Medifast makes me feel warm?

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This is Day #2 for me. Not sure why, but I am feeling warm today. I'm not sick but I feel as though I have a slight fever.

What could it be and has anyone else experienced this?.

Smooches, April..

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@Freya, Jealous about you losing all that weight YES!!!..

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You've come to the right place - you'll catch me soon enough!.

I had an attack of the chills last night. It was so bad I went to bed with heaters at full blast, wearing fuzzy socks, pajamas, a giant fleece robe, and FUZZY GLOVES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD WHO DOES THAT????!??!!!??! *giggle* Right now I'm wearing 2 pairs of tights, a sweater dress, a long-sleeved sweater, and a scarf. And it's 72 degrees in our office..

Soon enough, you'll remember the warm flash with nostalgia and regret.....

Comment #2

Oh, and as to your question, I dunno. A withdrawal symptom? It's common to get flu-like symptoms with carb withdrawal. It could just be that. I'd say keep an eye on it, and if you don't feel better in a couple days check with your doc...

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April on about day 3, I felt like I had the flu..sort of. I just felt achy all over and like I had a fever. I took my temp and it was actually a little lower than 98.6. Not by much, but still. I also felt very odd mentally..well after going into chat, I got lots of good go get some pickles or chick broth to get a little salt and to cut back on exercise. I hadn't read that part of the program yet.

Ate a couple spears a day for about 3 days and haven't done it since. I think it's all about your body adjusting IMO...

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I remember similar feelings like I was not well the first few days or so, too. I remember for the first couple of weeks feeling absent-minded and a little mentally adrift. It will pass...

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I felt hot too, for about the first 3 days...everyone said I'd be COLD, but I was HOT. It wore off...

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Depending on the circumstance, if the warmth is sudden and I'm feeling headachey or jittery, that's a sign of low blood sugar (I think) and it's usually a signal for me that I didn't eat on time and should get right on that...

Comment #7

Thanks Leesa, That does makes a lot of sense, that makes me feels a lil better..

Smooches, April..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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