Medifast Ideas to make the Chicken Noodle Soup taste better!!?

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So I am on my second day of Medifast and I received the chicken noodle soup and tomato soup. I've doctored the tomato soup with some 'basil ice cubes" I mades ages ago. But I can hardly get the chicken noodle soup down. Does anyone have ideas to make it taste better?.


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Well I use a lemon dill seasonal and some salt and pepper and I think it tastes great. The key to the chunkier soups is to let them sit until the chicken and noodles or veggies get softer.. Also all the food will taste better in a few days. Good luck...

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I add a little salt, let it soak/steam after nuking and I can eat it OK. But the banana flavored stuff is another story.......yuck!!..

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I add black pepper and a probably 1/2 teaspoon of bullion. I love this soup. I eat it everyday for lunch. Kathieh1 is right. You have to let them sit and absorb before eating them. I mix it up and nuke it. Then let it sit for about an hour before eating it...

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I add some salt, pepper and lemon garlic seasoning. I cook it on the stovetop in the morning then put it in the fridge and nuke it for lunch. It tastes so much better to my twice cooked...

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I haven't tried the chicken noodle yet, but these days I start soaking the chicken-rice soup the night before. Makes it very thick and everything's soft, not crunchy...

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I add one chicken boulion cube to mine and extra water. Letting it set is the key, try making it in the morning and then heating it back up for lunch. I actually never liked chicken noodle soup but I love Medifast chicken noodle. For the beef stew I add the beef boulion and do it the same way. Very good!!!!..

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I add a boullion cube, extra water, some poultry seasoning and some fresh groung black pepper... When I feel extra hungry, I sautee some diced celery and a tsp of diced onion in PAM spray and toss that in as well....making sure to deduct from my green for the day. If I make soup as my dinner, I generally add my lean and chop up the chicken as well (I pre-cook it on the George Forman with a little poultry seasoning.) This makes the soup as close to real chicken soup as possible, though I do miss the carrots!.

I've also found that cooking this on the stove instead of the microwave...on a low heat is the best way to make this.

Hope this helps!!..

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I use the bouillon also. I also add about 1 ounce of chicken. I can never eat the 7 oz allowed for the lean and green so I put an ounce in the soup. I do the same with the beef soups and stew. I just keep one ounce out and add to the soup. I always mix it up the night before and let it set in the fridge before microwaving it the next day.

Good luck to you......

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I use chicken stock the low fat low soium to make it...way better..

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Wow those are all great ideas, thank you very much...

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I add a little Mrs Dash or some garlic powder depending on my mood. I found that since I have been on Medifast a while, I can have it without seasoning sometimes also...

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I add lemon pepper and some hot sauce (red hot).....

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Chicken noodle is one of my favorites. I also cook mine on the stove and then reheat at work. I add a bouilon, pepper and whatever other spice happens to hit my fancy that day!! Add a little extra water too...

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For me, pepper, Italian seasoning and cooking it on the stove make a huge difference...

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I found some rosemary and garlic seasoning and I sprinkle that on it before I microwave it - really good. It's one of my favorite Medifast supplements...

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I make mine into Thai curry soup with a Tbsp of Coconut syrup, curry powder, cayenne, and 1 Tbsp ff half&half. I pre-mix all this and then let it sit in the refrigerator for hours (like overnight). It's really good and pretty filling ..takes a long time to eat it...

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