Medifast Ideas for the Minestrone soup??

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Are there any ideas to jazz up the Minestrone soup? It's a bit, um, blah. Thanks!..

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Hi I love the minestrone, but it does need help. Here are some ideas:.

Mrs. Dash's tomato-basil-garlic seasoning.

Garlic powder.

Dried minced onions.

Italian seasoning mix.

Better Than buillon beef base (I use this in all the soups in all the different flavors)..

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Regarding the Better than Bullion: I've got that in just about every flavor. The stuff is wonderful and adds almost nothing by the tsp..

And it is just what it says it is: better than bullion..

Here's an idea for L&G using the BtB: while green beens are heating up in the microwave or steamer, tenderize a bit of onion/garlic in some water in a skillet. After they're tender, add 1 tsp of BtB and about 1 or 2 tsp Worcestershire to the onion/pepper mix. After the beans are hot, either pour the mix into the beans or the beans into the mix and stir it up very well. If you're having chicken instead of beef, use chicken BtB & a little dijon mustard...

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I agree on the Better Than Buillon. I am never without it in all the flavors. With .5 gr. carbs and 5 calories per tsp. it sure is worth it...

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Im eatting it right now...all I can say is what every you do DONT add true lime to trying hard to get it down now. Its just as bad as the chili. Im thinking of putting ketchup in it just to make the rest go down easy...on a brighter had pasta in it....mmmm I didnt know I missed pasta. lol.


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The big trick to the minestrone and the chili is to make it way ahead of time so everything gets soft. I most often use Bettina's "recipe" w/1 tsp of parmesan cheese on top..

I have made a "Maryland Crab Soup" with the Minestrone using a little Better Than Bouillion Beef or Tomato base and a little Old Bay Seasoning. (Old Bay has a unique flavor that is loved in the mid-atlantic is somewhat strong so start with a little bit until you find the amount right for your tastes). Sometimes I add a package of the Chicken of the Sea Premium (Lump) Crab (contents = 2.5 oz crab) if I can afford to split my Lean that day...

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Okay...this may sound a little wierd, but this is what I did with it last night. ( I can't stand the minestrone and I have like 3 boxes to go - gag).

First I used my food proccessor to grind up the dry minestrone mix as much as I could. Then I mixed in a couple Tablespoons of shredded hard cheese like parmesean or ramono or asiago, then chili powder, basil and garlic powder to taste. I coated a chicken breast with this mix then cooked in a covered skillet on the stove for about 10 mins on each side. I cooked it in a couple Tablespoons of butter, but you could probably use boullion just as easily.

After cooking, de-glaze the pan with boullion to give yourself a nice dipping sauce..

The "crust" blackened quite a bit, but was still flavorful and much better than eating the soup. Also, the chicken came out really tender and full of flavor.

I saved my "green" portion to eat later so I didn't get too many Medifast meals in..

I used the butter because my Doc said I needed higher fat content and calories because of my insullin resistance, but I am sure you could do the same thing with any liquid that would soften the ground beans and pasta a little..

Good luck and let me know if anyone tries it with other variations!!..

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I actually really do like he minestrone. Just made some. And yes it is best if you can either cook it on the stovetop or let it sit for a while. I bought this great seasoning from Instant Gourmet that is their rustic italian version. It's AWESOME and has little pieces of sun-dried tomatoes in it. I just cook it up with the seasonings, let it get soft and yeah a little dash of parmesan and delish. (Do NOT forget the Better Than Buillon however..

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This is the recipe I came up with...I am actually in the minority and enjoy the.

Minestrone soup!.

7 packets of Minestrone soup.

7 packets of Robust Tomato fast soups.

5 cups of Organic beef broth.

3 cups water.

14.5 oz can of cut green beans-drained.

Dried Italian seasoning.

Freshly ground pepper and a shake of salt.

I put all the ingredients in a crock pot,- whisked to break down powder, turned.

Up to High for 2 hrs, then dropped down to low for 2 more hours until the.

Soup has thickened. Split it into 7 equal servings..

Just remember to avoid your snack that day, and also to remove a very.

Small portion of your green to make up for the green beans...

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