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For those who don't know, MediFast is a low-fat, low calorie diet program that has helped many people around the world lose weight. It is clinically proven, convenient, and incredibly easy. Their main 5 and 1 plan will help you lose weight, and lose fat quickly, and permanently. Unlike other diets, with MediFast there is no such thing as counting calories, or side effects.

Why do I love MediFast?

Medifast to me is a way of life, this is no lose weight quick solution. Many people always follow fad diets, and look for the easy way out. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but there is no easy way out. But with Medifast, you will lose weight, and you will lose it permanently.

The main 5 & 1 plan (which is what almost everyone chooses), you basically eat six meals per day - 5 regular meals and one "Lean and Green" Meal. For the 5 regular meals, you can choose among Medifast shakes, the bars, soups... oatmal, etc. There are lots and lots of options to choose from, so don't worry about getting bored with the food.

The "Lean and Green" Meal simply is a meal with protein (this could be chicken, fish or beef), and some green vegetables. All of the meals are rich in nutrients, and your body will love you for choosing Medifast.

One of the worries I had when choosing Medifast was the worry about being starved to death... I have a huge stomach, and can't handle not eating for prolonged periods of time. Well, with Medifast, you eat 6 meals a day, and you eat every 2-3 hours. This means you will never get hungry, and you won't get discouraged.

When will I start seeing results?

One of the best things about Medifast is the fact that most people start seeing results within a week or so. For me, I lost 3 lbs within the first week. The fact that you will experience quick results will motivate you even further.

What happens once I reach my ideal weight?

Once you reach your goal, you have to begin the transition phase of MediFast. In this phase, you can eat the foods you had on hold previously, such as whole grains. You get to consume more calories, as your body adjusts to this higher amount of calories.

In the maintenance phase, you basically learn how to sustain your ideal weight, by choosing healthy foods, and exercising regularly.

I highly recommend trying Medifast if you are desperate to lose weight. Instead of trying the latest fad diet, Medifast is natural, healthy and teaches you to choose healthy, nutritious foods. Again, Medifast is like a healthy lifestyle, not a lose weight quick solution.

Get $50 off Medifast with Coupon Code: JULY31G

(Coupon expires really soon!)






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