Medifast recipe for Medifast Eggs - I need ideas!?

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Help! I need ideas for the Medifast eggs. All I've done is scrambled eggs, and didn't really care for them. I love eggs, and need some help. I'm not that creative.


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There are several recipes on the board that use the eggs to make other things, buuuttt.. I love my omelet every morning. I mix up my eggs at night (actually I mix all my food the night before) adding a little shake of garlic, minced onion, and butter buds type stuff (check the labels for carbs), and let it sit in the fridge overnight. Then I heat a small fry pan sprayed with a little no-stick spray and shake my eggs up (or you could wisk them) then pour them in the pan. Medium heat...around 5 or 6 on my stovetop dial. Let them set until the top looks almost dry.

Once it's flipped, I shut the heat off, put a tbls of salsa on one side, let it sit for a minute, then fold it over the salsa. You could put veggies (deducted from your lean &green) or low fat cheese, or Lite Laughing Cow cheese. Just remember to count whatever you add...

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I also make omletes, but I use butter buds a little cooked mushrooms, sharp cheese or ham( I save some protien from supper). Instead of a pan I use a soup bpwl sprayed with butter pam. It's a big bowl and shaped like a pan or you could use a glass pie plate. I micro-wave about 1.20 min then add the stuff and micro-wave a bit longer sometimes 1 min. I also mix them up early about 1 hour before. Good Luck..

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A couple of things to make better Medifast Scrambled Eggs:Make sure it is rehydrated enough otherwise you have an egg dot soup kind of thing...NOT good! I mix mine up and then start heating up the pan and mix them up again w/a mini-whisk before pouring into the pan. OR you can just mix them up in a Magic Bullet and they are ready immediately. Cook them on top of the stove. Nuking them just doesn't cut it. Spray a little PAM in a non-stick pan or use a little Smart Balance or something if you can afford the calories. Heat the pan and pour in the egg.

I usually just have mine plain w/maybe a sprinkle of Molly McCheese. But they are also wonderful w/some finely chopped red and/or green pepper, mushrooms, baby spinach, etc. mixed in.

Another tasty thing I discovered is using the tomato juice I saved from draining my canned tomatoes as some of the water needed to make the eggs. Yum!..

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Ham isn't a lean option - sodium is too high...

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I don't use a lot of ham and it's a treat once in a while mostly it's mushroom, spinach and cheese. So far it hasn't stopped my weight loss..

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