Medifast Help with Chicken noodle and Chicken Rice?

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Okay, I ordered both the chicken noodle and chicken rice because of all of the raves they were getting on the boards. I had the rice yesterday and the noodle today. I am not happy with either of them. I added bulion to both. How do you get the chicken not to has the texture of freeze dried? I only have access to Hot water and a microwave...

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I love the chicken wild rice. I add chicken seasoning a bit of chicken bullion and lots of cracked black pepper. Mix it up about 30 minutes before I eat lunch, cover loosely and microwave for 3 minutes, then let sit till I am ready to eat, zap it for about 30 seconds and not a crunchy or rubbery bite. Havent tried the chicken noodle yet though...

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I always mix them well...then I nuk all the soups 2-3 minutes...then I let them stand with plastic wrap over the top for about an hour...then I nuk it again for about a minutes. The setting up really allows the noodles to plump and meat texture to soften...I really like these soups...smells really good...yummy!.

Of course you can add any flavors you want...but, I like them just the way they are....



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With both of those soups (and the chili too), you really need to "soak" it for a while before. I would let is soak at least 30 minutes before heating it but I usually let it sit for about 2 hours. When I am preparing the Medifast meal prior to the "soup" meal, I put water in the soup and let it sit. I know some people prepare it in the morning and stick it in the fridge..

For the chicken noodle, I've found that a little salt and pepper is all I need. It's one of my favorites...

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I wasn't really happy with several of the soups, but then I discovered that I wasn't letting them sit long enough after I microwaved them. Follow the directions regarding the microwave, then let the soup sit with a lid AT LEAST 5 minutes, and 10 is better. It makes a world of difference...

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I make mine in the morning, then put in a thermos for lunch.....after sitting for awhile it is really good! I also add a little mrs dash I think the chicken noodle is my favorite of the soups!..

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My advice, add the water then leave it to soak in the fridge for a few hours, then heat for a minute or so before you eat it. I have switched from adding bouillion to just adding garlic salt and pepper. I like curry in the chicken and rice sometimes for variety...

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I usually add the water a few hours ahead of time and just let it soak, then I nuke it and let it set for another 30 minutes and warm it up again for 1 min. Quite a bit of work but it helps get it down and thats all I need to do..

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Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the assistance! I will try letting it soak for a few hours then zap it...

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I add extra water (at least 4oz extra) to all the shakes, soups, and oatmeal. Makes them taste better and last longer. As for the rice soup, I add creole seasoning and crushed red pepper, gives it a much better flavor, don't be afraid to add seasonings and flavors! Be creative! Lemon, cilantro, garlic and onion power make the cream of chicken soup much more bearable also!..

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These are the only two soups that I eat and the key is to follow the directions to the letter.

I make them in the round bigger but not huge gladware containers because anything smaller and they boil over all over the microwave..

Here, I give you easy to follow steps..

1. measure out one cup of water and dump into container.

2. open package and dump into container.

3. mix with spoon.

4. microwave uncovered for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

5. mix with spoon and let sit uncovered for 1 full minute.

6. microwave uncovered for 1 full minute.

7. mix with spoon and cover container. let sit for 4 minutes.

8. remove cover and let sit for at least 3 more minutes...

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Dare I show my cajun blood, try a heeping spoon of chopped shallots and Mrs Dash before cooking. Bam!..

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I agree with everyone else regarding the longer these soups are allowed to soak, the better they rehydrate..

I only post, because I have finally figured out the secret to microwaving them without having them boil over..

I have found that with the smaller microwave I bought for work, rated at 700-Watts, that I increase the time to 2 min 45 seconds. With my more powerful, home microwave, rated at 1100-Watts, I use 70% power and microwave for 2 min 40 seconds..

This has fixed my boil-over problem..

By the way, I use a 2-cup pyrex measuring cup for heating all my soups. I've tried cooking the Chicken Noodle soup in the bigger, 4-cup pyrex, but found that on high power, my home microwave still used to boil over. It was very frustrating. Changing the power and cooking time has solved the problem, and I have not had a single boil-over since..

Hope this helps...

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I am currently eating a decent cup of Chicken rice soup. I incorporated everyones ideas. I let it soak, added some chopped green onion and some garlic. Then microwaved at 70% power! Woo Hoo it is soup time! Thanks everyone!..

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Glad to see it's working for you. The only soup that I haven't tried yet is the cream of chicken. It's so much lower in carbs that I'd consider trying it if someone could convince me that there's a way to make it edible. I HATED the cream of broccoli...

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Jessica - I tried the Cream of Chicken for the very same reason - it's lowest in carbs.....

Here's what has been working for me so far -.

Put the water, soup mix, and a shake of granulated chicken bouillion in the small Magic Blender blending cup. I've also added leftover shredded chicken (adding it as part of my Lean) and blended that in it too.

Blend them up until all lumps are gone - doesn't take very long.....

Heat for 1:30, let sit for 1 minute..

Add spices - I use a Red and Black Pepper mix and a little sea salt.

Heat for another 1:30 - 2:00, or until it is hot enough for your taste (I don't like it really really hot, so I let it sit for another 2 or 3 minutes after the second 'nuke'..

The blending in the Magic Bullet really makes the difference for me.....

Good luck! Krista..

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I add Adobo light seasoning and it's awesome. They sell it in the aile where the mexican food is. Its by Goya. A few shakes and you're there. Also, I use a wisk to mix my soup. no clumps...

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Jessica, I agree with Krista. I add some bullion to both of the cream soups and it helps the flavor. Good luck!!..

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Do you folks who like the cream of chicken also like the cream of broccoli? I hated the broccoli one. I placed my order today but maybe I'll order one box of the cream of chicken next time...

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I like the Cream of Chicken. I add garlic salt to it..

I have found nothing that makes the Cream of Broccoli taste good...

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I like the Chicken better than the broccoli. But I add the bullion to both. I know that some people chop up more broccoli to add to it...

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Ok, I just didn't want to order it if the only people who liked it were people also like cream of broccoli...

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I have found a few helpers to add to the soups to make them tastier. To the chicken noodle and chicken wild rice, I add pepper, Mrs. Dash's chicken seasoning and a little chicken boulion (if you add to much boulion, it is really salty). As for the brocolli soup, I add a sprinkle of ranch salad dressing powder and McCormick vegetable seasonings. The minestrone and tomatoe are very tasty if you add Mrs. Dash's tomatoe basil and garlic seasonings. Happy seasonings!..

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Here's my "two cents"...I add Montreal Chicken seasonings in my chicken soups! Salt & pepper of course, also. Stovetop for Chix nooodle & rice soup. Bring to a boil, let sit off heat for about 10 min then reheat if needed..

Pat in So. Ca...

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I love them both....but boy was I shocked when I found these awesome lil goodies at the store yesterday:..

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The secret is letting it sit..

Also, I add Adobo to all the soups and chili. It tastes great...

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I make mine on the stove top in the morning and put it in a thermos to take for lunch at work. That eliminates the freeze dried problem. The texture of the chix and noodles is great when you eat it. I also add pepper and 2T of diced tomatoes to both of the chix soups. I think it makes a big difference...

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