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Unfortunately we cannot afford Medifast anymore. I have about a weeks worth of food left and plan on stretching it out. I'm going to be incorporating more L&G into my diet and still try to stay in the parameters for nutritional values. Luckily I don't have a lot more weight to lose or else this may have been harder on me. I'm going to switch over to WW as well. I plan on sticking with what I know and have learned.

I just wanted to let you all know and not just disappear...

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Best of luck to you! There are many paths to success, and it sounds like you have learned a lot from your time on the Medifast path. You can do it!.

Also, Weight Watchers recently changed and now is 'rewarding' (if you will) or encouraging eating higher-protein, lower carb with the way their new PointsPlus are formulated. So your timing is good there!!..

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You've done great! Keep up the good work! We are always here for you!..

Comment #2

OH NO!! Gabby!! At least you have plan. And you can always continue to post here for support too. You will do great, I'm sure. Good luck and don't leave the boards just cuz you are switching your plan.

PS. have you looked at ebay or craigslist? Sometimes you can get pretty good deals on MF...

Comment #3

Good luck to you! I think it must be a hard time of year for lots of people to justify the money for MF.

Watch your carbs and do great!..

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I hope you do a modified transition plan to ease yourself off of 5&1 and into WW. Best of success to you no matter what you do...

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I don't recommend dropping all of medifast cold turkey. I did that a few months ago and it totally messed up my body.. no period for two months! I just didn't feel right. I would wean myself (if you can. Even if it means buying a box or two of one thing you like..).. I think that is a big part of transition..

Cold turkey wasn't fun!! Good luck to you!! You worked so hard to this point..we all know you can do it!..

Comment #6

I loved seeing your posts and thoughts on the board so please stay here if it helps you! We want to support you any way we can no matter what you're consuming.

I'm a big fan of WW so I wish you tons of success there. If you learn anything new please share it with us..

Good luck and happy holidays!..

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I am reading "Dr. A's Habits of Health" and am really enjoying it. He is on the medical staff for Medifast and is co-founder of Take Shape for Life. I haven't gotten to the eating part of the book yet, but glancing ahead...although he promotes Medifast, he does have an eating plan spelled out that follows the same principles. You might check into it. I bought it at and the reviews for it were great.

Good luck!..

Comment #8

Im sorry try to come back. glad you are keeping carbs down. Maybe you can come back..

Comment #9

Good luck to you. I just heard that weight watchers has switched to a new point system that emphasizes protein over carbs. Good reviews so far from two people.

I hope that you successfully continue your journey and that your finances get better.

Take care...

Comment #10

Gabby, I wish you the best. You have done very well here and I'm sure you will do well on ww as well..

Lisa :..

Comment #11

Gabby, please stay on the boards, or at least stop by and say hi occassionally..

Comment #12

May the force be with you! Seriously, you will be missed. I wish you all the best, I know how hard it must be to stop something that is working. I'm a veteran WW. It's a great program if you work it. Like Medifast it doesn't just happen. You are thinking ahead , and will do well.

Take care,.


Comment #13

Thank you everyone. I think I'm going to stick around a bit. I'm definitely going to watch your progress. I really appreciate everything that this community has done for me...

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