..

Comment #6

You look much younger in the 2nd picture. amazing!.

Looove the jacket...

Comment #7

Holy crap - is that the same jacket in the second pic???.

You're just glowing!!! Great job!..

Comment #8

You look amazing and your skin is just glowing! Thanks again for all of your delicious recipies They are making the plan so much easier for me. Keep up the great work - you are a wonderful inspiration!..

Comment #9

WOW, you look amazing. Congrats - your hard work is paying off!!..

Comment #10

Your face is slimmer and look at that waist gurlie. Great job!!!.

Smooches, April..

Comment #11

Thanks everyone! It is the same jacket!!! It fits better now than the day I bought it...

Comment #12

Thank you for posting this! These results can happen for all of us if we just stay on plan and don't overthink the program.

Here's to our continued success!.

Merry Christmas!..

Comment #13

You look great, keep up the good work! I cant wait till I can post pictures like these!..

Comment #14 look MARVELOUS.......what a beautiful person before and after....keep up the great work...Tina..

Comment #15

Wow, tyou looking amazing!! And congrats on your hard work so far!!!!..

Comment #16


Comment #17

Pretty soon your jacket will be too big Better wear it a lot to get your moneys worth.

Your doing great, keep it up!!..

Comment #18

COdy you are amazing and a true inspiration! Keep up the good work girlie!..

Comment #19

Wow! You are looking great! What a difference in just a few months, huh?..

Comment #20

CodyJo Your face looks totally different! You inspire me to keep going. I can't wait to see what 3 months can do!..

Comment #21

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