Medifast Mini Blender?

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I have hesitated to bring the shakes to my office because I don't have a blender there. I didn't really want to buy one and start massive blending at work. So I found something adorable and perfect on HSN. A mini blender that is battery operated, with multiple attachments and a cup that measures ounces. If anyone is interested it's on sale for only I think $5.39 and .98 shipping. I bought two of them one for house and one for office.

I am going to use them for the shakes and soups when I can't use a blender. It's item #814-804 and it's made by Joy Mangano. HSN.COM.....

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OMG...that is the cutest little mixer I ever did see...they are sold out...bummm, but I will keep checking back to get one as soon as they are available..Thanks for the tip and do let us know how it works out for you. Happy mixing!..

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Oh guys I am so sorry that blender is sold out. I checked last night before I posted because I didn't want that to happen. Sigh...

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Um, guys? I just went and ordered two of these little guys. Didn't get any "sold out" notice. What a price for these cute mixers! And I think that shipping price (0.98!!!) is even more amazing. I think these will be just perfect for the soups and pudding. Thanks so much for the heads up.

I am totally going to have to stop buying this stuff, though. I have multiple shaker jars, six "blender ball" jars in two sizes, a battery operated personal blender (didn't work very well), and an electric Hamilton Beach personal blender. I think two of these little mixers should finish off the collection, don't you?..

Comment #3

Yeah I just checked again at HSN and they don't seem to be sold out. I have a ton of the shaker jars, including the ones with the little balls, etc. But I can't drink the shakes until they are really well blended so this little mini mixer really helps. Plus I can't stand the little balls of gunk in the cream soups and hot drinks so this helps a lot. Hope you guys can get one for the price it's a steal...

Comment #4

I bought 2 of the shaker jars with the little whisk type ball in it......they work great!.

They also work when you put a carbonated drink in doesn't explode!!!!!.

Bought those from HSN also...

Comment #5

I just ordered one and it looks like it went through!'.

Thanks so much for posting this! I'm leaving in two weeks for a trip to Canada with girlfriends and couldn't figure out how to make my morning shakes with ice at the hotels. This should do the job. I LOVE THIS many great ideas!.

Crazy Connie..

Comment #6

I got a portable blender from walmart and it does make a BIG difference with most of the shakes and what not... it should almost be part of the package!!..

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I don't know that the little mini blender could handle actual ice cubes, but I always use crushed ice in my shakes to start with. Makes it a lot easier and my ice maker spits out crushed ice...

Comment #8

What a steal! thanks so much for the post...

Comment #9

Just an update...I got the mini-blenders from HSN and I have to say that they have SO much power for being so small. They are perfect for the cream soups, capuccinos, chai lattes and hot cocoa to get rid of the lumps and make the hot drinks smooth and frothy, which you can't do with THE SHAKER JARS. Really worth the small investment...

Comment #10

Bette....I could not find it on the HSN website. I tried the number 814-804 and Joy Mangano's name....nothing! Any other suggestions?.


Pat in So. Cal...

Comment #11

Here is the link for the Mini Mixer. Just copy and paste on your browser...


Comment #12

I just can't stand it! I think these will make such terrific little gifts, I went and ordered two more. I am mixer rich! Thank you again, BettinaV, for bringing these to our attention...

Comment #13

What a deal!!!!.

Thank you for the link! I ordered two, one for home and the other for work!.

Hmmmm...think I'll log back on and get some more!.

Again, thank you!..

Comment #14

Thanks NellAK!!!!! I bought 4...3 for Christmas gifts for the "kids".

Pat in So.Cal...

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