Medifast friendly restaurant choices?

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Sometimes it helps to have some known choices for takeout on the nights when there's no time to cook..

Salud Tequila Bar in Chicago (Wicker Park neighborhood) has great Mexican food and they had something on the menu that shocked me: lettuce tacos! You get a choice of steak, chicken, or portabello mushroom. It comes with grilled mixed veggies and Boston lettuce so you can roll your own high-fiber low-carb tacos.

Salud Tequila Bar.

1471 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL.

They have a website with a menu; searching for "Salud menu Chicago" seemed to work for me..

Disclaimer: I have no financial investment in Salud, except as an occasional patron..

If anyone finds MF-friendly fare at restaurants in their neighborhood, please list venue, location, and menu item.



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Macaroni Grill is a franchise all over the country. Their Simple Salmon is simply that. A plain portion of fresh grilled salmon with no extra fats. Served with fresh grilled asparagus with no extra fats...

Comment #1

I Hop has a Simply or Simple Chicken dish. It's grilled chicken with a small salad and steamed broccoli. They carry low fat Italian dressing that met the standard for us..

Have you tried McDonald's Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with double chicken and Newman's Own Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette? Wonderful! If you get double chicken, you get 6 oz. of meat and there is a little parmesan cheese on the salad, perfect! And easy to pick up! You can find it in Other foods in My Plan...

Comment #2

So far I've only tried Outback since being on MF. I hope people most more places...

Comment #3

Ruby Tuesdays had a couple of nice grilled chicken dishes. I enjoyed it a lot...

Comment #4

Perkins has a pork chop dinner that I get sometimes. You can get it grilled or with lemon pepper. I order it with steamed broccoli and a tossed salad as my sides. I am sure you could double the broccoli instead if you don't want to mix raw and cooked veggies...

Comment #5

Chili's has a grilled chicken breast on the guiltless grill. It comes with rice and corn, but just order without, and you still have zuchini and squash mixture to go with it. It is yummy...

Comment #6

We have Larb Beef from any Thai restaurant. You just have to ask for them to leave out the rice powder and any sugar. It is my favorite food hands down! Tangy and spicy, and all for $7.00.

Also, last night we out to a fancy restaurant called glacierbrewhouse in AK. I had a steak bistro salad, just nixed the dressing and asked for vinegar. I also added fresh shrimp on top. When in doubt go for a salad and protein with no dressing. It was really good!..

Comment #7

Ooh also, sullivans steak house if you have one around is awesome!! They cook their steaks with nothing except salt and pepper and everything is a la carte, so you can share family stile. We had filet mignon, shrimp cocktail, sauteed mushrooms, green beans, and split a ceaser without croutons. Yummy!..

Comment #8

Wow Jolie, what a wonderful coincidence! My daughter and I started Medifast in Jan and she is traveling to Anchorage next week for a conference. I just called her to give her the two ideas you shared for eating out. They are staying at the Hotel Captain Cook (I believe it's Cook not Hook lol) so if you have any more ideas for eating out, please share them. Thank you so much for sharing!.

Pam in Atlanta..

Comment #9

I took my son to lunch today. This is the first time he has seen me since I have lost 33#. We went to a mexican place and I had arroz con pollo. I ask them for no rice, no tortillas(gave them to my son), and had salsa as dressing for the lettuce and tomatoes that came with the dish. Looking at recipes on different sites, I had 250 Calories and about 10grms fat. It was awesome!!!!..

Comment #10

I use this wonderful website to research before I head to a restaurant.


Comment #11

Here's a couple more websites to research restaurant food:. (Dottie's Weight Loss Zone).

Hope that helps!..

Comment #12

Good Morning,.

For those of you in Las Vegas, here's a list of the restaurants I am familiar with that have "legal" menus.

TGI Fridays.


Macaroni Grill.....

And..much to my surprise I found a great Mexican restaurant that had a whole section on their menu dedicated to low carb entrees. Its called SuperMex and it's located at Sunset and Pecos. I met my husband there on Friday for lunch and much to my surprise I found the low carb section and I was pleased. I had Pork Carnitas Taquitos made with low carb whole wheat tortillas. They were just yummy and the carb count total was only 3.

Have a great day!.


