Medifast lifestyle is so simple!

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It does you know..

When I joined Medifast back in August of 2007, and Veteran MFer (Janie to most of us) coined this phrase:.

MF is simple, but it is not always easy..

I'm not sure I got it right away..

It took me awhile to truly understand the implications, but w w was she ever right..

The simplicity of Medifast is what I think makes it sheer genius..

Where the 'not always easy' part comes in........................well we see that played out and typed out every day here in Medifast Land, huh?.

One thing I've noticed about the simplicity thing;.

Since being a part of a whole new lifestyle and lifeplan, I have found myself simplifying 'every' aspect of my life..

One thing caught my attention this Christmas Season.

I'm using lots of those 'bags' instead of buying wrapping paper and using boxes this year..

Those bags are super simple, and can be re used over and over. Not only simple, but economical. Another benefit of the Medifast Lifestyle, I suppose..

Anyone else finding that they are simplifying things in their lives, besides just where their Food Plan is concerned?..

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I am simplifying my life by buying cookies that one of my colleagues made. Support her business, no fresh baked sludge in my house, happy family members....

Win, win, win!..

Comment #1

Yep...I did not do massive amts of baking this year as I usually do...Bought Panera holiday bread and made individual batches of fudge and as soon as it cooled, I immediately cut up the fudge, packaged it up with the packaged bread and ran for the hills...

JK...I Packed it all up with bow and delivered them...I was not tempted...Then I made cookies last night and did sample some...I stopped though and I realized, although I did have a few bites...I stopped, which was WAY better than I would have done w/o Medifast this year! 62 pounds down and more to come for me!..

Comment #2

Hadn't heard the "MF is simple, but it is not always easy." True, I love how simple it iseven when I'm traveling. True again, it's not always easy! All good, though, happy to be on the start of the journey and to be on it with so many good people working towards the same end...

Comment #3

Yes, I would say it's an easy "diet" to follow, but hard is the food temptations out there, but whgen I was op for 6 months I did great until well life hit me then, but ill be back full force Monday!!..

Comment #4

Well I wouldnt call it a diet "more of a healthier life style change in teaching us how to learn portions and control our eating habits" at least for me..

Comment #5

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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