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Just started Medifast yesterday. Finding the foods are pretty good. But I just wondered if anyone had any tips for mixing the shakes, soups, etc. When I am at home, I can use a blender. But at work, just have the Medifast shaker cup. Not the most effective. Any suggestions?..

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I use my empty water bottles (12oz size) and mix up the shakes in those. (Use a funnel to get the shake mix and 8 oz of ice cold water into the bottle.) Then keep them in a cool chest until I need to drink one. They are disposable and easy to carry around. Plus really quick. You can grab one and be finished in seconds. This has helped me to not cheat many times..

The muffin recipes are a life saver too. Those and a cup of coffee work great for a meal away from home...

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If I premix them at home, how long will the shakes last in the fridge before I use them? Any issues with breakdown, etc?.

I am swamped at work, so anything to make it easier to accomodate the extra meals.........

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I do them in the morning and then just give them a good shake before I eat them. Some will separate more than other but just give them a good shake. I personally only do the chocolate ones...

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I mix mine in the blender in the morning with three or four ice cubes and put them in little containers and shake them before you drink them to mix them back up. The shakes seem to get a little thicker when they sit so I just make sure to add extra ice than I normally use. I also mix up the soups and hot drinks with a stick blender and pack them so all I have to do it pop them in the microwave when I am ready. I cook the Chili and chicken noodle and chicken with rice on the stove top in the morning while mixing my other meals and them pack them. This makes the food softer and better rehydrated and then same thing I just have to reheat when ready. It has really worked out good for me to not have to mix anything at work.

Good luck and hope this helps...

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Try going to HSN. They have a little Joy Mangano battery operated mixer (really cheap too like under $7.00 including shipping). I have one in the office and use it for everything...

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Thanks for the advice! It will make it alot easier to prepare at home then just shake or reheat. I will look for the mini mixer to help also...

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I bought two of the Joy Mangano mixers at One for home and office. For 5 bucks it really is an awesome little tool...

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