Medifast Incomplete Packets?

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Okay at first I thought I was imagining this but now that I've been doing this for a few months I have definitely found that sometimes packets are not quite full or missing parts of the mix. I've had a couple of soups and a chili that had the stuff but not the flavoring and I've also had some shakes and drinks that were a little sparse. Is this a common finding for others? I'm a little frustrated, especially on days when that little sparse packet is all I've got left with me! Not to mention the cost! Has anyone taken this up with customer service?..

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This was recently posted by someone and Nutrition Support asked them to note the lot number and any other details, and send it in. Seems to be a recurring theme lately!!!..

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The packets are filled by semi-automation, which means people set up the machines and do a lot of it manually. There is a picture of the production line in their shareholder's annual report. It means someone screwed up you can send them back for replacements...

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Has anyone noticed this with their chi latte? The first one I ever drank sent me into taste- bud heaven with the nutmeg and cinnamon but the second one seemed to have nothing except pepper in it and was very nasty. Is this common?..

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See Harvardx's thread on Product Quality on The Off-Topic Board 2-14-07. Her post on page 4 of that thread gives a phone number to call. Cust. Ser. will replace the offending packets, thanks to her efforts...

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I had a similar problem with the chicken and wild rice soup. Less product different taste. I posted on the board and was told to contact medifast. I did and gave them the code numbers on the packs. They contacted me and replaced them. The replacements are back to the usual product.

I was very impressed with the service. Nice to know they back up their product..

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I had only about half of the powder in a vanilla shake packet once, but only that one time. I will note the lot #s next time...

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I had a whole box of noodleless chicken noodle soup I just laughed it off, but I am glad to know who to contact if it happens again...

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I just sent an email to customer service with the order number and the product that was missing stuff and they offered to either replace it or just give me a code for a coupon on a future order. It did not take them long to respond either. I have been just spastic that they do respond as quickly as they do to emails and phone messages. I wish all companies had the same dedication to customer service...

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Yeah, I've noticed a real inconsistency in the amount of food the packets containespecially with the pudding. I have learned that I can't just put the 4 ozs of water in there because sometimes now it comes out totally watery because there's not enough pudding mix. But then last night I made cookies with vanilla pudding and there was one whole cookie extra that came out of the same recipe I've used a million times...

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That must be what happened to my first order with the oatmeal. OMG it tasted like paste but I doctored it enough to get through 4 boxes. This order both the MBS and AC oatmeal actually have flavor.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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