Medifast Freezing Soups??

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Has anyone had luck in freezing soups after mixing? I would sometimes like to make all 5 lunches at once...

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I have had great success freezing the soups. The flavors have time to "talk" and I think the soups taste better...

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I agree. I make 5 packets of chili at a time. Cook them in my crock pot and freeze them. They are wonderful!. I haven't tried any of the other soups frozen...

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I've made a whole box of chili packets at once, added meat and no fat beef broth instead of water. Simmered in the crock pot overnight. Added extra cumin and dried chili (and a bit of garlic). Portions froze wonderfully..


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I've done it with the beef stew and chili. It sure is handy! I think I'll make a batch tomorrow...

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I've made three crock pots full of six packets at a time each. Two batches were chili and one minestrone. I also add spices and boullion. I divide each pot (after cooking for about 6 hours on low) into 6 containers. I usually will put three in the fridge and three in the freezer. I always let the frozen ones thaw in the fridge before I warm them up.

I usually add an ounce or two of turkey or chicken from my L&G and they are so filling. Tomorrow, I'm going to try making a batch of the Wild Rice and Chicken in the crockpot. I'm spoiled now...they turn out so much better if you make them this way. Good luck! Pattybean..

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Thanks All! It is nice not to waste on experiments.

I do always make soups the night before as they do taste better after sitting for a bit so I agree with this. It is interesting that many people do not like the soups, but my work neighbors (next cubes) think it smells great..

I also use part of my lean and green (mostly green) as this helps too, along with hot sause, jalepeno sause, keep it interesting...

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Cool to know! I have made ahead for a day, but never thought about freezing a whole week! What a time saver...the way I work that will sure come in handy!!..

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Since this tread, I have experimented with all combinations of "green" and frozen soup. BTW, soup right from the freezer is much less likely to boil over which is an unexpected benefit. Also, when you are really hungry and need immediate satisfaction, you just pull a bowl out of the freezer. Thats the best! I carry all 5 days with me to work on Monday and put in freezer which saves a lot of time in the morning..

Most veggies work very well (mushroom, spinach, eggplant, etc). One disaster...I put pearl Shirataki noodles in one bowl. They say on the packet not to freeze for storage. I just thought it was for taste. When you freeze, they defrost to little hard rock-like lumps. Not edible. Live and learn ; >..

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I cannot WAIT to try this!!!.


Do you use the same amount of liquid when you cook the soup/chili in the crockpot...and also do you microwave directly from the freezer, or do you thaw a little first?.

Thanks for this tip!!!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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