Medifast Exploding Soup?

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I decided I would mix up my soup when I got to work this morning, because I read in another post that if you let it sit in the fridge for a few hours the noodles will get nice and plump by lunch time. So stupid me (and I do mean stupid), added some HOT water to my soup, placed the lid on the container, and starting to shake it vigorously. Well after shaking it for about half a minute the damn thing EXPLODED!!!!! The lid flew off the container and the soup went EVERYWHERE and I do mean EVERYWHERE. I was covered in chicken noodles...hahaha...they were in my hair, on my clothes, all over my keyboard and computer, on my chair and even out in the hallway in front of my office. Mu co-worker walked by right after it happened and was laughing so hard he started crying. I wished you could have seen what I looked! It took us forever to get it all cleaned up.

I even found some noodles inside my bra...hahaha!.

So word of advice, never use HOT water when shaking something...because as any ex-science teacher I should have known, that heat expands!!!!!..

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OMG! What a hoot! Good idea about mixing up the soup ahead of timebetter idea about adding cold water instead of hot. Thanks for saving ME the embarrassment! Good that you could laugh about it. Take care, Lynda..

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Oh my goodness - the further I read, the more I laughed. Not at you, but I can just picture noodles hanging from everything. I'm so sorry it happened to you, but thank you for sharing and giving us some wise advice...

Comment #2

Yes, I had a chili accident last weekend. I was not happy! I just stood there for a good minute comtemplating the horrific mess it made. It was ALL OVER my kitchen....down the cabinets....all in the drawers....on the stove...up the wall....all over the floor. Last but not least all over my brand new Saucony running shoes...down my shirt and on my pants! I was so hungry and light headed, I kept thinking....maybe this is just another nightmare! (on a side note I keep having these horrible dreams that I accidently eat real food....they are so vivid it is really starting to freak me out!).

It turn out my Vizsla Berkeley is a big fan of the chili! Thank god for dogs, he was a huge help with the clean up!.


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I work from home and tend to schedule personal appointments at 11:00. My very first day on Medifast I had back-to-back appointments mid-day and wondered how to handle the soup I planned for lunch. I made the soup in a travel mug - boiled some water in the microwave, then stirred it into chicken noodle soup a bit at a time. Added a bit of star anise (that's from my Mennonite heritage) and let it "rest" in the mug until my break between appointments. It was fine. Wish I'd remembered to bring a spoon and a travel toothbrush...

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As I started reading the first post, I saw where you said you mixed hot water and put it in the shaker. I thought "uh oh, that's not might explode". Then I saw where you said it exploded! How funny! But, embarrassing! I could see it happening as you said. I was laughing so hard one of my coworkers stopped by and asked if I was okay! I'm so glad you weren't hurt by the exploding soup. You better be might put your eye out!..

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My explosion was a Root Beer Float (Diet Root Beer and a French Vanilla Shake) five minutes before we had to leave for school/work.

But wait... let me set the stage for you... I am not a morning person so I get up with only enough time to get myself and my seven year old ready to leave... and when we got up this morning our well wasn't working so WE HAD NO RUNNING WATER! But, no need to panic... we had taken our showers the night before and there was enough water in the toilets to flush - once. And we could use bottled water to wash our face & hands and brush our teeth.

Okay back to the explosion... Yes I am aware what happens when carbonated drinks are shaken, but I like my root beer flat (weird huh) so I had opened it the night before. It wasn't blending very well just stirring it so I decided to tumble it a little (not even a shake). I gave it a test tumble.. no fizz.. then I gave it two tumbles and FIZZ everywhere.

Since I had my fingers on the lid and it was pointing away from me - most of the float ended up on me.. from my neck to my waste... on and in my shirt and bra... and some in my hair. I had to use bottled water and take a sink bath, but didn' have enough water or time to wash my hair...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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