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Has ANYONE tried the Konjac Skirataki Noodles?.

I see a lot about them but don't see any ratings of taste, etc. I just ordered some. Can anyone tell me how they are? Or maybe what your favorite way to cook them, serve them, recipes, etc?.


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I LOVE them..i order House Tofu Shirataki from just cause I didnt wanna roder in bulk from I think theyre great...def more rubbery than normal noodles, a little harder to cut up, but they completely satisfy any craving for pasta...i dunno if i'll go back to wheat pasta evr again considering how small the taste difference is for how big of a health difference...i ordered walden farms marinara and alfredo sauce and make it with grilled chicken and it's awesome, but the noodles with some olive oil and garlic and basil (kinad like linguini al pesto!) is really deliscious ordering a lot more now!..

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I eat house brand fettucini style shirataki noodles. I eat them in stirfry, with pasta sauce, with garlic and oil and seafood - any way you would use any kind of pasta. I'm planning on having them with cottage cheese for dinner tonight...

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I just love Shirataki Noodles! I, too, probably would not go back to eating regular pasta or noodles on a regular basis. I like it with spaghetti sauce, mixed with Eileen's Orange Chicken Recipe (find it in quirkys recipe collection), stir fried, or with salad veggies and 0 carb/low fat italian dressing. It works so well with different foods!..

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I ordered some from the miracle noodle site. I plan to have them with the orange chicken tonight...

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Ok I don't get it. What are they made of? How can you eat them in stir fry- if they are supposed to be the "green" part of the meal- what proportion noodles, what proportion vegies are you using? And furthermore, Walden Farms marinara sauce? How do you count/measure that? This sounds like magic food, i.e. TROUBLE. Do you have cravings? Do you think about it a lot? I am waryLiza..

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They are made of tofu and yam flour. Not sure why they count as the Green when tofu counts as the Lean but hey, nutrition support says so. To eat them in stirfry, just add them in after you've mostly cooked your stirfry meat & veggies & sauce and stir it up. If you're having veggies in your stir fry, you'll want to not use the whole portion of noodles. I usually do 3/4 cup of veggies and 4 oz. of noodles.

I don't eat the walden farms sauce, I eat homemade. However, to log that just set it up as a private food. I believe it would come out of your veggies since tomato counts as a veggie.

I have tons of cravings but eating something legal that tastes like something illegal has not hurt me. It's the stuff that I don't have any substitute for (like bread and potatoes and nachos and burritos and chinese food that isn't plain meat or veggie) that is killing me...

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I just made a lasagna using the miracle noodle Konjac noodles. It wasn't bad but I made a BIG mistake: I didn't cook the noodles. I was thinking that they would absorb the liquid like regular noodles do and they most certainly do not. That being said, the uncooked consistency is rubbery, kind of like biting into a cooked mushroom chunk. There really is no discernable flavor. The lasagna tasted great with a strange consistency thrown in! I took the rest of the pan, divided it up into portions for freezing and leftovers, cut up the lasagna and mixed it all together to make a goulash of sorts.

Plus, I admit, it was really satisfying and didn't make me feel weighted and yucky after. And, they obviously must be "legal" because the scale went down this morning!.

The Konjac noodles are made out of soluble fiber, but not so much fiber as to make you run for the bathroom. It did help this morning though! So, the only carbs in the Konjac noodles are the soluble fiber carbs. As with anything, moderation is key. If we eat them in the proper amounts, we are "legal," just like with the veggies. Oh, and it is my understanding that we can eat 1 1/2 cup of them and we count it as a veggie. THis goes for the tofu shirataki noodles also.

Tofu noodles need to be refrigerated..

Oh, and for the lasagna, I mixed Walden's marinara with Sprouts brand pasta sauce (lowest carb I could find at 7 carbs per serving). I'll post the recipe in the next day or so...

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Where did you get the konjac noodles from? how much were they? are they the ones that are just the yam flour with no tofu? have you tried the ones with tofu? how do they compare in taste?..

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I got the konjac noodles from miracle noodlecom. They were OK but I liked the shirataki tofu noodles a little better. I'll stick with the miracle noodles though because they have no calories. Next time I'll try cooking them and see if it makes them less rubbery. They were really good though considering they're basically made of nothingI would definitely recommend them...

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Love the noodles. Been eating them for weeks however I just go to my local asian market to pick it up at $.99 a package. Some people describe they have to cook the noodles? I have not seen them that way and only know of the ones in a package of water which only need 3 minutes of parboiling and they are ready..

Are there dry versions out there?..

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