Medifast Diet, has it worked for you?

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Quick question: Medifast Diet, has it worked for you? Looking forward for any response. Another question on my mind: Pancakes r the worst things I ordered on medifast.

Am so mad right now they suck to make so that means I wont have much to eat this morning.

Ugh bye bye..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

OMG!!! My morning messed up too...Im so tired of this oatmeal...My first package I got all oatmeal for breakfast...But I cant wait to try the pancakes and eggs. anything besides this oatmeal....

Comment #2

The pancakes are my favorite. I add 1/8 tsp of baking powder, microwave for 1 1/2 minutes, then cut and half and toast in the toaster oven. Spray with ICBINB and enjoy!..

Comment #3

Afoxx- same thing...check the recipe board. With the oatmeal, I add one egg white, a packet of splenda, some water and a tiny baking powder. I nuke it then add a tiny bit of butter(I know that's bad) but it is so goooood!!!..

Comment #4

Ms. Foxy - I can't stand the pancakes either - just can't get them right - but I did find this recipe that makes them much easier to get down -.

Give it a try -..

Comment #5

Hey Foxy!.

I feel you on the pancakes. It took me three tries to finally get it right. I make it into one average size pancake. Not the tastiest thing on the planet but it does the job..

I use a diabetic syrup that someone mentioned on a board - more nutritious then Walden Farms and actually tasty. My granddaughter ate it with no protest and she is a pancake queen. You have to follow the instructions to a tee. Or, make it into a muffin in the microwave. Most people seem to really like it as a muffin. Seen the recipe for it around the boards.

When I find it I'll send you the link. One of those items you'll probably have to play around with to find the right taste for you. As you can see people tend to get very "creative"..


Comment #6

I don't add anything but water (sometimes I slip a TBL of Sugar free flavor syrup like Blueberry Torani in there). I just stir it up in a tall-ish coffee mug and nuke it about 1 1/2 minutes or so. It puffs up like a muffin. I love it that way..

When I make it with only water I will pour some Sugar Free Maple Syrup in the mug after it is cooked..



The only oatmeal I like is the Brown Sugar Maple flavor and I love to take 1 packet of that flavor and mix it with 1 packet of the vanilla pudding. (I weigh both packets and then divide it back out so that I can do just one meal at a time.).

Instead of cooking it, like oatmeal, I fix it like a pudding and eat it cold. It's my favorite way to eat the oatmeal!..

Comment #7

Thanks PittieKisses!.

Since you gave the muffin recipe I think that I'll make that for my mid-morning meal. ?/ Do I need to spray the cup or can I pour the mix in "naked"?.

@Foxy - I'll give you my personal review on the muffin...

Comment #8

Wow ok thnxx guys i'll try the muffin way tomorrow I had some tea with that tiny lil piece of pancake I had left so i'm good for now...

Comment #9

My first order, I hated about half the foods I got, so upped the shipping on my next order by 2 weeks so that I wouldn't be tempted to go off plan from too many days of eating food I could barely choke down..

Don't be afraid to just put that to the back of the cupboard and pull it out again in a few weeks..

I have to admit...I've started eating the oatmeal after 7 months of swearing I wouldn't ever touch it again. While it's still not my favorite, and while the first bite or two still has some bitterness, it does go away for me, and then it's just nice to eat something hot and soothing for breakfast..

I still hate the soup though...

Comment #10

It's funny how we're all so different in our tastes. Before Medifast I rarely ate oatmeal even though DH loves it. I've tried the peach and the blueberry and I love the peach and I think the blueberry might grow on me. Just had the scrambled eggs for the first time (with a tablespoon of salsa) and they were fine, actually a little on the salty side for me..

Maybe I'll try the pancakes tomorrow, I need to dig out my SF syrups and see if I have anything that would work on pancakes...

Comment #11

The pancakes are just-eh, ok to me. But if I make it into toast I am in heaven-especially with a wedge of laughing cow cheese or FF cream cheese on it!.

I'm one of the few here that loves the oatmeal...

Comment #12

I find it so funny how one person can hate something, and another loves it. I LOVE the pancakes (with some SF syrup on top) I also like the oatmeal heheheee. Its not GREAT, and definitely not like real oatmeal... but I think it's good..

Sorry you arent happy with them...

Comment #13

+1 on the pancake muffins. I tried making regular pancakes with them the first time: disaster! But now an early evening fluffy pancake muffin is a primo snack for me, the bread loving lady! haha..

Foxy, you're awesome. Be not discouraged, my friend..