Comment #13

Roadhouse has a super petite filet that you can get with veggies. I get double broccoli. Also if you can stand the temptation (Which I can), I like to go to buffets. Since it's just a cheap buffet, I don't feel like I need to eat anything special. I can have a little fish, a little steak, and a little chicken. I have broccoli or green beans, and fix myself a small side salad. Great for nights when you don't feel like cooking or spluging on a fancy meal...

Comment #14

Not sure if it's a national chain, but I LOVE Ruby Tuesday's Smart Eating menu. They have the nutritional info on the menu to help you make your best choices..

I usually get the Tilapia w/broccoli & Caesar salad sides. (I know mixed cooked & raw veggies! LOL)...

Comment #15

Please be caredful........not sure where you got your info but here are the nutritional facts on the Macaroni Grill Simply Salmon:.

Simple Salmon: Lunch & Dinner (580 cal/38 g fat/2 g fiber/5 g carbs) 14.5 WW points.

That's a lot of calories and fat :_(..

Comment #16

I found a restaurant website that breaks out many of the pieces of entrees so that you can accurately see what calories/fat/carbs you are eating when you substitute or omit items from your order. they even have the nutrition facts for the dressings in certain restaurants so that you can accurately log those!.

Comment #17

We eat out often and most restaurants will have at least a grilled chicken and green salad mixture and a lot cal dressing. I usually take a bar for desert with my coffee...

Comment #18

I like the grilled chicken garden salad at Burger King. You can ask for an extra pouch of grilled chicken so that you can get your 7 oz or protein. I just take off the carrot sticks. I is really filling and good when you are in a rush for a lean & green...

Comment #19

To add to the Chillis info. I go there quite often and you can ask them for the Children's Chicken. It's a 5 oz. chicken breast with a side of whatever vegetable you choose, and it only costs $3.99. They season it really good, and you can tell they don't use oil to cook it. Although, I always request that they don't use oil, and that the vegetables are steamed-just in case-lol. They are very accomodating...

Comment #20

Thanks for all the great ideas I did not know about that chicken breast on the childrens menu at chilis that's great and the options at the fast food places really good to know. Here are a couple more ideas: Macaroni Grill also has something I think is called skinny chicken which is chicken breast with spinach I ask they cook it without oil, steam the spinach, and don't get the fat free feta that comes with it (I don't know why, but Nutrisystem said we can't have feta, even if it is fat free). Also Olive Garden has a mixed grill kebobs of steak and chicken, with some peppers and yellow and green squash with it. At a lot of places, I just order "with modifications" and that gets me through telling them to cook it with no oil or butter, and steam the veggies, and leave off the starch can get you there in just about any restaurant...

Comment #21

Uno Chicago Pizzaria has Gorgonzola Chicken... I had it with roasted seasonal veggies and steamed broccoli. Gave the breadstick to hubby. There was so much of it I couldnt eat it. I ended up eating 6 oz chicken + 1 oz Gorgonzola. Broccoli was 1 cup and I ate not quite half a cup of the zucchini and summer squash and red onion (I only had 2 smal chunks).

Added a diet pepsi and I was stuffed!!!..

Comment #22

I was shocked when I checked and realized how many calories, carbs and fat are in restaurant meals! I make "good" choices when I go out to dinner, but now I'm thinking it's best not to go out at all! Those good choices can only be classified as "better choices"!..

Comment #23

Yes. I agree with you Lilcatfeet. It probably is best to limit how often we eat out. I know that the reason I got where I am on the scale is because we were eating out 4-6 times a week for dinner because we had hectic schedules and it let us spend some family time. Well, now we are paying the piper. I will tell you what, Medifast meals for the month reduced our monthly food bill now that we aren't eating out practically every night!.

I use that information on the internet to make better choices and also to remember to ask for special dietary preparation, like no oils or hold the butter, or sauces on the side of subbing different side choices so that I can eat out reasonably...

Comment #24

Applebees (chain restaurant) has a great Weight Watchers parmesan talapia. They are wonderful about changing it up for you. It came with steamed veggies and rice. I asked them to leave the rice off and add 2 skewers of grilled shrimp (to get my 7oz). The skewers cost extra and you can add a side salad minus the things you don't need for 99 also. The food was wonderful and the veggies were definately my 1.5cups worth...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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