Medifast Maple Syrup Recommendations??

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Years ago I tried a couple of sugar free maple syrups and thought they were hideous. I realize sugar free products have gotten way better in the past few years so I'd like to try again with the maple syrup (so I can have it on that pancakce-y recipe).

Does anyone have a favorite they would recommend?..

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Carey's Sugar Free (yellow label) - I've found it sometimes in the diabetic aisle. It's the only one I can stand!..

Comment #1

I totally agree. I'd much rather have "light" because it tastes so much better, but of all the sf syrups I've tried, Carey's is the best...

Comment #2

I like the Walden Farms version. Haven't found any in the supermarket I like as well...

Comment #3

I just ordered the Da Vinci pancake syrup. I used to use Log Cabin and it is great but it is loaded with carbs. I'll let you know about the da vinci...

Comment #4

I think the Smucker's Sugar Free Breakfast Syrup is pretty good. The serving size is generous as I would never use 1/4 cup on the little pancakes I make. So the 20 calories are greatly reduced when you only use 2 Tablespoons at most (10 calories, 4 carbs). Again, I don't use the Medifast bars so I have a few extra carbs to spend a day. Others might not. The syrup can also be found in any store.

I will have to try out the Carey's in the future...

Comment #5

Do they sell Carey's at Walmart or Food Lion?..

Comment #6

I like the Walden Farms SF pancake syrup the best so far...

Comment #7

Here are the stats on Cary's Sugar Free Syrup (2 oz.: 35 calories, 0g fat, 135mg sodium, 9g carbs).



Comment #8

I love the walden farms syrup. The serving size is a whole 1/4 cup zero sugar, zero carbs, zero fat! And it tastes good! Yesterday, I made a pancake with one packet of Medifast oatmeal and 1/4 cup of egg beaters and some cinnamon (got the recipe from someone on these boards) and used the syrup on it it was to die for!!..

Comment #9

Another vote for the Walden Farms. Try their Blueberry and Strawberry syrups too!..

Comment #10

Yep, have to go with the Walden Farms. I use the maple syrup on my maple oatmeal with cinnamon and splenda. Makes it worth getting up in the morning. :-) It's REALLY good!.


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