Medifast Lumps in pudding?

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Please help! No matter how much I whisk or mash I can't get the lumps out of my pudding...

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I eat it lumpy but I imagine that you'll get less lumps if you put it in the blender...

Comment #1

I whip the heck out of it w/a fork and I always let it sit in the fridge for a few hrs. I've never had a problem with lumps...

Comment #2

I use a TINY whisk and the lumps come right out. Whip vigorously for about 45 seconds. The trick is to use the smallest whisk you can find. Mine is about 4 inches long...

Comment #3

Really cold water and a fork - stir briskly for a minimum of 30 seconds. This has solved my "lumpy" problem...

Comment #4

It takes what seems like forever to mix, but when I make the pudding, I put the water into the cup first and start stirring. Then I add only a very small amount of the powder in and keep mixing until it is no longer lumpy. If there are any stubborn lumps, I smash them on the side of the cup before adding any more powder. I have found if you dump the entire packet of powder in at once OR if you put the powder in the cup first, no matter what, it will be one big bowl of lumps! I also use a fork when I am mixing this as it acts more like a wisk. The shaker jar that comes with the Medifast is the perfect size for mixing the pudding too!.

Good luck!!!.

Mary E...

Comment #5

I've been looking everywhere for a tiny whisk. I have 3 now because each time I find one smaller than what I have, I buy it. I haven't found one small enough yet though...

Comment #6

Cold, cold, cold water... and then whisk like there's no tomorrow!.

I put several ice cubes in a cup, then pour about 3/4 cup of water over them. I stir them for a few minutes, then when it gets really cold I measure out 1/2 cup. I pour that in a deep bowl, add the pudding mix, and whisk with my regular whisk rapidly.

When I get lazy and don't chill the water extra - lumps again. You'd think I'd learn!..

Comment #7

I use 1/2 c to 3/4 c of very cold water, throw it in the shaker jar, Works everytime! ~Shannon~..

Comment #8

I think very, very, very cold water is the trick...I put lots of water bottles in the freezer until they have just a little bit of ice in them but they are still water...then I put them in my fridge...they are for drinking but I also use them for my pudding and I use a fork to stir them with and I never have any problems with lumps....good luck!..

Comment #9

When it is really hot in the summer, I keep my pudding envelopes in the refrig. That seemed to cut down on the lumps, though I am not sure why..


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