Comment #14

I'm just really sad you don't like them. When I was on 5&1 I absolutely loved the pancakes and even now have them once in a while.....On the other hand I never like them made into a muffin. Go figure.....

Comment #15

I <3 the choc chip pancakes! I've been doing the "mug muffIn", then cutting in half and using some smart balance spread as my healthy fats. Mmmmmm it's my evening comfort food...

Comment #16

I really like the pancakes, both made like a normal pancake or as a pancake muffin. I do use butter and count that as my healthy fat and then I have a sugar free syrup that makes it taste soooo good!.

I tried making the oatmeal cookies (the recipe is on the box on the apple cinnamon ones) and that wasn't half bad, I did put a little peanut butter on them and I was actually able to choke the oatmeal down for once! Otherwise I hate the oatmeal, it is just yucky...

Comment #17

I always make my pancakes in a cup in the microwave. I'm just too lazy to do it the other way, LOL! I like the pancakes so much that I'll probably keep using them even in maintenance. I'm diabetic so regular pancakes are out of the question for me - I need the added protein..

Good luck with the muffin - I think you'll like them better that way!..

Comment #18

Yaay muffin it is :0 we'll see how it goes. oatmeal was kinda nasty the first week but I get the hang of it..

Comment #19

I highly second this one! Had it for dessert last nght delish! I tweaked mine as it's a bit condiment heavy, I used water instead of milk and only one splenda and no icbinb and it tasted so yummy. Like you I couldn't get into the pancakes at all until last night!..

Comment #20

Just make sure that you're counting your 1 tsp. of butter as your healthy fat for the day. You get a total of 3 condiments for the day (not the meal) and if you use splenda and baking powder you've used up 2 out of the 3 that you have for the entire day in one meal. One egg white-I'm not even sure how you'd count this...

Comment #21

I'm sure this tastes great but the recipe is off plan. We get a total of 3 condiments in a day and this has over 6 in just one meal. Watch out for recipes-you really need to do the math or you might be going off plan without knowing it...

Comment #22

I like the pancakes, but I never make them as real pancakesI'm just not a good enough "flipper," which wasn't a big deal with batch of "regular" mix, but not something I'm willing to chance for an Medifast meal. I usually do them on the waffle iron or as a muffin, or if I have time, do it as a muffin, let it cool, and toast..

I don't mind the oatmeal (except the peach had a weird odor to me that I couldn't get used to), but I usually do some Medifast baking on Sundays so I have either "banana bread" or muffins or something like that to eat for breakfast all week. Way easier, because I am SO not a morning person...

Comment #23

1/14th of a lean. Let's not even get into how much of a lean 2 tbsp of egg beaters would be :P..

Comment #24

You mean you don't want to measure your lean in 32nds?!?.

(That would be 1 Tbsp, iirc.).

I will always log those to monitor my numbers for the day, but at this point with my exercise regimen, I personally feel okay with adding a T of eggbeaters plus my regular lean a couple of times a week. But technically, well, get out the calculators!..

Comment #25

I mix a pancake and one oatmeal and make flavored pancakes. REMEMBER it is 2 meals so...make 2 pancakes. Eat one now and one later..

Also, brownie and pancake are yummy together as a chocolate pancake. Again 2 meals..

If you add baking powder it puffs it up more like a pancake should be..

Has anyone noticed how one time it will make a big panckae then next it is small. Weird for sure..

I have also added 1 t cinnamon and a shake of nutmeg and less than a 1/4t of vanilla to a plain pancake...then topped it with 1 tsp splenda...sorta like french toast..

IF you add Baking powder and SHAKE it BEWARE!!!! the lid could POP off and your pancake will be EVERYWHERE but in your tummy!.

One more thing I noticed...don't over shake!..

Comment #26

Thanks Sassy. I know the original was super condiment heavy and I was trying to find something to help me eat the pancakes. I ended up with 4 condiments I think. I used cinnamon, baking powder, 1 packet of splenda, and the 1/4 tsp of vanilla. I think the cinnamon really helped and probably the baking powder to fluff it maybe? I bet I could do without the splenda and vanilla. I don't do condiments a ton so this would be a nice treat on days when I have condiments to spare..

If I can tweak it to 3 or under. Thanks for your insight, I appreciate it...

Comment #27

You're welcome! I used to not be so nit picky about condiments until I realized how many carbs are in some of the condiments. On days that I have a carb heavy L & G plus a maintenance bar, too many condiments could actually throw me out of ketosis...

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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